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Nowhere Man

By Pastor Don Elmore



America’s Black Holy Day

by Pastor Mark Downey

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One person’s dream can be another man’s nightmare. A dream is like a movie in our head when we’re sleeping. A nightmare is like a horror movie in our head when we’re sleeping. America has been lulled into a very deep sleep with the help of movies. Our dreams have been the product of a vicious cycle of life imitating art and a recycling of art imitating life.

Do you remember the movie ‘Roots’, that gave the descendants of African slaves an exaggerated status of nobility, that ‘black is beautiful’, while at the same time, social engineers were scheming against the descendants of the founding fathers to make us slaves and dregs of their New Society.

Today, I want to talk about a third idol in the trinity of high holy days that have become the politically correct norm in Orwellian America. The Big 3 that has become the Big Lie is Halloween, Christmas and Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

Galatians 3:28

by Pastor Don Elmore

When reading the foreword to Andrew Hitchcock’s book, The Synagogue of Satan, I came upon the following words written by Texx Marrs:

Please keep in mind that God is no respecter of persons, and that RACIAL advantage has NO part to play in God’s heavenly Jerusalem.  Indeed, contrary to the doctrines of devils spread by lying evangelicals, GOD DOES NOT DISTINGUISH BETWEEN RACES IN CHOOSING A PEOPLE FOR HIS NAME.  Galatians 3:28-29 is marvelous in dispelling satanic notions of RACIAL superiority.  God does not favor those who are “Jews” or those of any one race or ethnic heritage.  Instead, the Bible invites men and women of every nation and race on earth to come and drink of Jesus’ living water:  “And if ye be Christ’s, then are ye  Abraham’s seed and heirs according to the promise” (p. 15).

The Tower of Babel, Again

by Pastor Don Elmore 

What day is our National Sabbath (United States)?  Let’s see — what day do most stores and government offices close?  What day looks like a day of rest?  What day became a state and national holiday in the middle 1800’s?

I saw a commercial on television today and it said that this company which repossesses objects (like cars) took the advice of emails from some of its customers to take a day off.—what time did they take off—this year they took off Christmas.    Christmas is the only day of the year that Kroger’s closes its stores.  For many stores—the story is basically the same.  Christ’s mass is the time for the nation’s Sabbath.

Best Buy, Wal-Mart, Meier’s, Macy’s, Sear’s, Ikea’s, etc. all are closed on Christmas.   The one day that resembles a Sabbath in America is Christmas.  Most stores and factories are CLOSED.  Most people are not working.  But it is NOT commanded by our God; it is the Sabbath of the god of this age. 

All over  the world,  most  civilizations  have been celebrating a  time  of celebration for this week during the Winter Solstice.  It is the actual birthday of Mithras or Nimrod.  The stories are all similar.  The husband dies a horrible death.  The son marries his own mother.  The mother has a son; which is a miraculous birth.  The birth was on December 25th.

How to Detect a False Church

By Jim Jester

1.  First of all, if a so-called Church organization is a 501 c 3, tax exempt corporation, it is not a true church of the Lord Jesus Christ. It is a part of the State Church and is a corporation only, and comes under the authority of the State, not Jesus Christ. Write it off as unworthy of your support and continue in your search.

Deception on Identifying Israel, Part Two

By Jim Jester

Complete series available in book format:  Will the Real Israel Please Stand Up?

In Part 1 of this series I proved who the imposters were who claimed to be Israel from their own words and the Bible. I now want to set them aside and give you more history of the real Israel (not the counterfeit one or the “spiritual” one). My source for the historical information is “The Lost Ten Tribes of Israel Found” by Steven M. Collins, 1995; now out of print. He stressed the importance of this subject in the Introduction to his book.

Since the Bible is adamant that the ten tribes of Israel would survive, be multiplied, and be identifiable nations in the latter days, those Christians who assert that the ten tribes of Israel “died out” or “cannot be located in the modern world” unwittingly call God a liar.