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The Wiles of That Old Serpent, the Devil


by Alan Breitenstein

February 20, 2022

Scripture Reading:  Matthew 22:37  Jesus said unto him, Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind.

For the past few weeks I have been reading the book “That Old Serpent -The Devil” by F.J.Huegel  (1954).  Some interesting questions have emerged along with actual events that have put me to a test on what I have learned, and have given messages on in the past. I was now faced with this test from God. Maybe this test could be called a refinement. Also, recently I received an e-mail from coach Dave on how the church does not teach the wiles of the Serpent, so I am not the only one God has given this thought to.

Before I tell you what happened I must first give you the information from the book. 

R U Woke? Part 7


Chapter 38 of Genesis

Sermon notes by Jim Jester

Scripture Reading: Genesis 38:1-5

February 13, 2022


This sermon brings us to the conclusion of the Genesis portion of the series. Upon studying through the book of Genesis, we have often discovered areas that were not quite clear or lacked specificity. We could even say, a bit confusing. Most of this we observed in the first sermon of this series where we covered the Gap Theory and the Second Account Theory of mankind; and then in the fourth and fifth parts, the Curse of Ham theory. It seems that this anomaly occurs more in Genesis than any other book of the Bible. Why? Besides jewish tampering of the Masoretic Text; age-old Christian tradition says that Moses wrote the book of Genesis out of eleven ancient documents available in his day, probably handed down from generation to generation. Genesis is composed of:

Who is Ruling America?


Copied from the sermon notes of Pastor Don Elmore

February 6, 2022

Scripture Reading: Deuteronomy 32:4

America is ruled by the mafia:  Genovese, Gambino, Lucchese, Colombo, Bonanno or as they are called:  the American Mafia.  They, along with Yale University’s Skulls and Bones secret society, started in 1832, and the government’s CIA, have assassinated and/or controlled Presidents to protect their investments. 

The robber barons consisted of Carnegie, Brown and Rockefeller.  Dulles, Liddy, the Bushes, LBJ, Nixon, etc.; they have ruled as puppets with the mafia pulling the strings behind the scenes. 

President Biden is an international mafia criminal too.  Look at what his son, Hunter, has done, and look at what has happened to him!  Practically Biden’s entire family; brothers, son, wife, brother-in-law, etc. are mixed-up in performing the business of the mafia.  And what is done about it? – a lot of threats, but nothing.

The History of We the People - Part 5



by Walter Giddings

January 30, 2022

“But those mine enemies ... slay them before me.”  --- Jesus.

In our 1st Lesson, The Birth of America, we studied The Evidence that demonstrated America was not born in rebellion.  At every turn of circumstance or event our Forefathers who framed The Republic worked tirelessly to preserve their 13 Colonial governments under 13 Charters.  Two parties voluntarily forged these 13 Charters:  Englishmen and their King.  We found 2 forgotten historical events.  The 1st forgotten event was the October 26, 1775 Speech by King George III to Parliament proposing to remove The Colonists from His Protection and treat them as Foreign Enemies !  The 2nd forgotten event was Parliament’s passage of The Prohibitory Act December 22, 1775.  A member of Parliament David Hartley, said, “An inflexible majority in the Parliament have now declared all America to be an independent hostile state.” 

“An independent hostile state.”  Does this mean that the Englishmen of all thirteen states (!) had independence 7 months before July 4, 1776?  Did that mean then they were no longer Englishmen?  Were they now Americans?  Did that mean the proverbial Rug of humbly appealing to return to their Rights as English-men was yanked from under foot?!  Do we recall from Lesson 1, The Birth of America, “The Notes of Proceeding” of the Second Continental Congress of 1776?

The Second Song of Moses

Compiled from the sermon notes of Pastor Don Elmore

Audio not available.  Published, in part, in the New Covenant Messenger Jan 2022

PSALMS 90:1-2

This psalm (Psalm 90) was written by Moses and was called a prayer.  It is supposed that this psalm was penned upon occasion of the sentence passed upon Israel in the wilderness for their unbelief.

