2012 Sermons

The Catholic Menace Part 2


by Pastor Mark Downey

June 10, 2012

Scripture Reading: Mark 7:1-7

In Part 1, we learned that the Roman Catholic Church was not the first church in Christendom and that Peter was not the first Pope.  Most students of Christian Identity know that the first above ground church was in Glastonbury, England.  Thanks to Joseph of Arimathea, Britain was the first of all kingdoms to receive the Gospel. This was confirmed by the Church Councils of Pisa (1409), Constance (1417), Sienna (1424) and Basle (1434) that maintained, "The churches of France and Spain, must yield in point of antiquity and precedence to that of Britain, as the latter church was founded by Joseph of Arimathea immediately after the passion of Christ".  The RCC was established on a foundation of lies and a corruption of the Word of God. 

Paul: The First Christian Israel Identity Minister


by William Finck

June 3, 2012

Scripture Reading: 2 Peter 3:14-16

Paul’s epistles prove that the Romans, Corinthians, Galatians and other people of Europe are the descendants of the true Israelites of the Old Testament dispersions.

Stand Your Ground Part 3


by Pastor Mark Downey

May 6, 2012

Scripture Reading: Numbers 25:5-13

The question that faces Christendom in general and Identity Christians in particular is: what are you going to do when faced with racial violence?  Because of the Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman incident, one pastor recently declared “The race war has begun.”  But, as I’ve said before, the race war of black on White crime has murdered, raped or robbed over a million White victims in the last 30 years.  What I would like to hear declared is that a Holy War has begun and it can begin within our movement, because whether rightly or wrongly portrayed, the Christian Identity movement has been labeled militant and radical.  I would prefer the moniker of ‘zealous’ for the Word of Truth.  A zealous Christian is not someone who is prone to violence, but is no one’s doormat, and discriminates who walks through his door, allowing mud to be tracked into the house.  The current trend of home invasions would be met with the zealous use of a shotgun.  But, it is not just our home that is under attack, but the whole house of Israel.

Everything in the Bible is there for a reason and the story of Phinehas is no fluke or anomaly.  It’s a model for the zealous believer in the God of Israel. 

Stand Your Ground Part 2


by Pastor Mark Downey

April 15, 2012

Scripture Reading:  Numbers 13:26-32

Jesus gave His Disciples a lawful command to arm themselves and it was as appropriate then as it is now. The countries they were going in to were wrought with dangers, infested with robbers and wild beasts. There’s nothing new under the sun. Wild beast roam the streets of America and rob people of their valuables. I choose today’s Scripture reading in Numbers as a lesson in how not to stand your ground with the exception of Joshua and Caleb. In fact, when God gave our ancestors the Promised Land, He sent them out to observe the gift He had given them. But, what did they do? They complained about how weak and powerless they were compared to the inhabitants of the land. In other words, they were afraid to stand on the ground that God had given them. As a consequence, they spent the next 40 years in the wilderness and never did enter the land of promise. Did White Christian Americans let the savage Indians stop their westward migration from the Atlantic to the Pacific Oceans? No, they were familiar with the Bible story and saw the American frontier as their promised land.

The pioneers sold their possessions and bought a covered wagon, with provisions and guns to protect them in their journey to find their plot of God’s green earth to settle and raise their families. The thought that God was setting them up for defeat was the last thing on their minds. The only thing on their minds was the “High praises of God in their mouth and a two edged sword in their hand” (Ps. 149:6).



by Pastor Don Elmore

May 27, 2012

Scripture Reading: Acts 20:16

We learned last week about one phase of the Roman Catholic Church Menace.  They substituted one Simon Peter, “Simon the Interpreter,” for another Simon Peter, the apostle of Jesus Christ; as their first pope, a so called 'apostolic succession.'  This is an important doctrine, for if they are wrong on this—then their church is false. 

They are wrong; for Peter is never in the Bible mentioned about being in Italy, but was a minister to the circumcised (the Judahites, the House of Judah) not the uncircumcised (the Gentiles, the House of Israel), which were the ones who were mainly in Rome.  But there was a Simon who had a statue made of him in the Pantheon with the title of Holy God; who was buried in a pagan cemetery in Rome and who was well known as a sorcerer and a worker in witchcraft—this is their first pope.  

