2016 Sermons


by Pastor Don Elmore

Part 1:  Galatians 3:28 is a very controversial verse.  When it says "there is neither Jew nor Greek...", who is meant by the "Jews" and who is meant as the "Greeks"?  We hold to a consistent Biblical position, for we denounce the popular position of Jews and non-Jews.

Part 2: Almost all people who believe that the Bible teaches interracial marriage is okay, say that there were a few exceptions to God's covenant people; in that Rahab (who they say was a Canaanite), and Ruth (who they say was a Moabite) and Moses' wife (who they say was a African black).  These three foreigners, they say, changed their way of thinking to Israel's way of living.  But these three woman in the Bible were not foreigners.

Part 3:  What are the mainstream churches doing?  They are NOT against abortion, LGBTs, same-sex marriages, and third world immigration.  The United Church of Christ, Roman Catholic Church, Answers in Genesis, Southern Baptist Convention are leading the way in teaching that racism is a sin.  They have the exact same mission that the Girl Scouts have:  to eliminate racism.  

Part 4: What is the meaning of Jew and Greek? This message will go into the differences of what most Judeo-Christian churches teach and  what we believe is the truth.  One must identify the pronouns  that are used in various verses; one must find the antecedents of the  pronouns.

Part 5: What is it that most in Judeo-Christianity don't know?  Who do they say is a Jew?  Who was missing from the land of Judea? How much do non-Jews pay in Kosher tax?

Part 6:  Most Christians believe what the Muslims and Jewish religions about the origin of all the races.  They say that all humans come from Adam and Eve.  Some say that Adam was a black man, others reason that he was a tannish color.  They all conclude that there is only one race and interracial marriage should not be forbidden because we are all one race and of the same kind.  Why do Christian Identity students disagree with this belief and say that it is a major doctrine of our enemies?

Positive Christianity Part 3


Sermon Notes by Pastor Mark Downey

May 29, 2016

Scripture Reading: Isaiah 2:2-4

A lot of money goes into winning hearts and minds for either good or evil intentions.  Propaganda was historically an unbiased term for the art of persuasion.  I've quoted the one statement of Karl Marx so many times, because it drives home the point that if one doesn't play fair with the facts, one can produce an emotional rather than rational response to the evidence presented.  Marx said, “Take away the heritage of a people and they are easily persuaded.”  It's like selling an ice cube to an eskimo.  The jews got so good at stealing the heritage of the White race, that they assumed their biblical identity as “Israel.”  In our divine quest to reawaken our people with the Christian Identity message, it is incumbent upon us to rectify the monster lies of jewish disinformation if we are to have any heritage at all.  In George Orwell's book '1984,' the deception became a fait accompli and all that was left for the totalitarian hierarchy was to maintain it.  A good example of something that has already happened or been decided before those affected hear about it, leaving them with no option but to accept it, is 9/11.  And the same modus operandi has been at work reinventing Jesus Christ and Adolf Hitler, because of theology and race.  The churches are complicit.  The method of persuasion was turned into high gear, lest the adversaries of God fail to maintain their facade and subsequently lose their grip; a death grip, on the society they've enslaved.

Hitler understood that German culture was being transformed by an ugly and perverse movement that would take away their heritage and replace it with an alien idolatry that would ruin Germany.  And it almost did.  White Christians do best among their own kind, provided their Christianity is positive and not universalist.  It encourages the servant race of God to not only hear the Word, but to do the work in spite of possible suffering.  In times of adversity, our worry shouldn't turn to fear, because our faith gives us the courage of our convictions.  Our alien enemies are without a prayer if we cannot be diverted from our divine calling.

God Severed Israel


Copied from the sermon notes of Pastor Don Elmore

May 22, 2016

Scripture Reading:  Leviticus 20:26


When God severed Israel from the other races, there is no indication that this severance was for any limited period, in fact the opposite is what the truth is.  The separation was to last for an eternity.  This separation is a racial expression.  We might just as well say that it is racism on the part of God.

Did it say that Israel separated itself from the other nations; or did it say that the God of Israel separated them from other races?  If it was God, how did He do this?   

He sent the seed of Jacob to Egypt, due to a famine.  There, they lived in a place in Egypt called Goshen, where they eventually became slaves to the Egyptians after Joseph had died. 

In the fourth generation, Israel was delivered from slavery by Moses.  He miraculously led them out of Egypt and they journeyed to the Land of Promise that God said He would give them.  That land was occupied by many families consisting of giants and the Canaanites.  They were bigger and stronger than the Israelites.

