Strange Happenings


by Pastor Don Elmore

February 17, 2013

Scripture Reading:  Matthew 3:7-12

During the past couple of weeks, we have had the Super Bowl, the Grammy Awards; Fat Tuesday, Mardi Gras, Valentine’s Day, Ash Wednesday, Lent, an exploding meteorite over Russia, the ceremony for the six murdered(?) adults at Sandy Hook at the White House and, for the first time since the Middle Ages, the Pope has resigned at the end of this month--February.

And we also had the ex-LAPD officer and Obama supporter who got kicked out of the loop and went on a murder spree of officers and their families.  He was torched in a cabin, just like they did to the Branch Davidians.  But they found his driver’s license and a couple of other papers in the ashes of the fire.    Umh!

2013 Grammy Award Logo

The emblem for the 46th Grammy Awards was an upside down five star – Bahomphet.  In addition, three of its stars also sang at the Inauguration and the Super Bowl.

Jennifer Hudson, who sang with the New Town Elementary School Choir, America the Beautiful, replaced Whitney Houston in the illuminati influenced music world.

Alicia Keys praises Satan as her lord and master who has given her success in the evil music industry of today.  She has given up her soul over to him in exchange for her hit songs.  She sings that she sold her soul to the devil.  She sang the “Star Spangled Banner” at the Super Bowl.

Beyonce in an interview said in her own words, the following:  “And when people see me, sometimes I think that when they meet me and they speak with me that they‘re expecting …Sasha.  And… um… I ‘m really kinda shy, and not really shy but more reserved, and nothing like Sasha. 

But I guess I wouldn’t be very entertaining on stage, so Sasha comes out.   And she’s fearless.  You know, she can do things that I cannot do when I am in rehearsal.    I mean I can try and it just doesn’t happen.   I can sing notes and sing strong and do all these things that when I am just by myself I can’t do.  And I remember right before I performed I raised my hands up and  it was kinda the first time that I felt something else come into me and I knew that  was going to be my coming out night for the BT awards.

I can sing notes and sing strong and do all these things that when I am just by myself, I can’t do.  I felt something else come into me.”

Beyonce admits that she has an evil spirit who permits her to sing the notes and to sing strong both of which she says that she is unable to do by herself.  Sasha, the name of this evil spirit, comes on her when she performs.

The 2013 Super Bowl also featured a whole bunch of advertisements and a football game; but did you notice that the last three singers who participated in both the Inauguration and the Super Bowl are bastard singers, who have testified that evil spirits possess them when they perform.  While things were not as overt as last year’s half-time show, there were nevertheless a lot of Illuminati Agendas that was going on. 

Jennifer Hudson with the Sandy Hook ChorusJennifer Hudson with the Sandy Hook Chorus


The Sandy Hook survivors were made to sing “Over the Rainbow” to commemorate the shooting and are also being used in all kinds of media events:  including the biggest one; The Super Bowl.  A few weeks ago, they recorded “Over the Rainbow” (an MK-Ultra trigger song) and were made to perform on live television.  For the Super Bowl, the Sandy Hook Chorus was sent to New Orleans to sing before 70,000 spectators and millions of television viewers.  The question is why?

Why do we keep binging this horrible shooting to the center stage?  Is it to remind people that “gun control is good?”  Isn’t it very said and ironic that these young children must sing “America the Beautiful” after being a part of a horrible massacre, one that might have been caused by a mind-controlled patsy or by another shooter(s)?  Why are these kids being booked and flown to all kinds of nerve-wrecking mass media events?  Is this still part of their healing process?  Why are they mixed with the Illuminati entertainment industry? 

The performance was led by Jennifer Hudson, who survived a personal strange and terrible tragedy, with the triple-murder of her mother, brother and nephew in 2008.

Alycia Keys sang her own slow version of the Star Spangled Banner.  She also sang at Obama’s inauguration a few weeks ago.  And look how she is dressed on one of her albums?  All three are really soft porn performers.

Beyonce’s half-time show show focused on:

 (1) Duality and

 (2)  The multiplying of personalities;

two concepts that are extremely important in Monarch mind control. 