The Catholic Menace Part 1


by Pastor Mark Downey

May 20, 2012

Scripture Reading:  Acts 8:9-25

The word ‘menace’ means someone or something that is a dangerous threat that is likely to cause harm.  The word ‘catholic’ evokes images of a religion that has been and is a dangerous threat to Christianity that has caused so much misery and suffering and will continue on its path of destruction until it is finally destroyed.  I’ve said many times that catholic is not synonymous with Christian nor is it godly or righteous.  With a long line of abuses and violations of God’s Word, the catholic religion can only be considered an ongoing and persistent evil.  It cannot escape its sordid history.  Once a Christian is informed of why the catholic religion is a counterfeit, they will hate it with a perfect hatred. 

The Catholic Menace

by Pastor Mark Downey

A concise and sordid history of the great whore of Babylon.

Part 1:  Finding the secret origins of the Catholic church, which proves that it was never Christian.

Part 2:  Looking at the sadistic nature of the Roman Catholic Church and its unbiblical doctrines that contradict the Word of God.

Part 3:  An examination of Catholicism's false doctrines.

Part 4:  An uncanny parallel between Judaism and Catholicism that brings us to an understanding of Mystery Babylon.

America's Disastrous Choice


by Pastor Don Elmore

May 13, 2012

Scripture Reading: Galatians 5:17-21

What is wrong with the Christians in America?  Have they lost their minds?  Where is the uproar of their disapproval over who the candidates are for President?  It’s like all the mistakes made in the 9/11 diabolical and still most Americans believe that it was the nasty Muslims that flew the planes into the towers.  It doesn’t matter to most Americans that building #7 came down at around 5:30 PM that same day in the same manner as the two twin towers; free falling (47 stories in 6 ½ seconds) and the building was not hit by any airplane!

Does speaking the truth make one an enemy in America?  It apparently is in this former Protestant land.  And so is this Scripture: 

“But there were false prophets also among the people, even as there shall be false teachers among you, who secretly shall bring in destructive heresies, even denying the Lord that bought them, and bring upon themselves swift destruction.  And many shall follow their pernicious ways, by reason of whom the way of truth shall be evil spoken of;” 2 Peter 2:1, 2.

As prophesied by Lord Cornwallis at the treaty meeting at the end of the Revolutionary War, the churches of America would “be used to teach the Jew’s religion.”  It been over two hundred years since these words were first spoken, but this prophecy has been proven true.  Almost all of the churches of America are teaching doctrines which are suicidal and opposite to what was taught in Christianity just a few generations ago.

Satan's Deception


by Pastor Brian Jones

April 29, 2012

Available in audio only

No Good Choice


by Pastor Don Elmore

April 22, 2012

Scripture reading:  Samuel 8:11-20

Lord Cornwallis’ statement to George Washington at the surrender of the Revolutionary War was very revealing:

“A holy war will now begin on America, and when it is ended America will be supposedly the citadel of freedom, but her millions will unknowingly be loyal subjects to the Crown. Your churches will be used to teach the Jew’s religion and in less than two hundred years the whole nation will be working for divine world government…All religions will be permeated with Judaism without even being noticed by the masses, and they will all be under the invisible all-seeing-eye of the Grand Architect of Freemasonry” Legions of Satan, Jonathan Williams.

Barak Hussein Obama is our present President; or is it Barry Sorento?  But the very basic things about him, we don’t know and are forbidden to find out. We are not even sure who his father is…except that he is a bastard (mixed raced) son. There are arguments of whether he is a Christian, Muslim or even a Jew!  According to our beliefs, he can’t be a Christian because he is a racial stranger to the covenants that God made with His people. He should be disqualified for being even a candidate for President because of Deuteronomy 17:15.

Stand Your Ground Part 1


by Pastor Mark Downey

April 1, 2012

Scripture reading:  Luke 22:35-38

Trayvon, Trayvoff… Trayvon, Trayvon, Trayvoff. Sung to the tune of the popular TV commercial “clap-on, clap-off.” Now there may be some who think I’m being insensitive and disrespectful to the memory of negro Trayvon Martin of which so much media hype, clamoring and hysteria has taken place in the last few weeks. A Mexican looking guy [I have since learned that he is a Peruvian] shoots and kills a negro. So what’s the big deal? It happens all the time and vice versa i.e. blacks shooting Hispanics. To find out what the big deal is one must probe a little deeper into the motives for what these miserable wretches in the media are trying to accomplish. Jesus knew them well saying, “Woe unto you scribes… you’re the children of them that killed the prophets.”

