What is Christ's-mass?


by Pastor Don Elmore

June 8, 2013

Scripture Reading: Deuteronomy 17:1-5

These five verses of Scripture tells us that for an Israelite, the covenant said that serving and worshipping other gods, one of which was the sun-god, was an abomination to God and the penalty for a person caught doing such a thing was death by stoning.  I am happy that this was not true in the United States, for I would be nothing more than a crumbled up mess of broken bones; because I served and worshipped the sun-god for about 2/5 of my life time; maybe even a little bit more.  I was totally ignorant of what I was doing.  I was deceived.

And, even after I told my friends and family that I no longer would exchange gifts with them, I still participated in the family gatherings and watched as family members exchanged gifts with one another, ate the Christmas meal with them (but refused to eat ham), and watched the football bowl games on television.  I did not convince any of them that keeping Christmas was wrong; except my sister and her husband at a later date.

It was not a Merry Christmas” for me during those days.  What had me in a state of confusion was that I knew where Christmas began, but I thought Catholics were Christians!  In fact, I even thought that her daughters (Protestants) were Christians too.  Maybe some of them, over one hundred years ago were, but it is very hard to find one in today’s deceived mess of theology.  Even the Amish and Mennonites of today are a disgrace to their fathers of several centuries ago. 

But that is true with a whole range of things in the world today.  People do what they think is right and not what it says in the Bible.  For example, same-sex marriages are the rage now, for judge after judge is ruling that it is unconstitutional.  How can it now be unconstitutional when for over 250 years it was the law and it was constitutional?  And doesn’t the Bible teach absolutely against this sin and calls it an abomination of God?  God still calls it a major sin.

In the gay (LGBT) parade in Cincinnati last week there was a sign that a woman held that said:  “God loves everyone.”  This implies that God loves the sodomites.  But tell that to all the residents of Sodom and Gomorrah and the cities around those two towns; when the wrath of God sent brimstones from heaven on all of those places and totally annihilated them.  Would that same women say that God loved the Sodomites?

The same thing happened with the legal murder of a baby in the womb of a mother, the onslaught of rock & roll music, the drug revolution, women receiving the right to vote, other races also receiving national citizenship, the marrying of Israelites with Canaanites and other races, (look at the brochure that Mark received from Mitch McConnell who is running for Congress in our home state of Kentucky).  He and his wife, an Asian, is pictured together with a saying on the bottom that says:  “Rand Paul Endorsed.” 

Rand Paul at Wailing WallAnd what about Rand Paul; the son of 33rd Mason Ron Paul.  How much hope can we have in either of this father-son team when they are both in bed with the enemy?  Rand Paul, when he traveled to Israeli, went to the Wailing Wall and prayed.  And he is supposed to be a possible candidate for President of the United States?

But who else has gone to Israeli and prayed at the Walling Wall?  Presidents Ronald Reagan, Bill Clinton, both Bushes, Obama, plus Romney, John McCain, Hillary Clinton, and a whole host of others.  And do you know who went there two weeks ago and said his prayers at the Wailing Wall?  The person who is supposed to be the representative of Jesus Christ on the earth today—the Pope of the Roman Catholic Church! 

The Pope goes to the people who murdered Jesus Christ and prays at their Wailing Wall!  Why would the representative of Jesus Christ go and pray in the land of the people who hated and murdered Him?How about that!  The Pope goes to the people who murdered Jesus Christ and prays at their Wailing Wall!  Why would the representative of Jesus Christ go and pray in the land of the people who hated and murdered Him?  He called the jews, “Christians’ older brothers.”  He also kissed the hands with the “survivors” of the German fake Holocaust. 

The reason is obvious.  The Pope is an Antichrist.  And since the inquisitions, many jews have become Roman Catholics and have taken over the Vatican.  The Pope now says that the Romans murdered Jesus Christ and not the jews!  So, all of the jews who were expelled from Europe’s nations and cities; the Pope says that they were wrongly persecuted. Remember, they were expelled for 360 years in England from 1290 to 1650.

Some 2000 years ago, Jesus prophesied that Herod’s so-called “Temple of God” would be thrown down, with not one stone remaining on top of another. In 70 AD, Roman General Titus destroyed Jerusalem and the Temple, fulfilling to the letter the prophecy of Jesus.  Now comes the Masons, the Zionist Christians, the Christ-hating Jews, the Rothschild agents—audaciously insisting they will undo what God has done.