    The first clue was the stage which consists of two faces that somewhat look like Beyonce.  The stage is made up of two faces mirroring each other, an image evoking duality and multiple personalities.

    Super Bowl Stage - faces 

      At the beginning of the song “Baby Boy,” Beyonce dances in front of a black and white background group (duality).  Then through video effects, she “multiplies herself.”

      Here we see one black silhouette (core personality) and two white silhouettes (alter personas).

      The two white silhouettes turn into real human Beyonce look-a-likes who dance with her for a while. We then see a lot of lights flashing and confusing effects, making us wonder who the real Beyonce is.  The blurring between reality and illusion is a focal point of mind control and is aptly displayed here.

      Even the saxophone girl, with her Masonic checkerboard pattern dress, conveys the concept of duality.

      At one point, the screen behind Beyonce, displays the classic symbol representing the fracturing of personalities.   This is almost always a part of MK-themed narratives.  The screen that displayed altered personas and dualistic patterns shatters indicating the fracturing of persona in MK symbolism.

      Then Beyonce flashed the hand triangle sign:

      • Was she flashing an important  illuminati symbol or
      • Was she flashing her husband’s label: RDC which stands for Roc-A-Fella?  Yahoo and Huffington Post quickly wrote that Beyonce was flashing her husband’s label in answer to all of the criticism that this gesture drew.  But it seems that the Rockefellers, one of the most powerful Illuminati elite families in America, uses this very same hand symbol as a triangle hand sign to represent the Illuminati. 

      Beyonce’s husband Jay-Z flashes the illuminati hand sign with his eye right in the middle. 

      In Judaism, the gesture is known as the “Kohanim Hands Priestly Blessing.”  This symbol is depicted here on an 18th century Jewish grave.

        The hand sign is not random.  It signifies something and flashing it during the Super Bowl tells a lot about who is running the show.  Beyonce is not in the Illuminati; but she and many of her peers are used by the Illuminati who actually owns them and the music industry.

        Then there was the strange Mercedes Super Bowl Commercial and its Occult Message.  Mercedes Benz was the main sponsor of this major event.  The ad was based on the concept of selling one’s soul for fame and riches, a favorite of the Illuminati industry. 

        The ad starts with a young man sitting in a restaurant looking out the window at an almost finished billboard in which two workers were still working on:  it is an ad which is picturing the new CLA Mercedes Benz automobile. 

        The Devil is sitting across from the young man and tells him that all he has to do is to sign the contract (sell his soul to himself, the Devil) and all these great things will happen to him:

        You become a celebrity and get to date the hottest girl of the moment; this year, it’s Kate Upton

        You get to party with all the industrial greats—such as Usher

        You become the “it” person and your face is featured on magazine covers.

        You also drive a nice car, and have scads of girls running after you and you become a race car champ.  Such a great deal.

        The symbol of the Devil, next to where you are to sign, is apparently the reverse of the ancient Chi-Rho-symbol that was adopted by the Catholic Church as a symbol of Christ.

        If you look at the Devil’s rings you will clearly see the ring at the top?  It is obviously a Masonic ring.

          The young man then realizes that the car is affordable enough for him, but he decides not to sell his soul in order to obtain it.  The ad ends with some subtle occult numerology:

          The 13 part of 2013 is on fire. 13 is probably the most important number in Masonic and occult numerology. It is not highlighted for nothing.

          There was a display of fire on the right side with the writing “Coming September 2013.”  Are the Illuminati telling us something?  It being highlighted is another way of saying that those behind that ad are “in the know.”  We will find out in eight months.

          While the young man did not fall for the Devil’s trap, the ad nevertheless showed what is required to rise up the highest ranks of the entertainment industry.  One must make a deal with an evil entity that is apparently a member of a secret society, who then “magically” gets you in all the right places in music, fashion and sports.  Yes, all this was conveyed in a short advertisement for a car.  Is this another way of the elite to brag about how it runs the show?

          And what the truth of the ad showed us is what Beyonce, Hudson and Keys all said was true?    The illuminati dominate the music industry. But that shouldn’t surprise us. 