Who likes to be lied to? Well, the media seems to think it can say whatever it wants regardless of the truth. And that should be a clue for the clueless. Here’s how the story has played out and I’m going to give it a Christian Identity commentary as we go along. Not since 9/11 has there been such an outrageous manipulation of public opinion through mass brainwashing. It works on just about everybody except racially aware White Christians. The media has worked up African-Americans into a lather with protest rallies in five major cities with Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton right there to stir things up, like the ‘useful idiots’ that they are.

The Strangeness of Mormonism


By Pastor Don Elmore

April 8, 2012

Scripture Reading:  Galatians 1:10-14

The British General, Lord Cornwallis, following his surrender to Washington in the Revolutionary War, made a last-ditch effort to salvage his ego; divulged the hidden agenda of the Edomite bloodlines by declaring to Washington:

“A holy war will now begin on America, and when it is ended America will be supposedly the citadel of freedom, but her millions will unknowingly be loyal subjects to the Crown.

Your churches will be used to teach the Jew’s religion and in less than two hundred years the whole nation will be working for divine world government. That government that they believe to be divine will be the British Empire. All religions will be permeated with Judaism without even being noticed by the masses, and they will all be under the invisible all-seeing eye of the Grand Architect of Freemasonry.”

The Founding Fathers: Were They Christian?


By Pastor Don Elmore

March 25, 2012

Scripture Reading: Deuteronomy 15:11-18

What were the religious beliefs of the Founding Fathers’ of the American Revolution and the formation of our new nation? Some say they were basically Christian; others say they were basically humanistic; others say a few were Christian—what is the correct answer?

Our First Love


By Pastor Mark Downey

March 18, 2012

Scripture Reading:  Revelation 2:1-4

he exact phrase “our first love” is not found in the Bible, but it is generally recognized to be from Rev. 2:4, “Nevertheless I have somewhat against you, because you have left your first love.”  In other words, when God called His people and said I want you for My bride and at first they were ecstatic, but later became less than excited, there was a problem.  One has only to look at so many variants of re-formed churches, of splintering and denominationalism, whose original zeal had long departed and among whom so much declined, that an attempt to reinvent the warmth and excitement they once enjoyed can be typified with the church at Ephesus and for the last 2000 years can rear its ugly head anywhere and at anytime.  We constantly hear of revival, but more often than not it is nothing more than changing their reformation from the hands of the Divine Potter to the hands of spiritual paramedics with good intentions forming the clay in their own image of a revived vessel.  I recently listened to a sermon online titled ‘Returning to Our First Love,’ which means whatever they first loved, they had moved away from it.  When I got married, people said I had a smile on my face from cheek to cheek… for the whole day! And in typical fashion we had a beautiful honeymoon in Hawaii.  To this day, I have the same feelings I had on my wedding day, but after our first year of marriage, I would sometimes be remiss in opening a door for my bride or lapse in giving her a bouquet of flowers and she would say, “Oh, is the honeymoon over?”  And I would say, “Nooo, our love grows with each passing day; it just keeps getting better and better.”

Mormons in the White House


By Pastor Don Elmore

March 11, 2012

Scripture Reading: Mark 7:1-9

Who was the first Presidential Candidate who was murdered in the United States while he was running for the office?  There have been several Presidents who were assassinated while in office; a few who had suffered several bad wounds, but this question refers to a Presidential Candidate who was killed before the election. 

Before I answer this question, let’s consider the Republican Candidates who are left in the election for 2012.  There are serious questions about Mitt Romney’s religious beliefs, that I have heard absolutely none reported by the news media.  Rick Santorum is a Roman Catholic.  Santorum is a congregant of the Opus Dei-linked St. Catherine of Siena Roman Catholic Church in upscale Great Falls, Virginia which links him to former FBI director Louis Freeh and organized crime. 

Newt Gingrich is a Marxist/Leninist Communists traitor and revolutionary.  Ron Paul just isn’t going to win.  On the other side, is another communist, but he is not even a citizen.   They have America right where they want her.  No good choice!

I will give you a clue that the first Presidential Candidate that was murdered was a Mormon; do you know who it was?  Let’s look at all the Mormon candidates for President who have run, going in reverse order of the year in which they ran:


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