Obama at the Wailing Wall:  Our spiritually defunct President Barack Obama and our many “Christian” leaders parade themselves as fools, wearing skull caps and taking instructions from the Jewish rabbis, as they worship at the so-called “Wailing Wall” of the temple site in Jerusalem. There they place their prayer requests written on paper in the cracks between the stones.Our spiritually defunct President Barack Obama and our many “Christian” leaders parade themselves as fools, wearing skull caps and taking instructions from the Jewish rabbis, as they worship at the so-called “Wailing Wall” of the temple site in Jerusalem. There they place their prayer requests written on paper in the cracks between the stones.

What buffoonery!  This wall is not of the old, broken-down Temple, and even if it were, the glory of God cannot be found there. Only the spirit of Satan the deceiver is present, and a sick aura of impending doom permeates this terrible place and its environs.  The Bible says that not one stone of the city of Jerusalem was left standing.   The Wailing Wall is nothing more than a Roman fortress called “Fort Antonia” built north of the actual Temple.  Do our leaders believe what the Bible says?  Do they even know?

There seems little doubt that after this remarkable trip that Pope Francis is becoming more and more an important player on the world stage.  He invited both Israeli and the Palestinians leaders to go to the Vatican this summer to discuss peace talks.  As the Protestant reformers would say, the Antichrist is making his way to rule the world.

Now, what all of the leaders of the world should have known is that the Wailing Wall is the seat of a Satanic ritual outlined by the 13th Century Jewish occult system known as the Kabbalah as expounded in the Zohar and expanded upon by the 18th Century Hasidic Movement.  This so-called “Divine Presence” at the Wailing Wall is actually the Kabbalistic feminine emanation of their false god, the “Shekinah.”

If you are ever there, watch closely how the rabbis thrust their pelvises and sex organs back and forth in a prescribed prayer movement called “davening” in which the Jew copulates with the “Shekinah” in order to give birth to an erotic union with the “Ein Soph,” the Kabbalistic masculine emanation of their false god.

For Rand Paul, and many other deceived political Zionists, like McCain, Bush, Obama, Clinton, and Romney, to perform the rite of political passage at the Wailing Wall is nothing less than to shake hands with the Devil.  And if God doesn’t dwell in temples made by human hands, (as the Bible tells us), much less would He dwell in a Roman fortress.  The hoax is on.

But what about the religious leaders of the world?  Well they too all kiss the ring of the Vicar of Jesus Christ!  From the  Dalai Lama to Billy Graham, to leaders in the Charismatic movement, Baptist, Presbyterian, Lutheran, Episcopalian, Pentecostal, Jehovah Witness, Mormon, Methodist, Saddleback Church, etc. as well as the civil rights leaders.  In fact, it is almost the entire world loves the Pope and his false, heretic church.            

There is another gigantic error that our covenant people are making—that is celebrating the birthday of the wrong god!  Our Israel fathers did not do this for many hundreds of years, for they knew that Jesus Christ was not born in the Winter Solstice.  Today, how did December 25th become the most important holiday in the Judeo-Christian calendar? 

The term “Christ’s Mass” along with all the other things that are said loudly, publicly, dogmatically, violently and incessantly and with the assistance of 6 billion dollars a year in “commercial” promotions rank this “holy day,” as the most popular of the entire year.  Beginning, now even before Americans finish their last piece of Turkey on Thanksgiving, the promotions for the “Mass of Christ” begin.  Why so much effort?  Why is the tone so loud that it literally drowns everything else out?

Why is it promoted to the point of “compulsion?” The answers to these questions are shocking, and not at all what you have been told, neither as an American, nor as a “Christian.”   Virtually everything you have been told, (and subjected too) is pure “propaganda” and “disinformation.”

Patriarchy was the first to go, then abolition, then women were given permission to vote, then different races were also allowed to vote, then different religions were allowed to hold political office, then divorce was made easy, then abortion became the right of a woman, then drugs became available, then rock & roll music became the norm, then same-sex marriages became acceptable, then….  Right after the War Between the States, the nation began to celebrate the holidays of both Christmas and Easter.  The heart of the Bible belt, the South, was the first to embrace it.  Alabama was the first state to endorse this holiday.

