What Happened to America? Part 1


by Pastor Don Elmore

July 21, 2013

Scripture Reading: Matthew 13:24-30

The American way of life under the Articles of Confederation and later the Constitution, during America’s first ninety years of existence, had laws and traditions that, in today’s liberal culture, seem to be very strange.  In fact, most present-day Americans would be totally repulsed to live in such a politically incorrect society:  but it was a Christian based society.  How would you like to live in a nation in which:

  • Only white males, over twenty-one years old, who were landowners and paid taxes, were allowed to vote, hold office, and be in the militia.  Some offices had to be filled by a white man of an older age. No women of any race could vote or hold an office until 1920! 

    So the United States of America has had this practice of no one except white men voting and holding office for 93 years of its history (1869 – 1776); certain blacks could vote after 1869 for 144 years (2013 – 1869); Asian Pacific Americans were considered “aliens ineligible for citizenship” since 1790 and did not vote in large numbers until after 1965 which was 48 years ago (2013-1965)1; compared to only 93 years of allowing women of all races the right to vote (2013 – 1920). 

    What a difference this law would have made in the last two presidential elections if the laws of the nation had not changed.  Barack Obama could not be President under any condition; he would not even have been allowed to run; for he wouldn’t be allowed to hold the office of a Senator or a President for many years of our nation.  For Barack Obama was a mulatto.  Mitt Romney couldn’t be President either, for he was not a naturally born citizen as was Obama.

  • Only certain, Christian white men, were allowed to be on the jury:  to judge their peers. Consider the most recent major national court event:  The murder trial of George Zimmerman.  The six women, instead of 12 white men, on the jury judging the trial of George Zimmerman verses Trayvon Martin would have to be outlawed in the state of Florida if it were held many years ago.   The women judge will also not have happened in the beginning of this nation.  George Zimmerman; ½ Hispanic, ½ Jewish is his multi-cultural background;  Trayvon Martin is a black criminal who instead of being suspended from school three times this year should have been arrested.  He was serving one of these suspensions when he went to his father’s finance’s house and the incident happened.  His parents were divorced in 1999 and he lived in Miami while he died in a suburb of Orlando.  He was staying, during his school suspension, with his father and his third finance.  Trayvon’s parents have already collected over a $1,000.000 for the death of their son from their law suit with the homeowners association.
  • White men were the only ones who were allowed to hold office, vote and run most companies and corporations.  White women were the ones whose job it were to give birth to children and to biblically guide the home. Other races and women were granted this privilege of being on the jury after 1865.
  • Judges had to be Christian white men, for what other law were they judging?  Later psychology, which is unbiblical, came into being in the late 1800’s and crept into every area of the America society; including almost every church.  These unbiblical psychology courses are also now taught in almost all so-called Christian schools and universities as well as preached from many of its pulpits.
  • Women were not in positions of leadership.  They didn’t speak to public audiences where men were present.  Very few went to college, except for nursing and education.  Many women dropped out of school in the eighth grade. Many contracts for teaching were valid only until the woman got married.  Today there are more women studying in colleges and universities than men.  They will soon be the main bread winners in the majority of homes. If they have babies, they take a few weeks off of work, and then they return right back to work.  Their little children are watched by someone else.  We have changed from a patriarchal to a matriarchal society. 
  • Birth control and abortion were both against the law.  There were jail and death sentences for the murder of a child in the womb.  Birth control was the first to go.  In 1914 the movement began in the formation of information and the opening of a clinic dealing with contraceptives and birth control.  

    Then there was the famous Supreme Court case, Roe verses Wade, which changed the legality of the murder of the baby in the womb in 1973.  This law made abortion legal but it was still unlawful.  As a result there have been over 50,000,000 murders of unborn babies in America in the last 40 years.  A few Christians have opposed these murders but only a few have put forth any effect to prevent them. Now we have pornography, sex toys, sexual games and about anything that the mind can think of in the ways of sexual perversion available to most of the people with a computer, a local grocery store or an adult store to access them from.

