The Key to Happiness


From the Sermon Notes of Pastor Don Elmore

July 19, 2015

Scripture Reading: Deuteronomy 20:16-18

I will have to postpone again the continuation of my series on the jewish influences on America in the past century.  There are so many things that are happening right now in the world, that it is very difficult to study for the purpose of explaining what is coming to pass.  We are living in an occult/Satanic/illuminati/jewish world right now that is trying to win everyone over to their way of thinking.  They want us to worship their gods!

From today's scripture, Deuteronomy 20:16-18, one can see that not all peoples are equal.  Was our God in favor of integration or did He command His being to segregate? 

God certainly doesn’t love the Hittites (wasn’t that Esau who married two Hittite women?), the Amorites, the Canaanites, the Perizzites, the Hivites and the Jebusites.  He instructed His people to kill every one of these people so that His people would not follow after their abominations and worship their gods!

God is telling us that there are people in this world that have different gods.  We, the covenant people are not to follow after them.  We have a different God than they do.  That is why God instructs us to live separately from these other peoples. 

In today’s world we have the exact opposite.  Instead of each race living in their own continent; which they did for centuries, they now are arriving in the Israel nations, which are called the “melting pot” nations of the world.  And after a while living here, the “civil rights” (jewish/Communist rights) of these same people has caused much more problems. 

Israel was instructed to not have any one who was not of their own kind to rule over them.  That law was kept for a while, but now it has run amok.  And what a change it has made.

Mark talked about the taking down of the Battle flag of Northern Virginia war flag (Confederate flag) last Sunday.   I told you that I saw the South Carolina Governor (on television) acting so happily as she gave her speech and then signed the law that commanded that state to take down the flag from the capitol.  

What I learned this week was that she gained endorsements for her nomination from former Mormon Governor Mitt Romney, former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin and the Tea Party movement.  And she is the youngest Governor in the United States.  According to God’s law, no women should ever be Governor!  Since the Jewish/Communist feminist movement, the women have slowly gained the offices of once white men only held offices. 

So, she shouldn’t be Governor.  But that is not all.  The present Governor of South Carolina was born Nimrata Nikki Randhawa in Bamberg, South Carolina to an Indian Sikh family.   Her parents are immigrants from India.  She is one of two Indian American governors:  the other is fellow Republican Bobby Jindal of Louisiana.  She is also the third non-white person to have been elected as governor of a southern state.   

This is the problem with “diversity” -- South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley is a Sikh from India. She claims to have converted to a Judeo-Christianity but, on a visit to India last year, told Indian TV (Nov. 14, 2014) “I will never disown my roots.”  Very admirable, but she’s more than happy to disown and degrade the roots of the people of the South, of the people she serves. After all, they’re not her roots.  The South is reaping the results of not obeying their God. 

On her Indian visit last year, all dolled up in Sikh costume, she visited the Sikh holy of holies, the Golden Temple in Amritsar and said “this is a very emotional moment.” Well, this week, as she succeeded in removing the Confederate flag, sacred to many of those with Southern roots, it was a very emotional moment for her White victims.

But I am not going to talk any more about what happened in South Carolina, the first state to secede from the United States.  But it is related.  For the Israelite nation of the United States, use to be mostly a white nation.  It had mostly Christian values.  But in the last 150 years these values have slowly disappeared until many elderly people are saying:  “What happened to my country?” 

In the late 1890’s, the most history-altering accomplishment would have to be the role which Jacob Schiff (a wealthy Rothschild jew) played.  Schiff came to America shortly after the War of Northern Aggression.  During the 1700’s, his ancestors had actually shared a home with the legendary Rothschilds, in Frankfurt’s Jewish quarter.

Schiff went on to head the firm Kuhn, Loeb & Co.  From New York, he was the foremost Jewish leader from 1880 to 1920.  He served as the director of many important corporations, including the National City Bank, Equitable Life Assurance Society, Wells Fargo, and the Union Pacific Railroad.  Schiff, who made his fortune from usury-bearing loans, was the main player behind the “Hebrew Free Loan Society”, an organization which issued usury-free loans only to Jews.  This Society still does this today!

Kareena, Al, and Andrew; now you know why Al Gore is politically successful.Just a side-note; Kareena Gore Schiff, the daughter of former Senator, almost United States President and Global Warming con-man Al Gore, is married to Andre Schiff, the great-great-grandson of Jacob Schiff.

