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Spring 2019 Branson Conference

Pastor Everett Ramsey and his wife, along with the Faith Baptist Church of Missouri and Mt. Home Missionary Church of Arkansas are sponsoring their second annual Bible Conference at Branson, Missouri. It will be held on April 5th—7th. If enough people stay at the motel, a reduction in price will be granted for the meeting room. If you're interested in lodging accomodations at the discounted rate, reservations must be made at the hotel by no later than March 5th.

There are six scheduled speakers, great singing and wonderful fellowship. The speakers are, in alphabetical order:

  • Pastor Dave Barley

  • Dr. Lawrence Blanchard

  • Pastor Don Elmore

  • Pastor Charles Jennings

  • Ron Poch

  • Pastor Everett Ramsey

Celebrating the Life of Pastor Mark Downey

A Tribute Service to Pastor Mark Downey

Mark Downey passed away from this life on March 26, 2018.  He was nearly a week from his 69th birthday.  He died at home in the mercies of our God, without pain, and in dignity and honor after a long struggle with cancer.  He will be greatly missed by his wife, his church, the men of his prison ministry and many others across the nation and around the world.

The Fellowship of God's Covenant People will hold a Christian Identity tribute service to Pastor Downey on Sunday May 6th at 11AM.  We will conduct our normal worship service with prayers and hymns of praise and there will be shared testimonies and memories of Mark's life and ministry and the impact he made on others as a friend, brother and man of God.  Come join us as we remember him and celebrate his life and his legacy.

Audio and text highlights of the Tribute Service

Update on Pastor Downey

Pastor Downey is currently recuperating in N. KY and having his ups and downs as is expected. The oils seem to be breaking down the size of the lung tumor, as his voice has improved somewhat, but it is still impaired. He is not experiencing any pain. His appetite has decreased and he is still weak, but we are working on improving his appetite and strength. We will know more about the effectiveness of the oils when we get another chest x-ray in the next couple weeks. We continue to work his lymph nodes by jumping on a rebounder while he sits. As he regains his strength, he should be able to exercise more and get back to his duties.

Natural healing can be a slow process, and we knew that coming into this fight. We know that God holds us in the palm of His hand and His will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.

We thank those who have donated, sent cards and letters of support and volunteered time and expertise to assist in Mark's recovery and care.  We ask for your ongoing prayers and continued financial support.  

Urgent Fund Appeal Request

Dear Fellow Israelites,

Our newsletters are few and far between. They usually announce guest speakers at our FGCP church in northern Kentucky. All of our Christian Identity theology can be found at for free, and we average a new sermon every other week for your group and individual studies. Our work is a labor of love and we have never begged for money to pay for expenditures in the last 20 years.

However, this bulletin is urgent. I have been reluctant to inform you until all testings, scans and consultations could confirm that I do indeed have Stage 4 lung cancer, which has spread to the liver and lymph nodes. For the last 2 months my health has progressively deteriorated to the point of seeking medical help.  Please help us with your prayers, donations and spreading this message.  Here is the link to the fundraising account:

William Finck

Dear Brethren,

Kinsman Redeemer Ministries and the Fellowship of God's Covenant People are happy to announce that William Finck of will be visiting our area this weekend, October 28-30. On Friday evening at 8:00PM, Pastor Mark Downey will be joining Bill on his online radio program. To listen, all you have to do is visit and then click on any of the streaming radio icons. They will be discussing the politics of the presidential election and how Christian Identity should regard it. Should be fun.

New Look and expanding FGCP website

Dear Israelite brethren,

If you haven't been to our website in the past week, it's received a clean and refreshing makeover!  Our website is updated every week with a variety of content from Pastors Elmore and Downey and also from Jim Jester.  With the new look, we are now in the process of expanding the articles section by categorizing each sermon so that they appear in the 'articles' menu on the right side. 

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