          How strange that the Super Bowl experienced shortly after the second half began a 33 minute 55 second black out!  Thirty-three minutes?  That is one of the most used numbers in Freemasonic literature. 

          But I was floored and shocked when I saw the picture of the Internal Revenue System building in Maryland.  In the front of the multi-storied building is a dual colored pyramid that is situated between two pillars.  Both pillars have 13 black and white stripes, with a finger pointing upward.  In between the two pillars is a pyramid which has a white coated capstone with the words “We the people” in large lettering with the rest of the United States Constitution engraved on the gray bottom portion.  The Bill of Rights is omitted. 

          The pyramid is located in the center of the two pillars; just like it is in every Masonic Lodge.

          This is from the front of the Israeli Supreme Court building in Jerusalem built by the Rothschild’s:

          The pillars also contained quotes regarding the United States Constitution and the Bill of Rights.  Some are very strange.  There is one from Barbara Jordan which say, “The Bill of Rights was not ordained by the Nature of God.  It’s very human, very fragile.”  As the amendments have gradually eroded this very fragile Bill of Rights, it very well proves to be a warning to the American people.

          But the Internal Revenue System is nothing more than a foreign debt collector.  So why wouldn’t you have this demonstration at the entrance of the Internal Revenue System Building?  When was it created?  Has it always been? 

          It might be very surprising to many of Judeo-Christianity that from the earliest colonial times there was not only a rejection of the Internal Revenue System but also the Catholic religion.  Many of the early charters and laws passed contained statements which specifically excluded Catholics from having an equal standing with Christians/Protestants.  The United States had in its beginning; read the statements of many of the original colonies:

          • Commission for New Hampshire, 1680:  “We do hereby require a command that liberty of conscience shall be allowed unto all PROTESTANTS.”
          • The Charter of Massachusetts Bay, 1691:  “There shall be a liberty of Conscience allowed in the Worship of God to all Christian (EXCEPT PAPISTS)…”
          • New Jersey Law of 1698:  “No person or persons that profess in God, by Jesus Christ his only Son, shall at any time be any way molested, punished, disturbed, or be called in question for any difference in opinion in matters of religious concernment,… Provided, this shall not extend to any of THE ROMISH RELIGION.”
          • The Charter of Georgia, 1732:  “…and that all such persons, EXCEPT PAPISTS, shall have a free exercise of their religion.”
          • Carolina Law of 1697:  “Be it therefore Enacted, by the authority aforesaid, that all Christians which now are, or hereafter may be in this province (PAPIST ONLY EXCEPTED) shall enjoy the full, free, and undisturbed liberty of their consciences….,”
          • In the Laws of New York, 1752, there is a law that provided for the banishment of all Jesuits and Popish priests in the province.  And if any were found preaching and teaching others “to say Popish prayers, celebrating mass, granting absolutions, or using any other Romish ceremonies and rites,” they were deemed to be a “disturber of the public peace, and AN ENEMY OF THE TRUE CHRISTIAN RELIGION, and shall be adjudged to suffer perpetual imprisonment.”
          • Declaration and Resolves of the First Continental Congress, 1774:  “Resolved, …The act passed in the [last] session for establishing the ROMAN CATHOLIC RELIGION, in the province of Quebec, abolishing the equitable system of English laws, and erecting a tyranny there, to the GREAT DANGER (from so total a DISSIMILARITY OF RELIGION, law and government) of the neighboring British colonies.”
          • The Constitution of Georgia, 1777:  required representatives to “…be of the PROTESTANT RELIGION.”
          • The Constitution of Massachusetts, 1780: provided funding “…for the support and maintenance of public PROTESTANT TEACHERS.”
          • The Constitution of New Hampshire, 1784:  Stated that no person could be a senator or representative “who is not of the PROTESTANT RELIGION.”
          • The Constitution of New Jersey, 1776:  Prescribed that “no PROTESTANT INHABITANT of this Colony shall be denied the enjoyment of any civil right.”
          • The Constitution of North Carolina, 1776:  Prohibited any person who denied “the being of God or the truth of the PROTESTANT RELIGION” from holding any office within the State.
          • The Constitution of South Carolina, 1778:  Not only required government officers to be “of the PROTESTANT RELIGION” but it declared “the CHRISTIAN PROTESTANT RELIGION” to be “the established religion of this State.”

