By Pastor Don Elmore

February 6, 2011

What man conceived, engineered, and carried out the WORLD’S LARGEST WATERWORKS PROJECT UNTIL THE TVA (Tennessee Valley Authority)? I will give the answer later in this message.

Genesis covers 2500 years of history; the next four books; Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy covers 2 generations; one that failed to enter the promised land (except for Caleb and Joshua) and the 2nd generation the one that did enter.

One of the most disturbing differences is the amount of time that Israel spent in the land of Egypt. About 85% of the commentaries on this and articles say that Israel spent at least 400 years in Egypt; but if one carefully counts the years that the Bible says—it is a different number. With the many errors in our Bibles, one has to look beyond just one or a few verses to consider if it is true. Notice the difference between the Septuagint and the Kings James Version of Exodus 12:40.

Galatians 3:17; And this I say, that the covenant that was confirmed before by God in Christ (the anointed—the covenant people of God), the law, which was FOUR HUNDRED AND THIRTY YEARS AFTER, cannot annul that it should make the promise of no effect.

Acts 7:6; And God spoke in this way that his seed should sojourn in a strange land; and that they should bring them into bondage, and ill-treated them FOUR HUNDRED YEARS.

Genesis 15:13; And he said unto Abram, now of a surety that thy seed shall be a sojourner in a land that is not theirs, and shall serve them; and they shall afflict them FOUR HUNDRED YEARS.

Exodus 12:40; Now the sojourning of the children of Israel of Israel, who dwelt in Egypt, was FOUR HUNDRED AND THIRTY YEARS.

LXX; Exodus 12:40; Now the sojourning of the Israelites which they and their fathers had sojourned in the land of Egypt and the land of Canaan was FOUR HUNDRED AND THIRTY YEARS.

The Bible says that Israel was only 215 years in the land of Egypt:

Abraham: Left Haran when he was 75 -- XXXX

Isaac was born 25 years later

Jacob was born 60 years later

Jacob went to Egypt when he was 130 yrs. old

215 years

Joseph died 71 years later

Moses was born 64 years after Joseph died

Exodus occured 80 years later

215 years

A total of 430 years from the covenant to the national law.

Genesis 41:45 “And Pharaoh called Joseph’s name Zaphenathpaneah; and he gave him as his wife Asenath, the daughter of Potiphera, priest of ON. And Joseph went out over all the land of Egypt.”

Did you notice what we just read about the pharaoh giving Joseph his wife? There is only one way that he would have had the authority to do such a thing. That is IF the pharaoh was of the House of Shem himself. At that time period, evidently the pharaohs were Shemites. Obviously, the lower class of the Egyptians was not though, only the ruling class. If this is true, it puts our story in an entirely different light! Also, if this is true, we can be sure Joseph wasn’t sold by the Ishmaelite to the Hyksos, but to Amosis’ area at Thebes. Also, if this is true, it brings up a whole host of questions! Not only that, but it will clear up a lot of unusual situations.

It would appear, with the marriage of Joseph to Asenath, there was a close family relationship between Joseph and the Pharaoh.

Primogenesis, P. 117: “The priestly caste to which Joseph’s father-in-law, the Priest of On (Heliopolis) belonged was undoubtedly of the line of Shem. Apparently Shem’s descendants were established in the office of the priesthood in Egypt at the time of the building of the Great Pyramid. Thus, the purity of the racial stock of the appointed seed was preserved in the birth of these boys to Joseph and Asenath. “

Smith’s Bible Dictionary: indicates that the city of ON was “a town of Lower Egypt, called BETH-SHEMESH in Jeremiah 43:13. ON is better known under its Greek name HELIOPOLIS. It was situated on the east side of the Pelusiac branch of the NILE, just below the point of the Delta, and about twenty miles northeast of Memphis” P. 466.

Smith’s Bible Dictionary: “On is to be remembered not only as the HOME OF JOSEPH but as the traditional place tow which his far-off namesake TOOK MARY AND THE BABE JESUS IN THE FLIGHT TO EGYPT” (page 467).

