Four Hundred Year Argument

by Pastor Don Elmore

Part 1:  Have you ever thought about if the theology you have learned if correct?  Is it God's election or did He know in advance what your decision would be before you were ever born?  Is the whole world made up of every one either being "saved" or "lost".  This week's sermon is about the history of two of the most taught theologies in our nation.

Part 2: Joe Biden is called the second Catholic president of the corporation of the UNITED STATES.  On his inauguration day, Biden went with other invited leaders of Congress (of both parties) to St. Matthews Catholic Church for a prayer service and mass.   There were Jews invited as well.  How would the Covenanteers of Scotland, Presbyterians, 400 years ago, react to the above paragraph?   What has changed?

Part 3: Calvinism and Arminianism are the two main theologies of today's Christian world.  But they are both wrong. See why Christian Identity is superior to either of these two theologies and what is wrong with their views.

Part 4:  Who can eat an animal that dies of itself?  Who can rule over the Israel people?  Who can Israel charge usury to?  If you can answer these three questions correctly you are probably not an universalist.