In fact, this day of Imperial “sun-worship” from ancient Rome's “golden days” of absolutist medieval dictatorship are being intentionally “restored” in America, for precisely its same ancient function; it is not for religious appeal, but for control.  

And “control” is simply put, the overly nice word for it.  In political terms, it might be called a dictatorship, in theological terms, it is simply called demonic.  Naturally, it wraps itself in layers upon layers of decorated evergreen trees, decretive colored outdoor/indoor lights, mistletoe, nativity scenes, special foods and drinks, gift wrapped presents, holiday plays, to sucker its primary obstacle into its own ranks, (and unfortunately it has worked).  Rome's “solar”--mass to a deity identified in the Bible as “Apollyon” is not now, nor has it ever been a “Christ”--mass.  

And no Protestant, except in recent history, ever called it that without cringing; some fearing even speaking the title itself to be an act of “blasphemy.”   The real origin and meaning of Rome's solar-mass to Apollyon, even troubled Latin fathers, who also denounced its ritual, fraudulently conducted “in the name of Christ.”

Kroger’s, one of the largest food markets in the United States, is open 24/7; except for one day.  It closes on December 25th every year!  All the stores in the mall are closed also on that day.  In fact, it is the one day that our nation celebrates that resembles a Sabbath, it is Christmas day.  There are more stores that are closed on December 25th than any other day of the year!

In my neighborhood that I grew up in, there lived about an equal number of Roman Catholics, Judeo-Christian/Protestants and Jews; with a small amount of people who could not be put in any one of these three categories. 

My dad told me that one of the reasons that we decorated our house with Christmas decorations and lights was for the world to see that we are Christians.  Well, there was a problem.  Jews and atheists didn’t celebrate Christmas, but Roman Catholics did. 

What I was told was that the Roman Catholics, Greek Orthodox Catholics and most of the Protestants all celebrated the birth of their/our Savior, who was born on December 25th.  But this became a major problem:  how could the Roman Catholics be so wrong when we both celebrated the birth of the same god?

Then I learned of my grandmother on my mother’s side, who was a Southern Baptist who refused to marry a Roman Catholic because she had to sign the papers that she would raise her future children as Catholics.  Grandpa left his family and his Church and then married Grandma; but then he joined the freemasons!  Out of the frying pan and into the fire!

It became even more confusing to me when I discovered that the Pilgrims and Puritans who came to America to escape from Roman Catholicism and their holidays; the major holiday that they hated and refused to celebrate was Christ’s Mass!  The Pilgrims even had laws that stated that anyone in their colony/state who participated in the Roman Catholic holiday would be fined.   

Most of the Protestants didn’t celebrate it at all; for they knew that it was not a Christian holy day; but a Roman Catholic tradition.  The Congress of the newly formed Protestant United States even met on December 25th, as they did on all regular days.   In the early days of our nation, Jews and Catholics were not even allowed to vote or hold office in most of the colonies of this Protestant nation.  Why would a Christian nation permit people who murdered our Savior have a place of prominence in their government?  And they had suffered cruelties from both of these groups of people in Europe. 

It wasn’t until after the War Between the States, that there was a large immigration of Catholics from the British Isles and Europe along with the Ashkenazi jewish groups from Russia and Poland; after this immigration Americans’ began to celebrate Christ’s Mass.

Look at all the lies that are constantly said about this Non-Christian holiday:

  • “Merry Christmas;” and yet at this time of the year there exists the highest rate of depression, murders and suicides.
  • “Put Christ back in Christmas;” and yet He never had anything to do with it. How can you put something back in when it was never in it?
  • “Jesus is the reason for the season;” and yet it existed for centuries before He was born?  What reason could Jesus be for this celebration of the sun-god’s birthday?
  • “Christmas is the birthday of our Savior;” and yet our Savior was not born in the winter, but it is the birthday of the sun-god.  Why would a believer want to celebrate the birthday of his God on the very same day as the birthday of a major false god?
  • “Christmas and its gifts are for all the children in the world;” and yet that would make it a universal holiday which is contrary to the Bible.  Christmas is celebrated by all the races of the world.
  • “Christmas is Jesus’ birthday;” and yet we give gifts to everyone but Him!
  • Christmas, which includes Santa Claus, goes all over the world;” and this is supposed to be an exclusive Christian holy day. No, Christmas is for all the races of the world.
  • “Christmas is the most important day in the Christians’ yearly calendar;” and yet there is no mention of any disciple, church or faithful person ever celebrating this day in the Bible.