So when Joseph was sold into slavery in Egypt—and eventually rose to second in command under Pharaoh Achtoy IV – he married a woman whose father was, of all things, A PRIEST OF ON OR THE MESSIAH.

He had not married an “Egyptian” at all! Asenath was most likely not a descendant of either of the blood lines of Ham or Japheth, but from the RIGHTEOUS LINE OF SHEM. Joseph then, married the very daughter of a PRIEST OF THE TRUE GOD – THE PRIEST OF ON (LIGHT); and this statement as recorded in Genesis 41:45, is not referring to a place at all, but instead to an ENTITY – THE GOD OF LIGHT!!! In short, Joseph had married back into the very same blood line from which he himself had descended.” The children of Joseph were not, therefore, half Israelite and half Egyptian – they were of the line of Shem through both their father AND their mother.

Joseph probably sold to the authorities at Thebes rather than the Hyksos. At the time, there were two different pharaohs ruling in Egypt at the same time and that the pharaoh at Thebes was subservient to the Hyksos.

While Jacob had twelve sons by two wives and two concubines, Joseph was the firstborn son to Jacob by Rachel, his favorite wife. He served twelve years for her. This is the reason, Jacob loved Joseph more than any of the others. As you will remember, while in Paddan-aram, Jacob saw and loved Rachel, and made an arrangement to work seven years in Laban’s hire for her hand in marriage.

Leah Zilpah Rachel Bilhah
1. Reuben 7 Gad 11. Joseph 5. Dan
2. Simeon 8. Asher 12. Benjamin* 6. Nephtali
3. Levi      
4. Judah      
9. Issachar      
10. Zebulun      
10. Dinah      

 The 11 sons of Jacob + his one daughter all born in Syria; only his son, Benjamin  was born in Bethlehem (Canaan Land)

Abraham – was born in Iraq

Isaac* – was born in Canaan Land

Jacob*– was born in Canaan Land.

The last two sons that Jacob had, Joseph and Benjamin, were the two that he had with Rachel. It was a long time—and Rachel died when she gave birth to Benjamin. All of the brothers did not like the 17 year old Joseph who they thought was a big snitch—many colored coat (greatly loved by his father) boy. He went to report to his father how they were doing as they were watching the sheep—when he got where they were they decided to murder him. But Reuben talked them into putting him in a pit—then bringing him back home. Reuben was gone for a little bit, when Judah, taking the place of leader, suggested that they SELL him—as some merchants approached. This they did and decided to lie to their father that an animal had killed him—they would tear and put blood on his special jacket.

He was sold by the merchants to Potiphar, where Joseph was very good at being his servant of his household. His wife tried to get him to have a relation with her—Joseph constantly refused…One day, after he refused, she tore off his garment and later cried to her husband that Joseph had tried to have an affair with her. Her husband had him put in jail. Punished, but innocent;  did not go along with this age’s philosophy—sex if given the opportunity.

Rewarded: Pharaoh gave him a wonderful wife—descended from Shem—two sons who were adopted by their grandfather—Jacob.

While in jail, the chief butler and baker were also placed in prison. They both had dreams and they went to Joseph to learn their meanings…He told them and they both came true—the butler was restated and the baker was executed. He had told the butler to let the pharaoh know about him (Joseph) but he forgot. Joseph in Prison – and for two years the butler forgot.

Two years later, Pharaoh had two bad dreams and asked his magicians for the interpretation of his dreams—then the butler told him about Joseph. Joseph bathed, shaved himself and changed his attire. The pharaoh told Joseph his two dreams, when Joseph reminded Pharaoh it was not he who would interpret his dreams but that GOD would give him the answer. GOD gave to Joseph the meaning of Pharaoh’s dreams—7 years of plenty followed by 7 years of famine.

Joseph was 30 years old. After telling the Pharaoh the interpretation of his dreams, he said that he should pick out a man who would administer preparations for the coming hardship. Pharaoh was so favorable impressed, he chose Joseph. He was to second in the entire Empire; he was given a ring, a necklace and the finest of clothing, along with a chariot AND he was given a wife—Asenath of the house of Shem. She was the daughter of a priest of GOD in the city of Hierapolis. Married within his seed; did not marry an Egyptian; or the daughter of a foreign god.