Jewish influence in America was relatively minor, and the Jewish numbers were very small.  So, it was Schiff’s cajoling of the outgoing United States President, and former New York Governor, Grover Cleveland that prevented the massive wave of Jewish immigration to America from being shut down. 

Grover Cleveland and Jewish ImmigrationThe Immigration Bill of 1897 would have required immigrants to pass a literacy test, something that Russian Jews would not have been able to do.  After passing both Houses of Congress, Cleveland’s veto, induced by Schiff, saved the day for the incoming Communist and Zionist Jews of Russia.

Jewish historian Lawrence J. Epstein writes: “It is staggering to consider the alternative course American Jewish history would have taken had this measure passed.”

And conversely, it would be equally staggering to consider the alternative course American history would have taken had the measure passed!

The Key

  • Yesterday is history.
  • Today is a gift.
  • Tomorrow is Mystery.

The eyes of the world could not find the key which could only be found by the purists of heart.  The sacred guardians of the key were appointed by nature itself to protect the machine, which provides “The Key to Happiness.”

Tomorrowland Festival 2015 

Here is what is presented as being the key to happiness in the TomorrowLand/World concerts:

I first learned of these concerts at the end of last year (2014).  I gave a sermon on it on January 4, 2015.  I notice that it has been visited by over 5400 views by yesterday.  The TomorrowLand concert begins next week in the country of _____?  Does anyone here remember where?

The 11th year celebration will be in the Israelite nation of Belgium.  Its co-founders are two brothers:  Manu and Michiel Beers; Belgium jews or very strong sympathizers with them.

All three of the festivals sell out in no time and this means that a lot of People of Tomorrow have to get left out each time. That’s why, during the 11th edition of TomorrowLand, on Saturday the 25th of July, there will be a satellite link set up from Boom (Belgium) to two other continents: Latin America and Asia.

“Under the title UNITE”, TomorrowLand will host live events in both Mexico City & Mumbai, India. Organizers will have the opportunity to curate a one-of-a-kind event where livestreaming meets the real world, including live local DJs and “plenty of showmanship and fireworks.”

On Saturday July 25th, a live video connection will be made from Boom to Mexico City and Mumbai and…back again. On two different continents, tens of thousands of guests will be able to experience “UNITE” as one.

Tomorrowland Key to Happiness Georgia 2015 In September of this year will be the 2nd year of the concert being held in Chattahoochee Hills, Georgia.  

Here is what they tell of it on their website:

“Enter the World of Tomorrow, in a realm hidden from civilization, deep within the forests of Chattahoochee Hills, discover TomorrowWorld!  Let yourself be amazed and experience hundreds of DJs, luxury camping, dining options from around the world, and America’s largest 21+ festival.  See for yourself where this journey will guide you and secure your place in history! 

Hailing from Belgium, the mother festival of TomorrowWorld, TomorrowLand, celebrated its 10-year anniversary this past July.  To mark this anniversary, two weekends played host to the sold out pilgrimage of over 360,000 International guests. The magic and inspiration of TomorrowWorld is crafted from TomorrowLand, where stages and concepts come to life, experiences are created, and musical explorations are made.

This past September, TomorrowWorld welcomed 160,000 guests from around the world to the mythical grounds of Chattahoochee Hills, Georgia.  Thank you to the People of Tomorrow for writing the magnificent second chapter in The Arising of Life!  The Fairytale continues...unlock true Happiness this September 25-26-27 at TomorrowWorld 2015.” 

The first celebration in Brazil, was held last May.  I spoke of this one specifically as the false Jesus statue had suffered a broken thumb from a lightning strike; it is the place of the rebuilt Solomon’s Temple and it is the place of the next Olympics. 

Notice the two serpants climbing up the pole; very similar to the caduceusSo, this year the festival will be held in three places in the world:  Europe, North America and South America.  The Belgium TomorrowLand will be held on consecutive weekends.  They will have a total of 360,000 attendees.  They sold out in one second…how did they do that?  Modern Technology and it is not cheap.  It cost is between $2,500 and $5,000 dollars a person to  go.  There will be more people from different countries than there are in the Olympics.