In Rome, December 25th was made popular  and it became the rule in the West. In the year 435 AD, the first Christ-mass was officiated by Pope Sixtus III (Pope 666); this coincided with the date of celebration by the Romans to their primary sun-god and it became the holiday of the Empire.

The Persians worshipped the same sun-god, but under the name of Mithras, whose birthday was on the same day—December 25th.  The Roman Catholic writer Mario Righetti candidly admits that “to facilitate the acceptance of the faith by the pagan masses, the Church of Rome found it convenient to institute the 25th of December as the feast of Christ to divert them from the pagan feast, celebrated on the same day in honor of the invincible sun Mithras, the conqueror of darkness.”  Manual of Liturgical History, 1955, Vol. 2, p. 67.

In the Catholic Encyclopedia it says:  “The date of Christ’s birth is not known.  The Gospels indicate neither the day nor the month…According to the hypotheses suggested by H. Usher…and accepted by most scholars today, the birth of Christ was assigned the date of the winter solstice (December 25 in the Julian calendar, January 6 in the Egyptian), because on this day, as the sun began its return to northern skies, the pagan devotees of Mithra celebrated the “dies natalie Solis Invicti” (birthday of the invincible sun).”  1967, Volume III, page 656.

The people who have told you all these lies (and many more) know precisely who the Bible says they are.   They also know precisely why they tell you the lies that they do because they do not want you to know (who they are).  So while you are busy lying to your child (at Christmas) they are busy lying to you.  And there is a reason they want you to accept lying.  The Roman solar-mass to Apollyon is not celebrating Christ’s birth (as they claim); they are celebrating the birth of the sun god.

Have You Ever Tried to Convert a Believer From the Errors of Christ's-Mass?

It is almost an impossible task, outside of the intervention of Almighty God Himself!  I’ve tried for years and have failed.  If you believe what the Bible tells you, then worshipping the sun-god will bring the wrath of God upon you. 

Roman Catholics, Greek Catholics, Presbyterians, Quakers, Methodists, Baptists, Episcopalians, Mormons, Congregationalists, Four Square Church, Disciples of Christ, Christian Church, Church of Christ, Unitarians, and many other “Christian churches?” all celebrate Christ’s Mass. 

Today, many of the new mega-churches:  Cornerstone, Vineyard, Lakewood Church, Life Church, Rock Church, Liberty University Church, Bayside Church, Saddleback Church, etc. along with many people who do not attend any church--all celebrate the Mass of Christ!   People, who do not even claim to be Christian, celebrate Christmas.

And since the Protestant Churches and new mega-churches have become multicultural and diverse, there are churches in Mexico, Brazil, China, Korea, Japan, Costa Rica, Sudan, Congo, etc. that also keep this supposedly Christian holiday.  The churches bought the 501 C (3) lie and all the lies of their jewish influenced seminaries. 

The Bible does not command you to celebrate it.  In fact, it is adamant that for a covenant person who celebrates this “birthday of the sun” will meet the wrath of God.  It mentions that we are not to worship our God like the other people worship their gods: 

  • no Christmas trees,
  • no mistletoe,
  • no wreaths,
  • no exchanging of gifts,
  • no decretive lights,
  • no Christ’s-mass cards,
  • no big festive Christ-mass meals,
  • no closing of stores,
  • no midnight church services,
  • no charity gifts,
  • no family gatherings,
  • no parties,
  • no Christ’s-mass plays,
  • no Christ’s-mass music,
  • no black Thursdays or Fridays,
  • no school or office “pick a name out of the hat” gifts,
  • no Eucharist,
  • and so on.  

