New Look and expanding FGCP website

Dear Israelite brethren,

If you haven't been to our website in the past week, it's received a clean and refreshing makeover!  Our website is updated every week with a variety of content from Pastors Elmore and Downey and also from Jim Jester.  With the new look, we are now in the process of expanding the articles section by categorizing each sermon so that they appear in the 'articles' menu on the right side. 

We continue to have a regular weekly worship service, singing, praying, and fellowship and invite Identity Christians to write us if you would like to join us on any Sunday. In October and November, we had visiting pastors, Pastors Ken Kemble and Brian Jones and their families.  Four of Pastor Kemble's lovely daughters graced us with their beautiful, harmonious voices and we recorded them and also added that recording to our website. 

And even more good news, we've just recently added 2 'WakeUp Call' articles from Pastor McCurry.  We are so happy that he is once again writing, after the passing of his wife last August.  Please remember to keep him in your prayers.

We live in times where prophecy is coming to pass and count it all joy that we have eyes to see and ears to hear as we stand in the gap. We thank you for your support and prayers, as we also pray for you and it is our hope that this website is a blessing to you and other Christian Israelites.

With warmest regards and the love of Christ,

The Fellowship of God's Covenant People