  • They were punished for all their unbelief, murmuring and rebellion that their carcasses should fall (all those over 20 years old) and be buried in the wilderness. 
  • That they should be wasted away by a series of miseries for thirty-eight years together. 
  • And that none of them that were then of age (20 years and older) should enter Canaan.

What if we were living at this time?  Suppose we were thirty years old when the punishment was explained to us by Almighty God that we would not be allowed to go into the Promise Land.  Everyone over the age of 20 years old, except for the faithful two Israelite spies, Caleb and Joshua, would spend the next 38 years being buried in the wilderness.  We would just wander around till the 38 years ended and all of us had died.  How depressing would that time period be?  Would we need something to help us get though this long time?  We couldn’t enter the Promise Land, we just had to wait and wait and wait.  How depressing.  Moses’ second song was written for this purpose.

R U Woke? Part 6


Chapter 34 of Genesis

Sermon notes by Jim Jester

January 23, 2022

Scripture Reading: Genesis 34:1-4

Our Scripture Reading is the opening paragraph of the account of Jacob’s interaction with the people in Canaan, sometimes referred to in Bible headings as “The Defiling of Dinah” (rape by a non-white). It is another example illustrating the racial context of the Bible. In this series, we are comparing Critical Race Theory with Biblical Race Theory, in an attempt to convince many good people that the current trend of race-mixing and miscegenation in America is against God’s Word; and actually helps our ancient foe.

Two Opinions

By Pastor Don Elmore

Leviticus 20:24: “But I [the LORD God] have said unto you [Israel], Ye shall inherit their land, and I will give it unto you to possess it, a land that floweth with milk and honey:  I am the LORD your God, which have separated you from other people.”

On April 18, 2020 there was a special six-hour Concert called: “One World:  Together at Home.”  There were hundreds of performers who sang and talked about the COVID-19 that had sprung up throughout the world. This television special was put on between Global Citizen and Jewish singer-songwriter Lady Gaga, which benefited the World Health Organization’s COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund.  Jimmy Fallon, Jimmy Kimmel, and Stephen Colbert were the hosts of the show.

Who Are the Globalists?


By Pastor Don Elmore

January 16, 2022

Scripture Reading: Leviticus 20:24

How long will America be divided by two opinions?  Which one will they choose to serve?  Will they choose the "way of the heathen" or the "way of their LORD"?  It will either be the god of the other races or the LORD God of Israel.  Just like it was in the days of the House of Israel.

The House of Israel eventually became Baal worshipers.  How many of them were completely converted by Elijah the prophet? Was Elijah credited with starting a revival?  God sent His prophet Elijah to tell Israel to stop “limping between two different opinions”

R U Woke? Part 5


Chapter 12 of Genesis

Sermon notes by Pastor Jim Jester

January 9, 2022

Scripture Reading: Isaiah 51:1-2


Picking up from where I left off in the previous sermon, there are some other points to make concerning “the curse of Canaan” in Genesis.

The term “uncover nakedness” in Scripture usually refers to sexual contact, thus in this case, Ham had relations with his mother. Whatever actually happened in Genesis 9:20-25 we cannot be sure, but is left to speculation. It is true that when people are drunk and possibly passed out, they can easily be taken advantage of in a sexual way. But it is hard to prove if either Ham or his son Canaan did something like this. It could be that this case may not have been a sexual event at all.

Where Are We Supposed to Live?


Copied from the sermon notes of Pastor Don Elmore

January 2, 2022

Scripture Reading: Genesis 4:14

In Jim’s sermon, given on November 14th of this past year (2021), he had the following quote from Josephus, the great ancient historian:

“He [Cain] first of all set boundaries about lands; he built a city, and fortified it with walls and he compelled his family to come together to it; and called the city Enoch, after the name of his eldest son Enoch….” – Antiquities of the Jews, Flavius Josephus, Book 1, Chapter 3, paragraph 2.

And what became of Cain’s descendants?  Josephus adds in the same paragraph:

“Nay, even while Adam was alive [he lived 930 years], it came to pass that the posterity of Cain became exceedingly wicked, every one successively dying one after another, more wicked than the former.  They were intolerable in war; and vehement in robberies; and if anyone were slow to murder people, yet was he bold in his profligate behavior, in acting unjustly, and doing injury for gain.”