But that fact that the Bible doesn’t say anything positive about Christ’s Mass, doesn’t convince hardly anyone.  This is because they say that they celebrate this holiday for their children.  It is for their children that they perform all of these rituals year after year.  And yet the verse in Hosea; Hosea 4:6 tells us plainly that if you don’t know true knowledge, and forget the law of God, then He “will also forget thy children.”  Has this come to pass?

The Catholics celebrate a Mass each service that it has; some celebrate this daily.  On December 25th, they celebrate the special Mass of Jesus Christ.  The true church of Jesus Christ hates the Roman Catholic’s Mass.  It has always hated their Mass.  The Catholics say that with the prayers said by their Priest over the wine, it is turned into the actual blood of Jesus Christ.  And likewise, with the bread, it is turned into the actual body of Jesus Christ. 

I have not heard anyone say, but wouldn’t that be a lot of blood that our Savior had?  About one person out of every six in the world are Catholic; each Church, some every day gives the Eucharist.  The actual blood of our Savior would be millions of gallons and gaining thousands of gallons a year!  And our Kinsman—Redeemer would be the tallest person to ever live on the earth if the bread was turned into his actual body.  But the Bible forbids God’s people from drinking both blood and eating a brother’s body.  It would be cannibalism.  They say it is a mystery.

Santa Claus, the elves, Rudolph the reindeer, the Nativity Scene, Christ’s-mass cookies and traveling to the grandparents’ house is all a part of this special day.  Isn’t sitting the child on the lap of Santa Claus imitating sitting the child on the deadly hot lap of Moloch?  But is there anyone who is telling their people to celebrate it?

New Catholic Encyclopedia:  “In Rome December 25….became the rule in the West in 435 AD when the first ‘Christ mass’ was officiated by POPE SIXTUS III.  This coincided with the date of a celebration by the Romans to THEIR PRIMARY GOD, THE SUN.”

And in addition we have that the festival of the holy Birth was not appointed by the holy apostles, nor by their successors, either.  But many years after by the disciples of the heretic Cerinthus, and by them it was spread and diffused all over the world.

Even, Albert Pike, in Morals and Dogma, page 269, wrote:  “Thus, Cerinthus of Ephesus, with most of the Gnostics, Philo, the Kabalah, the Zend-Avesta, the Puranas, and all the Orient, deemed the distance and antipathy between the Supreme Being and the material world too great, to attribute to the former the creation of the latter.” 

You want to know why our kids are so screwed up in America these days?  What do you think happens to children who have Satan and God mixed up in their souls (and can't tell the difference) because of the wicked deceit of Nicolaitan ministers who are “deluding you” spiritually in this manner? Of course they're screwed up, and so are you.

And you can thank all these no good, filthy, ungodly, wicked, devil worshipping Nicolaitan ministers for it.  It’s got nothing to do with “liberals” and “atheists”;  it's your own ministers.

Let’s compare the ancient holiday of the Roman Saturnalia and the modern day Christ’s-mass.

Ancient Saturnalia Modern Christ-Mass
1.  Human Sacrifice 1.  Catholic “Mass”
2.  Much drunkenness 2.  Alcohol abuse
3.  House to house singing    3.  “Caroling”
4.  Rape & sexual license    4.  Christmas parties
5.  Eat human shaped biscuits 5.  Eat ginger breadmen
6.  December 24th Eve          6.  Christmas Eve
7.  Government holiday       7.  Government holiday
8.  Ball games                       8.  Football/Bowl games
9.  Feast meal with a sacred ham 9.  Christmas ham dinner
10. Evergreen trees were cut & decorated 10. Christmas tree
11. Venus (star) was venerated 11. Christmas tree star
12. Idols were placed around trees 12. Nativity scenes
13. Mistletoe 13. Mistletoe

Both of these celebrations culminated in the birth of the sun-god.  On the winter solstice the earth experiences it shortest amount of sunlight.  The sun has died.  For three days, the amount of light remains the same.  But it is on the December 25th that the sun is reborn, the amount of light once again is longer.  This is why the Roman Catholics hold their Christ’s-mass celebration on midnight on the 25th of December; the rebirth of the sun-god.