  • The currency was originally backed by silver and gold.  Slowly the money was taken off the gold and silver standard which was used to back the currency.  There were soon Federal Reserve “notes.”  Our currency has eventually progressed to a “fiat” or even a “digital” currency.  We now have credit, instead of just money.  We live in an illusionary world with our money backed by nothing but the trust of the people.  
  • In the beginning the people in the nation were very seldom in debt.  In 1900 there were 98% of the families who owned their own homes; 2% had mortgages.  Now, the numbers are about reversed.

    The battle in the nation was the banking families who wanted the nation to be under their ungodly “usury” banking.  Once they gained this monopolized power they soon had the power to issue “credit cards” to the inhabitants in the nation.  Now the individuals of the country are greatly in debt with all kinds of loans.  The average college graduate is now in debt in student loans in the amount of $23,000.  There is now more student loan debt than the unsecure credit card debt.

    As Mark told us last Sunday: Usury and sodomy were both biblical crimes that were punishable by death.  “Ezra Pound, whose obsession with crackpot economics took him down many historical byways, argued that ‘usury and sodomy, the Church condemned as a pair, to one hell, the same for one reason, namely that they are both against natural increase.’”

    Then why do we have them now?  They are taught in the Talmud and are promoted by the stranger that lives among us. Christianity kept usury out of Europe almost completely in the Middle Ages, and the Jews were kept out of participating in the rights of citizenship in the White nations.

  • Christmas, Halloween and Easter were non-events except in Maryland and other smaller areas where there was a large Catholic population. The nation was mostly a Protestant nation.  As Protestants they did not keep these Roman Catholic Church holidays—the Pilgrims knew that they were Roman Catholic holidays and so stated it.  They had a law that they had to work on every Christmas Day with no large meals fixed except when it fell on the Sabbath Day:  Sunday.  They had a fine of five shillings for every person caught celebrating Christmas.  The fine was lifted in 1681.

    That was true with the Congress too, until the late 1800’s. Christmas was not a holiday for them either; they worked on Christmas Day unless it was on a Sunday!

    The change did not come until after the War Between the States with Unitarian Charles Dickens writing of his famous novel, “A Christmas Carol.”  There were so many deaths in the War Between the States (800,000) that the Protestants gave into the lie of the Catholic’s holidays. And the novel changed the nation to a Catholic/Christmas tradition in America by presenting to it the mean old person, “Scrooge”, who was against Christmas. 

    There have been pages of different taxes which have been added to the American wage earner.  The number of taxes is staggering to the mind of the American tax payer.

  • There was no Federal Reserve Banking System, no Federal Bureau of Investigation, or Internal Revenue System until about one hundred years ago.  It wasn’t needed.  The country paid most of its taxes in tariffs.

    We have seen the disastrous effect these three organizations have brought to the American people.  The latest episode is that the FBI has refused to investigate the prejudicial policy of the IRS over the tax abatement of many conservative organizations.  Some were made to answer multiple pages of questions; questions which the IRS had no justification to ask.  These organizations have waited for several years for the IRS’s decision of their tax-abatement.  The IRS in turn has audited many conservatives and has delayed their organizations request for being a tax-free group.   And now the IRS will have the power to enforce the Obama Health Care System? 

  • Same-sex marriages were never even thought of as a possibility, let alone a law which permitted it?  It was consider an abomination against God; as was sodomy, transgendered, bisexuality and lesbianism.   These were all considered a crime against society and a shameful sin against God.  That is why in the beginning part of our nation sodomites were in the closet and were afraid to come out.

  • Allopathic and Homeopathic doctors were in a competing battle in health in the 1800’s.  Allopathic doctors believed that they must drive the disease from the body.  They did this using three different methods:
    • They bled the body to get rid of the disease.
    • They replaced some of the bled blood with mercury, lead and other toxic materials to fight the disease.
    • They also used surgery. Without adequate anesthesiology help most people feared surgeries. 