          All of these declarations in favor of Protestant Christianity were in effect a rejection of Roman Catholicism.  Throughout early American history we find no specific legal recognition of Roman Catholicism, but rather we do find many legal precedents that have established an anti-Catholic foundation in this land.  That is why our nation did not celebrate their holidays:  Christmas, Easter, Mardi Gras, Lent, Fat Tuesday, etc. 

          It is evident based upon the history of the Providence that guided the birth and rise of America, that Catholicism was not regarded by God as being Christian or Godly, and it certainly was not by America’s early founders.   But it was the Constitution that changed this.  It allowed everyone and practically anyone in the nation to become an officer in the federal government by eliminating the Christian Test.   The Christian Test eliminated any Catholic, Jew, Buddhist, Hinduist, Atheists or others from running for the office.

          Now we have the Pope resigning; the first time this has happened since the Middle Ages.  Will the next Pope be a man from Africa?

          But it wasn’t just Catholics that this new nation prohibited from voting and holding office; it was the Jews too.  For when the federal constitution was approved by a majority of states in 1788, the Jews were satisfied:  Article VI declared categorically that no religious test would ever be required for any office under the federal government. 

          The adoption of the United States Constitution was one of the most important events in the entire history of Diaspora Jewry.  American Jewry was the modern world’s first free Jewry.  One can understand why the Jews of Philadelphia joined so gladly in the Federal Parade of July 4, 1788; when the Catholic clergy walked arm and arm with Rabbi Jacob R. Cohen.  It took 100 years after New York emancipate its Jews before the last state New Hampshire permitted both Jews and Catholics to serve in a legislative office in 1877. 

          What?  There were States that forbid Catholics and Jews from holding office.  Now there are 6 Roman Catholics and 3 Jews on the Supreme Court of the Land; no Protestants in this originally Protestant land.

          In the House of Representatives:  There are 22 members who are Jewish, only one Republican; and in the Senate there are 11 Jewish members; none Republican.   The Catholics have 136 members in the House and 27 Senators.  Besides these there are 28 members in the House who are Mormon, Orthodox Christian, Buddhist, Muslin, Hindu or Unitarian Universalist or Unspecified.  In the Senate there are 7 Mormons, 1 Buddhist and 2 Unspecified.  How America has changed!  There would be 58 members of the Senate and 186 members of the House who would not be permitted to hold office until the Constitution granted them this right.   

          The Executive Branch of our government is not Protestant either.  It is not even held by a member of our race.  He couldn’t be the President in the early days of our nation.

          Does anyone know who Harrison J. Bounel is?  I didn’t…but I found out last night that it is another alias of our President!  And do you know that he shares the same social security number of 042-68-4425 as a man who is now 109 years old?  Who is from Connecticut?  And Obama has 58 different addresses of where he and Michelle have supposedly live?  And while they lived in Chicago the house that they lived in was owned by a Circuit Court Judge and a lawyer Mr. Harvey Weinberg.  Michelle is related to the lawyer.  There is a Canaanite influence there.

          Why did our forefathers prohibit all of these people from being in our government?  Let us look at just one point made by scripture which gives us some view on this point.

          The Biblical account is very clear that the first three sons of Judah were also born of a Canaanite mother.  The first two sons of this woman were slain by the LORD due to their wickedness, leaving no offspring.  But the youngest son, Shelah, survived and became the progenitor of a family seedline. 

          Before tracing the seedline of Shelah, who was a half-breed of Judahite and Canaanite blood, it is imperative to recognize the curse that was placed upon Canaan, the father of this family tree.  Canaan was the offspring of an incestual union between Ham and his mother. 

          For this act of iniquity, Noah did not curse Ham, but cursed Canaan.  Throughout Old Testament history, the Canaanites were perpetual enemies of God’s people Israel.  The Lord forbids His people to intermarry with them and even told Israel to eradicate them when they possessed the land of Canaan.