There is a war between God’s children and Satan’s children.  The events of history become more evident when we realize this.  Right now Satan’s children are trying to crossbreed God’s children out of existence.  It is very similar to the four women mentioned in connection with the ancestry of our LORD, who are wrongly accused of being of the wrong seed; Canaanite and Moabite:

  • Tamar
  • Rahab
  • Ruth
  • Bathsheba

Tamar is the first to have the honor of taking a definite step for racial purity, and it was indeed a great tribute which Judah paid in his pronouncement, “She [Tamar] hath been more righteous than I [Judah] (Genesis 38:26).


I will conclude with the words of John Knox, the father of the Scottish reformation:

“That God’s word damns your ceremonies, it is evident; for the plain and straight commandment of God is, ‘Not that thing which appears good in thy eyes, shalt thou do to the Lord thy God, but what the Lord thy God has commanded thee, that do thou:  add nothing to it; diminish nothing from it.’  Now unless that ye are able to prove that God has commanded your ceremonies, this his former commandment will damn both you and them.”

There was the death this Wednesday of civil rights activist, poet Maya Angelou.  She is known for her views on tolerance and inclusiveness (politically jewish correct).  She was a member of the Glide Memorial Church of San Francisco.  This church has admirers ranging from Warren Buffett, Robin Williams to Senator Dianne Feinstein.  Her funeral services had Bill Clinton and Oprah Winfrey and Michelle Obama as speakers.

On the church’s website I found that co-founders’ Cecil Williams, who was Black, controversial and radical, and his wife, Janice Mirikitani, Asian, came to GLIDE with a mission to create meaningful change in this world. When they took over the church in the 1960’s, after the conservative members of the original congregation left, they were replaced buy San Francisco’s diverse communities of hippies, addicts, gays, the poor, and the marginalized.  They now both serve as members of the Board of Trustees. Mirikitani served in a Japanese concentration camp in Arkansas during World War II.  They addressed hunger, poverty, homelessness, racism and homophobia. 

The Pastors, Karen Oliveto, a white woman and Theon Johnson III, a black man are the churches two pastors.  They addressed hunger, poverty, homelessness, racism and homophobia. 

In addition “People of all races, ethnic backgrounds, cultures, social classes, ages, faiths, and sexual orientations join together at every Sunday Celebration to experience the energy of spiritual liberation couple with the fusion of jazz, blues and gospel performed by the renowned Glide Ensemble choir and the Change Band.” 

Maya was married three times; danced at a strip joint, shared the stage with comic Phyllis Diller and garnered career advice from singer Billie Holiday.  She worked as a coordinator for the Southern Christian Leadership Conference (Communist) and lived for years in Egypt and Ghana.  In 1968 she helped Martin Luther King Jr. organize the Poor People’s March in Memphis, Tennessee.  And I also found articles that promoted Nelson Mandela and Trevon Martin; their woman pastor married same-sex sodomites and the church celebrated the Roman Catholic holiday of Christmas.   Does anyone wonder why this woman is honored by some many important people?

Let’s review:

  • The Bible nowhere mentions that we (God’s covenant people) are to celebrate Christ’s-mass.
  • The Bible does not even contain the word “Christmas” in its entire writings.
  • The Bible does not record any of the Apostles, elders, church leaders, or churches celebrating this day.
  • The Bible does not say that our Kinsman-Redeemer was born on the same day as the sun-god.  In fact, it gives clues that He was born in the fall.
  • The Bible nowhere indicates that this day is the most important holiday for a Christian to keep.
  • When you study history, you learn that the pagans celebrated this day centuries before Jesus Christ’s birth.
  • The pagan Romans’ celebrated it under the term “Saturnalia.”
  • In the city of Ephesus, Pope Sixtus III, 666, a Nicolaitan, celebrated the first Christ’s-mass in the year 435 AD.
  • Cerinthus, a Nicolaitan, who was a gnostic, vegetarian, heretic from Egypt, is credited, along with his disciples, with spreading this Mass of Christ around the world.
  • All of the Protestant reformers, referred to the Popes as being Antichrists.
  • All of the true churches of Jesus Christ, who wrote in their statements of faith and all of the Protestant reformers and leaders, hated the Roman Catholic Mass and what it stood for, and hated the Christ’s-mass and all the other religious holidays that Romanists’ celebrated.
  • The Pilgrims and Puritans who first settled the United States were haters of the Catholic Church and would not celebrate any of their man-made holidays.
  • Other Protestant groups that followed into the United States hated the Catholics’ blasphemous Mass and their holidays and did not celebrate them which, of course, included Christ’s-mass.
  • In the late 1800’s a large number of immigrants of Catholics and Jews came to the United States.  They brought with them the holiday that had kept in Europe; Christ’s-mass.
  • Catholic means universal.  So, Christ’s-mass appealed to all races of the world.  It was a universal holiday.
  • Santa Claus or his nickname, Old Saint Nick, came into being.  This goes back to the Nicolaitans, which the Bible says that our God hates their deeds.  Cerinthus, who was a Nicolaitan, spread the Christ’s-mass, which was nothing more than an adulterized mixture of the pagan celebration of their sun-god with new Christian names.
  • The Christ’s-mass trees, wreaths, candles, lights, meals, gatherings, family meals, exchanging of gifts, parties, shopping, closing of stores, etc. all are ways that the heathen worshipped their sun-god and our LORD instructed us to not even attempt to worship Him in that manner.
  • This Christmas, notice what they show—the Pope celebrating the Mass at the midnight service!