    Homeopathic tried to encourage the body to fight the disease itself. Instead of using toxic materials they used vegetable materials in small amounts.  They especially favored herbs which had been used by many cultures throughout the prior centuries. The two groups battled until the turn of the 1900’s.  Then the financial giants of the United States; Carnegie, Rockefeller and Warburg, supported the allopathic doctors with their new improved techniques:

    • Surgery with improved anesthesiology. 
    • Radiology. 
    • New synthetic drugs with a petroleum base.

    There were supreme battles between the two main ways of trying to help people with their disease, with allopathic doctors winning over the homeopathic doctors.  There #1 cause of death in the United States is the wrong use of and overdoses of prescription drugs. 

    • Most non-essential businesses were closed on Sunday—the Sabbath Day of most Christians.  Some essential businesses were open on a rotating basis.  This all changed in the mid-1900’s.  Now almost all stores are open seven days a week; some never close except for the National Sabbath Day—the Roman Catholic/secular Christmas Day.  When Chick-fil-A’s restaurants close on each Sabbath Day it is to provide their employees “…an opportunity to rest, spend time with family and friends and worship if they choose to do so.”2

      The other stores in the malls complained about Chick-fil-A’s closing on Sunday, that their closing would reduce walk-in-traffic at the malls.  But Chick-fil-A’s stated that they were closing on the Christian Sabbath and they are doing very well financially; keeping God’s law on the Sabbath.

      Many amateur sport teams play on Sunday; many games in the morning so the parents and friends and ballplayers can’t go to church.  Professional sports regularly play on the Christian Sabbath.  Stores are open; now university and high school sports teams are beginning to play on Sunday.  Sunday is fast becoming almost like any other day of the week. 

    • It was against the law to teach the theory of evolution as being a fact in the public schools.  This was changed with the famous Scopes trial when William Jennings Bryant did not know about the early part of Genesis and gave the wrong answers to the questions he was asked.  Evolution wasn’t even taught until the 1800’s. Before 1900 there were very few public schools.  Now evolution is taught in many places as a fact, not a theory.  The public schools are now compulsory till the age of 18 for both boys and girls. 
    • Milk was not pasteurized or homogenized; it was drunk raw. The drinking water did not contain fluoride, an aluminum by-product.  There were no GMO products and no large corporate farms.  There were very few processed foods available to the American shopper.  No HAARP which is producing extreme weather conditions, no chemical trails, no major draught caused fire storms, or flooding in other parts of the country.   God is judging His people with the consequences given in Deuteronomy 28.
    • It was not uncommon for a family to have more than ten children. That was because if you live on a farm, you are able to feed your family.  Today, because most white Americans have left the farm and because many are aborting their babies in the womb now, they are not even reproducing their selves. 

Many couples are unable to physically have any of their own children.  Marriage between a man and a woman was the only lawful and legal way in the early days   of the United States.  But in the last fifty years, the struggle has been pulling the younger members of the country toward intolerance to what our God says is an abomination.  Many couples don’t even marry; they just live together and have children.  Day care centers are becoming a major business and a major part of many couples’ lives.

    • The immigration of the United States changed from mostly Christian white men and white women from Europe to third world immigrants in the last century. Catholic and Jews, as well as the vast majority of non-Christian immigrants have put America in a very bad position in regards to their serving their God.  Now we have so many third world people immigrating, legally and illegally, to the United States that the Caucasian race has lost its majority in two states already:  New Mexico and California.  By the year 2025 it is projected that the United States will be no longer inhabited by a majority of the white race. 
    • Children were disciplined with the rod in both the home and school.  Doctor Spock helped end this practice in the public schools and in most of the homes.  The present day generation, many of whom have never experience the process of spanking, not a beating, has become the most violent we have ever experienced in the nation’s history.
    • Couples courted instead of dated.  Couples were not allowed to be alone with a member of the opposite sex as they are in dating.  This all changed with the automobile.  Along with “rock and roll” music the nation suffered through a social, sexual revolution with led to sexual promiscuity and all kinds of sexual perversion.  The music stole our youth and set them on a path of destruction.
    • Along with the music there was also a drug revolution.  Literally millions of people have had their lives destroyed because of drug addiction.  Prescription overdoses is the number one killer in America; let alone the number of deaths caused by illegal drugs.
    • Many Israelites originally lived on farms; not in big cities. Many of them lost their lands or the ability to make a living farming.  When they lost the ability to grow their own food, the lost the ability to support a large family.  The Protocols of Zion revealed that it was important for the Jews to get the Gentiles [Israelites] from owning their own land.
  • There were very few people who were divorced in the beginning of our nation’s history. Then came the phrase “irreconcilable differences” that was reason given for most divorces and the divorce rate skyrocketed.  The sexual revolution of the 1960’s also added to the divorce rate. 