          In tracing the family of Shelah, the Biblical account is very clear in stating that Shelah was one of the grandsons of Jacob that went with him down to Egypt (Genesis 46:1-7, 12).  Jacob moved his entire family to Egypt at the request of his son Joseph in approximately 1677 B.C.  When the Israelites left Egypt over two hundred years later, there was a “mixed multitude” that left with them.  Moses wrote that “a mixed multitude went up also with them” (Exodus 12:38).  This mixed multitude refers to both non-Israelites and half-breed Israelites such as Shelah’s family.

          Forty years after the Exodus, the descendants of Shelah were present at the numbering of Israel before conquering the land of Canaan.  Number 26:20 says:  “And the sons of Judah after their families were of Shelah, the family of the Shelanites:  of Pharez, the family of the Pharzites:  of Zerah, the family of the Zarhites.”

          Hundreds of years after the Exodus, the family of Shelah was living in the nation of Judah, the Southern Kingdom, and was described in 1 Chronicles 4:21-23The sons of Shelah the son of Judah were, Er the father of Lecah, and Laadah the father of Mareshah, and the families of the house of them that wrought fine linen, of the house of Ashbea,

          And Jokim, and the men of Chozeba, and Joash, and Saraph, who had the dominion in Moab, and Jashubilehem.  And these are ancient things. 

          These were the potters, and those that dwelt among plants and hedges:  there they dwelt with the king for his work.”

          Could these half-breed Judahites that had the blood of the cursed son of incest be the bad figs during the time of the prophet Jeremiah?  The prophet declared an immutable curse upon the naughty figs by saying in Jeremiah 24:8-10“And as the evil figs, which cannot be eaten, they are so evil; surely thus saith the LORD, So will I give Zedekiah the king of Judah, and his princes, and the residue of Jerusalem, that remain in this land, and them that dwell in the land of Egypt:

          And I will deliver them to be removed into all the kingdoms of the earth for their hurt, to be a reproach and a proverb, a taunt and a curse, in all places whither I shall drive them.

          And I will send the sword, the famine, and the pestilence, among them, till they be consumed from off the land that I gave unto them and to their fathers.”

          The prophet repeated the curse in Jeremiah 29:15-19.

          In 535 B.C. after the return of the people of Judah from the seventy year captivity in Babylon, both Ezra and Nehemiah reprimanded many of them because they had married foreign wives.  The Bible records; Ezra 10:10-11, “And Ezra the priest stood up, and said unto them, Ye have transgressed, and have taken strange wives, to increase the trespass of Israel.

          Now therefore make confession unto the LORD God of your fathers, and do his pleasure:  and separate yourselves from the people of the land, and from the strange wives.”  

          The Biblical account gives a roster of many of the priests who had married strange (non-Israelite) wives (Ezra 10:12-42).  Then Ezra’s record concludes by saying, “All these had taken strange wives:  and some of them had wives by whom they had children” (Ezra 10:44).

          Nehemiah records that many of the offenders repented for their sin of marrying women of the land of Babylon (Nehemiah 10:28-20); Nehemiah further records how he contended with many “Jews that had married wives of Ashdod, of Ammon, and of Moah” (Nehemiah 13:23).

          Genesis 10:6-10 states that the Cushites, the descendants of Ham settled Babylon in the land of Shinar.  These wives of Ashdod were Philistines while those of Ammon and Moab were from the incestuous union of Lot and his daughters (Genesis 19:30-38).  Nehemiah mentions that King Solomon was also guilty of the same sin of marrying strange women (Nehemiah 13:26).

          The very idea of these unlawful mixtures clearly indicates that many of the Jews of Old Testament times were not pure blooded Judahites.  No doubt their descendants increased and were still in existence during the time of Jesus’ earthly ministry.  Logically, this practice continued and even increased until the time of John the Baptist when he refused to baptize them, (Matthew 3:7-12). 

          John the Baptist refused to baptize them, but we have them serving in our Congress and Supreme Court, are many members of our churches, and with the wicked spirits possessing non-Israelites both sponsoring and celebrating the Inauguration of our Executive!  And almost all churches are now universal, Catholic when in the beginning of our nation were considered not the church of God.  What a disastrous happening.

          Blessed be the LORD God of Israel.