So what have we learned?  The Bible says to not keep any day like the heathen worship.  History tells us that this day is a day that was promoted by heretics.  So it has become the biggest day of the year!  Try and convince someone to stop; the peer-pressure is too great.

So, what has His covenant people done?  They keep this Roman Catholic holiday right along with their once known enemy.  And now, they don’t even know that this false religion is their enemy, for they worship on the same day and celebrate the birth of the sun-god.   The Bible did say that our enemies would seduce us by deceit and sorcery.  And they have.

I am convinced that the best response that we can give to a person that tells us, “Merry Christmas” is to reply; “I do not celebrate the Mass of Christ.  I am not a Roman Catholic; I am a Christian!”

It the same with 9/11:  How could a 47 story building come down in less than 7 seconds?  How could they “pull it”?  Can you bring down any building with your command?  How many Americans think that it had to set up with explosives on the inside?

How did a large jet crash into the Pentagon and completely disintegrate? All that remained was a small hole that they plane was supposed to go into.  No passenger remains, no airport pilots and stewardess?  No luggage?  No airplane parts.  Same with the small 15 foot empty hole with nothing in it in Pennsylvania! 

How did Sandy Hook show a picture of a girl who lived in another state as one of the murdered children?  Why didn’t the parents of the murdered girl complain and why weren’t her parents ever interviewed?  Why didn’t they interview the school janitor—Rick Throne?  Why didn’t they interview any of the six children who spent a couple of hours at Gene Rosen’s house?  Why hasn’t anyone interviewed Ryan Lanza or Peter Lanza?  The American people are lied to on a consistent basis.  There is strong evidence that the school wasn’t even in use as a school for several years!  And Sandy Hook has a Masonic Hall that dates back to the founding of our nation and is the major Satan Center of the entire Eastern United States. But that doesn’t faze almost everyone.  But who do you believe?

The Roman Catholic Church falsely dates Christ’s birthday at Christmas which is nothing more than a substitute for a pagan holiday.  But the Roman Catholic Church was never the true church, not even for a nanosecond.  For those of us who attempt to keep the Israelite sacred days, we have to remember that the world is geared to the pagan holidays, and we have to adjust our schedule accordingly. 

They say that the birthday of Jesus Christ is celebrated every December 25th.  They celebrate it by giving gifts one to another around a Christmas tree.  The whole world gathers together for a festive meal, with the men usually watching a football game. There is not one point that they can say that God approves of their behavior.  And the world believes it.  Don’t be deceived.

The true Christian religion is the most powerful reaction against Jewish tendencies to achieve world domination. It is an insurmountable protest against the elevation of the mongreloid race above the Aryan-Semitic race, and so it is only natural that the Jewish clan is a sworn mortal enemy of both the founder of this religion and the Christian race itself. Accordingly, Jewry can only firmly establish the superiority and rule of the mongreloid race when it has managed to defeat the natural reaction opposing it and to destroy the institution of Christianity.  That is why they are destroying Christianity and its nations.

Revelation 18:4 "And I heard another voice from heaven saying, Come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues;”

Blessed be the LORD God of Israel.