    People began to have sex outside of marriage at an alarming rate.  Very few brides and grooms are virgins when they get married. Women and men became equal in the eyes of mankind and in the eyes of their universal god; but not in the eyes of God.  

    Girls do not grow up learning how to be a good wife; they learn how to have a good career.  Many women today have never learned how to cook a meal from scratch; how to sew; how to clean up a house; or even how to rear their children.  They are no longer trained to be a good wife and a good mother.  They are trained to be equal with men; they go to college or the university to get the same jobs that men get with equal pay. 

    They are now CEOs, presidents, vice-presidents, board members, principals, front-line fighters in the Armed Forces, and when they marry, if at all, they have children when they are convenient.  If they become pregnant early in life or when the future child is not at the right time, many just take an abortion pill or have surgery to murder the baby in their womb. 

    • When we didn’t have air conditioning in our homes, schools and businesses; the men dressed in suits and a hat and the women in dresses. Even the swimming attire changed drastically; from long pant-like suits to bikini swim suits for the women; from dresses that went to the floor, to short skirts or shorts. The casual look is now the most frequent kind of dress.  Most swimming areas were same-sex as were many schools.  People now go to church, dressed very casual; many wearing gym shoes and sipping a cup of coffee.
    •  In the beginning of our nation, with hard work, most could make a good living.  Now, we have added casinos, slot machines, horse race tracks, card games, race car tracks, and all kinds of sport games.  Gambling along with lotto’s and other games of chance is becoming bigger and bigger each year.
  • And there is many more, but we have covered enough.
      1. Interracial marriage was illegal and unlawful in the nation and it considered it to be such a horrible sin that it was forbidden. The penalty for those who were guilty of interracial marriage was to be put in jail or murdered.  Interracial marriages began when the marriage licenses came into being in the late 1800’s.  Most of them were married by a Justice of the Peace, rather than a Christian church clergy as the vast majority of churches did not marry racially-mixed couples.  Today the church has changed from being the “most segregated place in America on Sunday morning” to an integrated apostate church.

        Baptists, Methodists, Lutherans, Quakers, Presbyterians, Anglicans, Episcopalians, Unitarians, and Congregationalists were some of the major denominations in America in the beginning.   Almost all of these were all-white churches with all-black churches existing independently also. 

        There were also a large number of Mennonites and Amish who came to this country.  They were true Christians who refused to trade the new inventions which would make their lives more convenient for some of Satan’s wiles.

        New restoration churches were added in the 1800’s:  The Christian Church, Church of Christ, Church of Latter-day Saints (Mormons), Jehovah Witnesses, etc. were a few of these restored churches which admitted different races and added false doctrines.

        But today, we have a host of new Christian churches, mega-churches: The Vineyard, Cornerstone, Crossroads, Crystal Cathedral, etc.; churches with multi-cultural congregations with a Judeo-Christian theme.

      2. Slavery was legal and lawful in many states and protected by the Constitution.  Shortly before the War of Northern Aggression there were movements to pay the slave-holder for their slaves and ship them back to Africa; many were taken back to Liberia.   Slavery was economically impossible to maintain.  But the abolitionist saw the opportunity to exploit the situation and do what no other society had ever done—free the slaves with no monetary pay-back given to the slave-holder.
      3. Apartheid was basically the law of the nation. “Separate but equal” were the words used to describe America during this time.  Many elementary, middle and high schools, as well as most colleges and universities were racial segregated.  There were separate drinking fountains, mainly in the South, in many public stores. The whites lived in one area of town, the blacks in another; they did not live in the same neighborhood.   