People of tomorrow; let me tell you a story. Let me tell you a secret to find a magical key.  The key was hidden from the eyes of the world.  In a time when darkness ruled, there was one man, who stood on a high hill; there was a man releasing the world from all its mystery.  By building an instrument, a magnificent machine to protect the key--for the key will guide you; it is the key to happiness.

Here is a poem that they have on their website.  The title is TomorrowLand:

A magical little spark was ignited
One decade later
It became an inextinguishable heat
An unseen gathering
Between all nationalities
A milestone in the history of togetherness
Would like to thank you
The people of tomorrow
For all your love, energy & madness
Every single soul
The crossed the path during this fantastic journey
For all the friendship, dedication & inspiration
MUSIC will unite us forever
Capture the magical moments
In your hearts

Do you remember what countries had magicians?  The Bible tells us that the Egyptians and the Babylonians had their government full of magicians.   It was during the time of the Exodus from Egypt and when Daniel was in Babylon that they came in contact with the men of magic. Was God in favor or against the magicians?  He forbid His people from practicing any magic.   

This Satanic festival is a set-up.  It is pushing Satanic philosophies.  The taking of time from the ancient past.  The time of the arising of life.  A man, hidden from civilization, the grand architect, stands on a great hill.  A few days ago, the stars will soon be align to make a new dimension. 

Time has come to introduce you to a new chapter of TomorrowLand.  The festival always begins with a ritual called “Opening the book” of wisdom.  The book then releases a “spirit.” 

In our everyday lives …Without stories our fantasies die, without fantasies our dreams slowly fade away.  The time has come to open the book of music and let the stories rise.  SCREAM, from the center of your heart.  And let the spirits of the books arise.  SCREAM.  SCREAM.  SCREAM…AND BRING THE STORIES OUT IN YOU.       

The fairy tale keepers will descend on a land blessed with ancient magic; an enchanted wilderness; to guide you through an adventure of calm and wonder; revealing great beings of mystery and secrets long lost to humanity; welcome to the book of wisdom. 

Burn brightly…be like the PHOENIX burning in OUR own flames.  And arising from her own ashes, never be afraid of the end. 

Now it is the time for you to take your flame and carry it into the world.  Take the flame of TomorrowLand with you and let it illuminate the darkness. 

Because if you keep the flame burning, we can return here next year and light it once more.  For another chapter of TomorrowLand.” 

TomorrowLand’s main logo:  All Seeing-Eye, crown and butterfly wings in a shield.TomorrowLand’s main logo:  All Seeing-Eye, crown and butterfly wings in a shield.

All Seeing Eye of HorusThe all-seeing single eye of Horus; that is crowned; with butterfly wings; the beautiful arising out of the corrupt:  A new world order arising out of the chaos of the dying old world order.

The festival always has a ritual—a ritual for the summoning demonic spirits.  They always have the Book of Wisdom--the book whose title reads…“The Ten Good Commandments.”

The wings of the butterfly is used by the illuminati to represent mind control and seduction.  It also symbolizes death.  Just as a caterpillar transforms into a butterfly; the human after death transforms into a soul that can fly freely.  Britney Spears, Beyonce, Madonna all use butterflies in some of their performances and album covers.

In occult symbolism, the spiral represents the evolving self, the soul ascending from matter into the spirit world.  Sun/moon duality;  serpents and dragons; skull & bones, pyramid, wings featuring eyes, black and white duality checkerboard; a “church of Love” to have sex in; This festival is an occult/satanic/illuminati/jewish celebration.  It is not a festival of love.

As Walt Disney, a 33rd degree freemason, said about his Tomorrowland: “A vista into a world of wondrous ideas, signifying Man’s achievements…A step into the future, with predictions of constructed things to come.  Tomorrow offers new frontiers in science, adventure and ideals.  The Atomic Age, the challenge of Outer Space and the hope for a peaceful, unified world.” 

Massive crowd before the stage at a TommowLand event

Expenses to 2015 TomorrowLandA picture of the massive crowd before the stage at a TomorrowLand event.  There are constant fireworks, laser lights and electronic music which the people dance to hour after hour.

Here are documented expenses to attend the festival.



United Nations

Ban Ki-moon Secretary General of the United NationsTomorrowWorld founders Michiel and Manu Beers, and United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon discuss the Unity Set by the “People of Tomorrow.”