During the seven years of abundance Joseph prepared for the coming famine. When the famine hit, his ten brothers appeared to buy crops which they were not able to grow and their animals did not have much to eat. Joseph accused them of being spies. JOSEPH LIED to his brothers. After three days under guard, he said that they could go but that they had to leave one brother—Simeon. He commanded that the brother’s sacks be filled with corn and provision, returning each man his money.

When they got home and opened their sacks, the brothers were scared that Joseph would feel that they stole it. They told their father that when they returned he asked to see Benjamin. If Benjamin didn’t come, they could not get an audience with him. They had a big number of people, over 66, to feed. Soon they were just about out of food…and Benjamin went with them back; even though his father was didn’t really want him to go.

They return to Egypt; find Joseph in the granary. He has prepared for them a banquet. Simeon returns; and Joseph sits alone; his officers together; and his brothers (oldest to youngest) together. He has the brothers prepared with new sacks and they leave. But in Benjamin’s sack is put his silver cup. After they go for awhile, Joseph has some of his men follow them. They ask why they had stolen his silver cup. They, of course, deny it. And the men look for it. Finally, they open Benjamin’s sack and find the silver cup of Joseph.

They take them all back to Joseph and they are told that Benjamin would be put in prison for his crime. Then Judah stood up for Benjamin and said if he did not return their father would die of grief. Judah suggested that he would be a slave in place of Benjamin.

Then Joseph knew that his brothers were over their jealousy. Joseph spoke in their language, “I am Joseph; is my father really still alive.?” Overwhelming joy broke out. Then Joseph said, Don’t blame yourselves in what you did, for it was GOD whose plan was to save our family from starvation.

We have experienced only two years; there are five years left of the famine. Go and bring all the family here. He took Benjamin in his arms around his neck and kissed him. Then he kissed each of his brothers in turn to show them he had fully forgiven them.

He then sent his brothers back to Canaan with all this impelling news, rich gifts and food in abundance. He also sent them with wagons. What great news they brought home to their father—Joseph is alive.

They go to Egypt and Joseph takes some of them to Pharaoh; and then takes his 130 year-old father. Whereupon, he blessed Pharaoh; it was important to notice that an Israelite cannot bless a ruler who is not of their own racial stock.

When American engineer Francis Whitehouse was asked to come up with a scheme to irrigate large portions of 19th-century Egypt, his British employers little realized the astounding conclusion he would present them with! After surveying the FAYUM PROVINCE of Egypt and discovering the remains of a HUGE FLOOD CONTROL AND IRRIGATION PROJECT from the ancient past, Whitehouse soon realized this to be the work of a brilliant Hebrew administrator—none other than the biblical JOSEPH! A study of history and the Bible reveals the role GOD played in the life of Joseph – from the time of his arrival in Egypt as a Midianite prisoner to his meteoric rise to become the second most powerful man in the country!

The mother of Egypt is, of course, the River Nile. Without it there would be no Egypt! It is also true to say that Egypt as we know it would not have existed without the system of canals radiating out from the Bahr Yousef (Sea of Joseph) across fruitful fields that were once part of the great Libyan Desert. The region east of the Nile, where only occasional isolated areas of agriculture exist, contrasts sharply with the region west of the Nile through which the canal flows – an area in which groves of date palms alternate with green fields of grain, richly verdant patches of vegetables and vast expanses of white-capped cotton plants. But, it was no always so; until the Bahr Yousef was constructed, Middle and Upper Egypt was almost entirely a desert with civilization centered mainly in the Delta region of the Nile.

There were 2 artificial lakes that were formed from a canal from the Nile. One lake was so huge that its circumference was 400 miles and its depth at most points fifty fathoms. The circumference of 400 miles equaled the entire length of Egypt along is sea coast!