God told His people that the land of these Canaanites was the land that He had promised them.  They would live in the homes that the Canaanites had built, but they would have to destroy the way that they worshipped.  They were to destroy their altars, idols and temples and, of course, all the people who lived in the land too. 

It is important to notice that the Israelites were not instructed to send missionaries to them first to see if they would believe the truth, but to totally kill each and every one of them, no matter what their age or what their gender.  Why?  Because it was impossible for them to hear and understand the gospel.  They were genetically opposed to everything God instructed His people to do.

Positive Christianity Part 2


Sermon Notes by Pastor Mark Downey

May 15, 2016

Scripture Reading:  John 21:15-17

Last time, we started an investigation into the relationship between Christianity and Adolf Hitler's National Socialist Germany.  We discovered that from 1920, the Party Platform stood for Positive Christianity. They called it positive because the nominal churches of that era were influenced by judaism, the opposite of Christianity in many respects, and therefore had mutated into a negative representation of Jesus Christ and the Kingdom of Heaven that our Savior preached. The primary element that promoted a negative Christianity as it related to government and everyday life was what we call 'liberalism'.  And we exposed what liberal theology does to a society.  It creates a schizophrenic race mixing mentality and destroys the genetic integrity of the White race, the true Israel people of the Bible.  Without a jew-free Christian Israel, God's plan for the ages is neutralized.  Even though Positive Christianity was not Christian Identity, it nevertheless had the moral Law of God in their hearts and mind.  They believed that the mixing of races would bring down any society, as history clearly demonstrates.  Therefore, many Germans came to the conclusion that their German heritage could not be sustained under the immoral influence of jewish communism that was destroying their nation and for that matter, all of Europe. 

True Israel is to administrate the Laws of God and to be the guardians of the Word.  If the enemies of God affect this divine appointment, they effectively change the law of the land, making God's Word of none effect. This negative influence on religious issues is operating successfully in our country today. It's what Adolf Hitler put a stop to, defeating jewish communism with Christian nationalism. It's the positive action of biblical teachings that we need today to turn things around: to give our children a future, devoid of mongrelization, perversions and violence. It's standing on the promises of God like National Socialist Germany did, taking to heart II Chron. 7:14,

Azusa Now


Copied from the sermon notes of Pastor Don Elmore

May 8, 2016

Scripture Reading  Acts 15:9

Last month (April, 2016) California showed the world what is coming.  Azusa Now, the meeting in the Los Angeles Colisium was in remembrance of the Azusa Street Revival 110 years ago.  The theme was every one needs to be united:  Hispanics, Blacks, Jews, Native Amerians, Chinese, etc.  Forget about what the Bible says about His covenant people being separate.

Positive Christianity Part 1


Sermon Notes by Pastor Mark Downey

May 1, 2016

Scripture Reading: Nehemiah 9:24-28

Good morning.  Today's message is entitled 'Positive Christianity; the other PC,' referring to political correctness, and I guarantee that today's message is not politically correct.  Whenever someone speaks of Christians awakening to the vicious cycle just recited in Nehemiah, whoever the symbolic Canaanites at the time may be, and identifies the solution in a positive light, we get a negative backlash, because the adversary to Israel does not want to give up control over us to the God of Israel.  So they try to get us in a perpetual state of sin through immorality, miscegenation, materialism etc.    

One of the reasons why I stand behind this pulpit and preach is to help you, my racial kinsmen, understand that you've been lied to, and are being lied to, on a daily basis.  You might ask, "What are you talking about?"  Well, I'm talking about race, politics, religion, law and history; those things that determine the kind of world we live in.  I, for one, am not happy with the direction in which our once great nation is going.  I see racial aliens and bureaucratic commissars telling me how to live my life.  My God given liberties are at risk and your God given responsibilities are stymied.  We have non-Whites in government, who want the White middle class to pay for their multicultural utopia.  The original commitment to secure the blessings of liberty for our posterity has been abandoned.  How many days do you have to work to pay taxes for your own destruction?  Why do we have this politically correct guilt thrust upon us?  Why don't we just tell the controlled jewish news media to go to hell?!  Why don't we just get rid of all this rampant immorality and corruption in our society?  The word 'Krystalnacht' comes to mind.  What happened to the militia movement after the Waco massacre?  Well, that story is not over, no matter how hard the demonizers try to rationalize mass murder of American citizens and murder a Congressmen who sympathized with the Branch Davidians. 