Ban Ki-moon donates a board for the TomorrowLand Bridge

Ban Ki-moon, Secretary-General of the United Nations, embraced the People of Tomorrow, saying “let’s work as one towards dignity for all.”  This message was engraved on a wooden board and mounted as part of One World Project, the 600 meter long bridge at the recreational park.  The permanent bridge is also a piece of art within the TomorrowLand venue.

The meeting occurred in Brussels, Belgium with Michiel and Manu Beers, the founder-brothers of TomorrowLand, which is the world’s most popular festival held annually in Belgium, Brazil and the USA.  The international festival franchise also brings music fans together to celebrate unity.

In the United States, TomorrowWorld occurs each September on 8,000 acres of rolling hills and forestland outside Atlanta, Georgia. The American event alone last year brought together 160,000 people together onsite, with a livestream that received more viewers than any entertainment event in the United States (23 million).

At TomorrowLand in Belgium, the newly launched TomorrowLand in Brazil and TomorrowWorld in the United States, all nationalities are represented and a striking resemblance to a meeting of the United Nations occurs in landscapes that create a colorful, magical world where Peace, Love, Unity and Respect take center stage.

The “People of Tomorrow” all speak the same language: friendship. The thousands of flags attest to their pride in their origins. What they all have in common is an enthusiasm for meeting people from other cultures, experiencing an unforgettable weekend and forging lifelong friendships.

For millennials, TomorrowWorld is the United Nations of dance music.  Tomorrowland/TomorrowWorld and the United Nations share these values and want to pass on positive messages to the youth of the world.

Quote made by United Nations Ban Ki-Moon:

“Young people today are growing up in a world full of change. TomorrowLand demonstrates that it’s possible: tens of thousands of people coming together in peace and respect for one another to share a weekend. 210,000 messages from all over the world have been incorporated into the One World Bridge and we are pleased that our message can be one of them. Let’s work as one towards dignity for all, a message for the People of Tomorrow and for all young people in the world”. 

A quote from co-founder Michiel Beers, TomorrowWorld/Tomorrowland:

“In the past 10 years, we have built a magical world in which everyone comes together in a spirit of positivity. TomorrowLand has become the world’s most international event and welcomes more different nationalities than the Olympic Games. We are now organizing three “global gatherings” per year: one in Belgium, one in the USA and one in Brazil.”

Manu Beers, other co-founder of TomorrowWorld/Tomorrowland:

“When we decided to design the bridge in honor of the 10th anniversary of the festival in collaboration with the province of Antwerp and Arne Quinze, as a permanent symbol of the annual gathering, we felt it was important for the entire world to be able to take part. The One World Bridge now displays 210,000 positive messages from everyone from our neighbors in Boom, Belgium to faraway friends in Australia. We are very honored to receive the contribution from the Secretary-General of the United Nations and we intend to continue to spread this message for many years to come.”

TomorrowLand Bridge, a permanent symbol of the annual gatheringTomorrowLand Bridge, a permanent symbol of the annual gathering

The United Nations and TomorrowLand seem an unlikely pair, but Ki-moon noted that the festival reflects several values dear to the United Nations: dignity, respect, diversity and solidarity. An encouraging pair, as the international organization works to promote peace around the world amidst war, civil unrest, poverty and alarming environmental concerns.

    Massive crowds following the movements of DJs and the music


    New Tower of Babel?

    New Tower of Babel?

    214 nationalities, 180,000 participates.  Key to Happiness:  electronic music.  One speech; the music.  At night they all gather in front of the One Eye and jump up and down to the beat of the music—just like the Zulu warriors did before the battle of Blood River.  Now the jewish people have practically everyone doing it. 

    jewish tree of lifeThe serpent comes out of the Jewish “Tree of Life”.

    The jews have America and the other Israelite nations, with the possible exception of Iceland, in the tight grips of the jaws of the serpent.  They are planning the soon release of their own world government.  There are three basic truths that explain the seriousness of our current terrible dilemma.

    1. The jews and the jewish nation are in bondage to and are under the control of their god.
    2. The jews have undermined and eventually have destroyed every nation in which they resided and acquired dominance.
    3. The jews have now gained the dominance in American and European politics, culture, immigration, music, social behavior and religion, and our nation is suffering and has been suffering the painful, parasite-infested process of unholy destruction.

      May God have mercy on our souls.

      Blessed be the LORD God of Israel.