    The Armed Forces; Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force and National Guard were white as well as the college and university ball teams and the major leagues.  Major league baseball became integrated in 1947 when Jackie Robinson joined the Brooklyn Dodgers.  That started the integration of the other professional sports.

    Now we have practically everything integrated by law—public schools, the Armed Forces, Major League Ball Teams, businesses, public transportation and most former Christian churches.


    How would you like to live in the original United States?  There was little gambling available, no air conditioning; many swimming areas were for same-sex swimming only as were many public schools, women dressed a lot more modest, there were a lot fewer divorces, women were trained and expected to be a stay-at-home mom, a man first asked the women’s father if it was okay for him to start courting his daughter, and the number of unwed babies was very low.

    The newly married couple would probably live on a small farm; the profession of lawyer was forbidden for a short while, they had a lot more children than couples have today; they used the rod or switch in discipline, birth control and abortions were illegal and unlawful; pornography was also against the law, their daughters did not desire to have a career; just a good Christian husband, there were few divorces, most children were home-schooled, there were no telephones, no electricity, no radios, televisions, iPods, computers, cell phones; no indoor plumbing, no movie theatres, very few processed foods, no big retail stores, no shopping malls, no credit cards, no federal reserve “notes”; no automobiles, no trains, no airplanes, in fact, most products and services had to be paid for in cash when they were purchased.

    There were little if no insurance payments, house insurance; there were no automobiles, life insurance, if someone had their home destroyed by a storm or a fire, the neighbors usually joined in and help the family rebuild their home. 

    Sunday was a day of rest.  Most of America went to their own racial church and did not do their regular work.  If they lived on a farm, they rotated their crops, some observed the jubilee, and many did not put themselves in slavery by taken on usury debt. 

    They were drug free, there was no rock and roll music, and the square dance was one of the most popular of all dances.  There were no music rock concerts, no celebrities, and the biggest thing in town was a debate between two interesting men with different ideas. 

    They did not celebrate Christmas, Easter and Halloween; in fact many towns had laws against the celebration of these Roman Catholic holidays.  The majority was Protestant and they remembered the suffering and death that they suffered at the hands of the Romanist in Europe.  Immigration came from the countries of the Protestant Reformation:  Europe. 

    Roman Catholics and Jews were forbidden by law from holding office and voting in state elections.  In fact, the only one who was allowed to vote was white males who were older than 21, who owned land and paid taxes.  All men, women and children of other races were not citizens of this new country.

    There was another area of the former life in this nation that is not talked about very much now.  America was a white nation; discovered by white people, settled and colonized by white people, governed by white people, with few of any other race or culture living in the land that was given to Joseph.  It was established as a Christian republic nation.

    How did this all change in the over 200 years of its existence?  What caused the change in race relations?  What changed it to a multi-cultural democratic country?


    What did the Constitution have to do in this change in the nation’s history?  It gave to the other religions, non-Christian religions, and the right to hold office and vote in federal elections.  Roman Catholics, Jews and Quakers were three of the different religious groups that benefited from the Constitution in Article VI

    Jewry in 1776 had as its maximum total of 2,500 men, women and children living for the most part in the tidewater towns of New York, New York; Newport, Rhode Island; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Charleston, South Carolina; and Savannah, Georgia.  This miniscule American Jewry of the 1770’s was not happy with the new fiscal and political policies Great Britain was formulating for her Empire.   

    Great Britain was adding taxes to the Colonies to help pay for the Seven Years War in which they drove the French out of North America. 

    To achieve this end, imperial controls were tightened; the new Empire was to be much more closely integrated.  The American people reacted to these pressures in the mid-1760 by signing non-importation and non-consumption agreements, boycotting English goods and industry. 