Positive Christianity

by Pastor Mark Downey

May/June 2016

This was a term used by Germans during the Third Reich, which was synonymous with National Socialism. Much disinformation has caused wholesale slander against Germany during this era, which is corrected in this article.

Part 1: An honest depiction of Adolph Hitler and National Socialism as seen from a Christian perspective, delivering Germany from jewish parasites and communist degenerates.

Part 2: The German Christian discovers that their love of God is the administration of Divine Law and blesses their nation.

Part 3: How God empowered Positive Christianity to rout the jew from the body of Christ and how this might be a precursor to the daughter of Zion.

Part 4: An explanation of the Swastika; Hans Schmidt recounts living in Hitler's Germany; the Pax Judaica coming to an end.

Two Nations in One Womb


Copied from the sermon notes of Pastor Don Elmore

April 24, 2016

Scripture Reading:  Genesis 25:21-23

It had been twenty years since Isaac and Rebekah had been married.  And they had no children.  So, Isaac, the husband, went to his covenant God and asked Him to help his wife get pregnant.  Isaac was the only covenant child of his father, Abraham, so he had to have children, but he didn’t.  How could Abraham become the father of many nations if his one covenant son had no children?  God did answer his prayers; in fact, Rebekah became pregnant with twins. 

But Isaac’s wife had a problem with her pregnancy.  It seemed like the two future children in her womb were fighting.   So, she went to her covenant God and asked Him about this situation.  God’s reply was:

  • She was carrying in her womb two boys who would become two nations.
  • The descendants of these two nations would become two different manner of people.
  • One nation would be stronger than the other one.
  • The first born would serve the second born.

The first born was named Esau while the younger son was Jacob.  So, Esau would serve Jacob.  Both nations would have to be in existence for one to serve the other!

What nation did the descendants of these two twin boys become?  How different were the mannerism of these two nations?  And did Isaac and Rebekah love both twin boys equally?  The Bible answers that politically correct question with an absolute no!  For “…Isaac loved Esau, because he did eat of his venison:  but Rebekah loved Jacob” (Genesis 25:28).  It was a split household.

The Future of Prophecy Part 10


Sermon notes of Pastor Mark Downey

April 16, 2016

Scripture Reading: Revelation 11:3-12

In this last chapter of our series, 'The Future of Prophecy,' it is sobering and awe-inspiring to think that we might be the generation that will witness the most important fulfillment of prophecy in the history of mankind.  We should “Count it all joy, when you encounter various trials, knowing that the testing of your faith results in endurance” James 1:2-3.  If this is the end of the age (not the world), then there's still a rough road ahead.  There are some prophecies that could not have been fulfilled until this generation, simply because of the primitive communications of times past and the recent advances in technology to connect the entire planet with unheard of speed and efficiency.  With that thought, let us consider Jesus prophesying a great fear among people worldwide, outlining calamities that would increase in magnitude and frequency (Mt. 24:7 i.e. “there shall be famines, and pestilences, and earthquakes, in divers places”).  Therefore, to discern the fulfillment of these disasters, people must have the means to know and react to them.   Modern electronics now facilitates “an increase in knowledge” (Daniel 12:4).  Without this blessing of invention from above, Christian Identity would not be possible.  “And this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness unto all nations; and then shall the end come” Mt. 24:14.  All Aryan nations shall be informed of their identity and all mongrel nations shall turn against the White race.  That's what we're seeing in 2016 with outrageous calls for the elimination of the White race and the implementation of flooding White nations with strangers and their strange gods.

Jesus or Bel?


Copied from the sermon notes of Pastor Don Elmore

April 10, 2016

Scripture Reading: Jeremiah 10:4-6

Just like these ancient Israel Baal worshippers, who lived in the kingdom of Judah, we are a society that is engaged in child sacrifice.  We call it “abortion”, but the motives are still the same.  If an unplanned or unwanted pregnancy comes along, we have a mechanism “for getting rid of it” just like they did. 

Since Roe vs. Wade was decided in 1973, we have slaughtered more than 24 million of our own children.  I would venture to say that the ancient Israelite Baal worshippers never got quite that much blood on their own hands.  In plain English, I do not think that they murdered as many babies as we have!

But what’s going on in this world?  The best-known account regarding Baal in Scripture is the showdown between his priests and the God-fearing prophet Elijah at Mount Carmel. It was in the kingdom of Israel, that Elijah challenged 450 of Baal’s priests—whichever god answered the call to send fire down from the sky would be declared the true God. When the LORD answered Elijah, sending enough fire to consume offering, altar, and the surrounding water, the people worshiped the LORD and put the prophets of Baal to death (1 Kings 18).