Between the Nile and the lake He constructed a Canal 89 miles in length and 300 feet in breadth. Through this canal, at times He admitted the waster of the river, at other time HE excluded it, thus providing the farers with water at fitting times by opening the inlet and again closing it scientifically and a at great expense.

The canal, which incredibly still waters a third of Egypt, appears on modern maps of Egypt under its Arabic name – Bahr Yousef, or “The Sea of Joseph”!!

Whitehouse fervently dried to get the British to support him in restricting the canal system that was first build by Joseph—it fell on deaf ears.

Contemporary scientists finally came to appreciate the validity of the ancient system and to reconstitute it as much as they could. The vast irrigation project was created during the time Joseph was the administrator of Egypt—between 100 and 110; it took 1000 days—the time in which several hundreds of patriarchal progenitors of the Israelites brought prosperity to their communities and TO THE PEOPLE OF EGYPT. The story is a fascinating one.

Joseph was more than 100 but still held a high position in the Egyptian court. The other viziers and court officials, envying Joseph, persuaded the Pharaoh that to remain venerated Joseph should not rest on his laurels. He must PROVE AGAIN his abilities. When the Pharaoh agreed, the viziers suggested an impossible project – TO CONVERT THE DESERT INTO A FERTILE AREA. “Inspired by God” Joseph confounded his detractors by succeeding. HE DUG FEEDER CANALS AND CREATED THE VAST ARTIFICIAL LAKE IN 1000 DAYS.

In honor of his Pharaoh the lake was named after him—Lake Moeris— and the huge canal that runs parallel to the Nile River was forever name after Joseph – the BAHR YOUSEF or Sea of Joseph! It can still be seen on the maps of Egypt today – a lasting tribute to the awesome engineering feats of a man of God.

Exodus 1:8, we are told: “Now there arose up a new king over Egypt, which knew not Joseph.”

Because the new Pharaoh was apprehensive about the rapid increase of the Israelites, he decided to take very drastic measure to reverse this course of events.

  1. Work them so hard that when they went home at night, they would be too tired to procreate more children.
  2. Today, work so much to make a living, just like in ancient Egypt, it would control our White population.
  3. The Jew is directing welfare to the nonwhites so they can stay home all day and allnight long and procreate vast number of their own race.
  4. Kill all the newly-born Israelite male children.
  5. Girls would live as breeding-stock for the Egyptian men.

Pharaoh was either a half-breed Mongol-Hurrian, or married to a Mongol-Hurrian, and under her influence. These are the same satanic people Esau had married with.

Primogenesis, p. 11 on back of book: Esau – Duke Amalek –Here we have the origin of the Amalekites, who were the first to attack Israel

Descendant of Amalek—Began the Pharaohs of the Oppression

Jacob and his twelve sons, with their families, went down into Egypt. Joseph was ten ruler in Egypt. Joseph was then ruler in Egypt under Pharaoh. After the death of Joseph there arose Pharaohs who knew not Joseph. The descendants of Esau became powerful and were with the opposition that overthrew the dynasty that had been favorable to Israel. [Pharaohs of the line of Esau; Amalek] came to the throne and the oppression of Israel began under [them].

After 1200 B. C., the Canaanites name is no longer used. – Took on the Phoenicians, Hyksos, and others.

  1. Time: They were in Egypt for 215 years. Some left; most stayed—not 430 years.
  2. Didn’t succumb to the advancements of wife of Potiphar—rejected her advancements—Rewarded: Received a wife from Pharaoh—House of Shem—didn’t break God’s law—2 children who were later adopted by his father – Jacob
  3. Lied to his brothers—Found out if his brothers had changed; they loved his father—one (Judah) was willing to suffer in place of Benjamin – he forgave them for their evil to him
  4. Joseph built a canal, dam, artificial lake system that was the best for 3500 years. In his last 10 years of life, Joseph was challenged and he met the challenge in 1000 days. Gave the land of Israel in Egypt the opportunity to support themselves – the water system supplied water to 1/3 of Egypt and doubled the land for produce
  5. The oppression ruler that did not know Joseph was Israel’s old enemy—Cain/Esau people who had come and taken over Egypt.