    Since the menace of the French had been removed, the colonists no longer needed the mother country and moved toward autonomy.  Taking advantage of the emergent national consciousness which had been shaping it for almost a generation, the extremist’s pushed for independence and began piling up military supplies.  In the attempt to anticipate an uprising, the British marched on Lexington and Concord in April, 1775, and the war was on.   

    After a couple of years, the Revolutionary War was over, and the Articles of Confederation was discarded after a run of only 13 years.  A group of white men met in secret in order to formulate a new, stronger central government. It wasn’t until after the ratification of this Constitution, that the Jews were finally satisfied.  Article VI declared categorically that no religious test would ever be required for any office under the federal government.

    The adoption of the United States Constitution was one of the most important events in the entire history of Diaspora Jewry.    There had been nothing like it since 212 C.E., when the Emperor Caracalla granted citizenship to all free men in the Roman Empire.  American Jewry was the modern world’s first free Jewry.3 

    One can well understand why the Jews of Philadelphia joined so gladly in the Federal Parade of July 4, 1788.  In this, the greatest spectacle that America had yet witnessed, the apostate Christian clergy walked arm in arm with Rabbi” Jacob R. Cohen.  When the parade was over, the Jews clustered around the kosher table to much matzo crackers, salmon, almonds and raisins.

    The summer the Constitution was being debated, Jonas Phillips, a Jewish merchant, wrote to the Convention and asked for religious equality.  Phillips pointed out to the assemble politicians that the 1776 Pennsylvania organic statute contained a Christians test oath.  He asked the federal convention to take action against it.  But of course the federal delegates had no authority to alter any state constitution; state’s rights were paramount. 

    The eleven commonwealths were slow to honor the commitments implicit in their individual bills of rights.  It took 100 years after New York emancipated its Jews before the last state, New Hampshire, permitted Jews and Catholics to serve in a legislative office in 1877. 

    The enemies of Christians had gotten their big break.  Instead of being evicted from the nation, as they had been in Europe, they were invited to hold office in the federal government.  The Jews and Catholics are universal liberals.  For their clergy and rabbis preach the false gospel of the “fatherhood of God and the brotherhood of men.” 

    This is the popular and main doctrine of most Christian churches in the present time—“God is the father of each and every person on the earth and all men are brothers; there is only one race—the human race.” 

    The covenant doctrine of the Holy Bible is very seldom even understood by the vast number of so-called Christians.  Why?  Because most Christians do not read and study their Bibles; and the ones that do; read new translations that are full of mistranslations and interpretations.  America went from the Calvinistic position to the Armenian position—with very few ever even hearing of the covenant position.  The enemy struck down the main Christian doctrine.  Christianity was being put to sleep.

    There can be little doubt that America was established according to prophecy to be the homeland of God’s regathered Israel.  We became the city on a hill, the light that shone around the world, the mountain of God’s holiness.

    We also became the number one target for the tares, the enemies of God, the children of Satan. God blessed us a table in the sight and presence of our enemies and in spite of what they did, they could not take away our joy, our prosperity and our blessing.  The debauched our money, they put us in wars, and they busted our paper fiancés.  They got us to serve other gods thereby making our God punish us.

    Does God love the tares?  Hardly!  Wheat is sown by God and tares are sown by the ‘enemy’.  Each was sown one way and according to God’s Law each reproduces ‘after his kind’.  They grow together and are separated unchanged at the harvest time.  We know that one cannot turn into the other by belief.  Neither can goats change into sheep.  

    From a letter written by Alexander Hamilton:

    "Opinions, for a long time, have been gradually gaining ground, which threaten the foundations of religion, morality, and society. An attack was first made upon the Christian revelation, for which natural religion was offered as the substitute. The Gospel was to be discarded as a gross imposture, but the being and attributes of GOD, the obligations of piety, even the doctrine of a future state of rewards and punishments, were to be retained and cherished.

    In proportion as success has appeared to attend the plan, a bolder project has been unfolded. The very existence of a Deity has been questioned and in some instances denied. The duty of piety has been ridiculed, the perishable nature of man asserted, and his hopes bounded to the short span of his earthly state.”7

    The battle was on. 

    Blessed be the LORD God of Israel.