The Future of Prophecy Part 9


Sermon notes of Pastor Mark Downey

April 3, 2016

Scripture Reading: I John 2:18-26

The average Christian of whatever stripe may wonder how there can be so many interpretations of prophecy.  They can't all be right.  Bible prophecy is the business of predicting the future, sometimes literal and sometimes in figures of speech, and is usually not established until it happens.  Its fulfillment must conform to the elements of the prediction.  A controversy emerges between several schools of eschatology, the study of end time prophecies.  The three major positions are the historicist, the futurist and the preterist.  For our purposes in identifying the truth, the historicist position has been the most widely accepted and accurate means of understanding prophecy in Christian Identity.  Likewise, before the Protestant Reformation, there was no other position than the historicist; as the name implies, it explains God's Word in sacred and secular history, both of which is His Story and proves God is true. The Protestant Reformers understood correctly, events that had come to pass fulfilling the veracity of Scripture. On the other hand, the futurists disregard the past and place the works of God in the distant future.  And then along came the preterists to say all prophecy has come and gone.  The Reformation was a great threat to the RCC and both factions were a danger to jews.  So the jews created an opposition to the historicist view within the church, both Protestant and catholic.  We will see how they spread their confusion, and know them today by their rotten fruit of false interpretations.  The righteousness of prophecy can only be ascertained by identifying the right people in the right time frame of divine prediction.  False prophets have thus rejected God's plan and purposes.

Get Off the Fence


by Pastor Brian Jones

March 27, 2016

Scripture Reading: Psalms 2:1-6

God's Way versus the world's way.  God chose the elect of Israel and that is why we are different.  Love not the world.  The world will try to pull you into its sin, including pulling you away from God's law and His covenant and rejoices when even one person falls away from the covenant.  Get off the fence and quit wrestling with God.  Your body is a temple to God and it is NOT yours!  Read the Bible and examine yourselves.  Truth only works if you accept it.  Grow in God.  Open your Bible, read it and KNOW it.  God knows that you will stumble, but He will correct you.  Ensure that you are clothed in white because the wedding garment is a sign of purity and is CRITICAL to God.   White is the ONLY acceptable color of the wedding garment.  God did not divorce the world, but only the 10 Tribes of the House of Israel.  God will remarry ONLY the Covenant people.



By Pastor Don Elmore

March 27, 2016

Passover was a special time for the special people known as the covenant people of God.  They were the ones, the ONLY ones, who experienced the first Passover.  Their time in Egypt was expressed in the covenant that God made with their father, Abram and later Abraham.

OZ: Behind the Curtain Part 2


Copied from the sermon notes of Pastor Don Elmore

March 20, 2016

Scripture Reading: Psalm 83:1-6a

Psalm 83 lists 10 nations as the enemy of the Covenant people of God and those enemies now reside in the modern day countries of Lebanon, Syria, Turkey, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, United Arab Emirates, Jordan, Egypt, Libya, Sudan, Morocco, Tunisia, etc., and the pseudo-nation of Palestine --IsraeLie.  And people from these countries live in practically all countries of the earth in this multi-cultural world we now live in.  To put it into modern language, the Jew is the head of this Confederation.

The Establishment


Sermon notes of Pastor Mark Downey

March 13, 2016

Scripture Reading: II Thessalonians 2:1-4

I've been writing about “The Establishment” for decades and decided to dedicate a sermon, not to the Establishment, but to the establishment of the Truth.  There is a lot of fanfare and talk of the Establishment in this election year, 2016.  Ever wonder why they call it the Establishment?  Do Christians really yearn for the establishment of the Kingdom of God?  Who or what is the Establishment in the United States?  Well, if we were to synthesize the divine dialectic, the Establishment is not the Kingdom or vice versa.  The antithesis of God's Kingdom is often cited as Babylon.  The Establishment is a hive of secret societies that have connections to the mystery religions and they want the world.  Any Christian worth their salt should know that in prophecy, the Establishment is known as Mystery Babylon.  Well, that was pretty easy to connect those two dots, but what and why is the Establishment doing what they do?  Where and when did this Establishment rear its ugly head in America?  How did they establish themselves as the Establishment?  I'll tell you something: nothing can succeed politically without a spiritual resolve, and by that I don't necessarily mean something good. It can be an evil spirit, a corruption of the soul that becomes the Establishment.  The soul of our nation has become corrupt, because of the Establishment. 


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