Secret History of World War I


By Pastor Don Elmore

Scripture Reading:  Genesis 15:18

What I am about to reveal to you is something that is not revealed to you in your mainstream churches, the modern media or even in the schools that you attended. But it is necessary to know this if you want to maintain what little freedoms we have as Christians to live in a world that is trying to take them all anyway—even our Christianity.

Today the Zionists and their coreligionists have complete control of our Federal government. They rule the United States in the same manner that a king of the royal family would rule it. How did this happen? We (the white covenant Christians) must have been asleep.

In 1914 World War One broke out in the world. There are very few people who are alive today to remember this event: Great Britain, France and Russia vs. Germany, Austria, Hungary and Turkey. Within two years, Germany and its allies had won the war. German submarines had surprised their enemies by sinking many of their supply ships: Thereby Great Britain had no ammunition to supply their troops and they were down to only one week of food supplies. Then what happened?

The French army had mutinied; they had lost 600,000 of their best troops in defending their cities. The Russian army no longer desired to fight—they were in the process of going back home.

The year was 1916 and no shell had been fired in Germany soil. Not an enemy soldier had entered either. Germany had put a proposal on the table for England to consider. Let’s have the war to be over and everything would go back to what it was before we started fighting. England was considering this proposal; if they didn’t accept this proposal they could continue fighting and be totally defeated. Not much of a choice.

But, from an unexpected source came this new alternative: the Zionists came to the British War Department and said to them that they could win the war. You do not have to surrender, nor do you have to accept the German peace proposal—you can win the war if the United States would fight on your side. The Zionists offered the British Army this deal: We will guarantee that the United States will join the war on your side and will fight with you if you will give to us the land of the Palestine’s as our future homeland; after you are victorious in the war.

The Jews would guarantee that the United States would enter the War and fight for the British only if the British would grant to the Jews their future homeland—the land of Palestine! Britain had as much right to give to the Jews the land of Palestine as the United States would have to give the island of Japan to the Irish! How absurd! But nevertheless, that is exactly what happened.

That deal was made in October of 1916. The United States was pro-German at that time. Many of the people were immigrants from Germany and the press was pro-German. You have to understand that even in 1916 most of the media was owned by Jews, as well as most of the banks. None of the banks would loan any money to England—but they did loan money to Germany; why? Because that is where most of the Jews had lived and they wanted Germany to slaughter the Russian Czar along with his army.

All of a sudden, after the deal was agreed to, the press changed 180 degrees. They went from pro-German to pro-British. It was like the traffic light had changed from green to red. Stories were printed about how Germans were killing Red Cross volunteers; how they were chopping off the hands of babies; how Germans were treating their prisoners, etc.

From England, the Jews got Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandeis and others to handle the United States—it didn’t take long until--President Wilson declared war against Germany. That is how the United States got into World War One. They didn’t have any interest in it. They didn’t have any right to be in it. But they were lied to by the Jews to seal the deal with the British to win the war and to get their “homeland.”

This is something that the people of the United States have never been told: Why they entered the War that they had no interest in. They fought against their brothers for Esau/Edom and their allies in order to get the land that they now are fighting to keep.

At the peace treaty at Paris at the end of the War, there were 117 Jews in attendance representing their people in the treaty. As they divided out the land of Europe to the nations who claimed that they had the right to that portion of land, they eventually brought up the consequence of the deal that they had made with Britain: PALESTINE. This was made out in a letter to Baron Rothschild, the Jewish representative, called the Balfour Declaration—Phony as a three dollar bill. Germany was aghast. It was the first that they had heard of it. Now they knew why the United States had entered the War and fought against them.

The Jews had been treated better in Germany that in any other nation. When the first Russian Communists revolution failed—most of the Jews fled Russia and settled in Germany. They were accepted and flourished. There were many businesses and banks that were world renown. Germany became very bitter about the Jews who had betrayed their nation for the land of Palestine. They betrayed their nation, not because of anything that was done to them in Germany—but for the land of Palestine.

At the time of the Napoleonic War, Germany consisted of over 300 separate independent communities. After they were organized into one nation, they soon began to have a superior navy, army and businesses. England and France decided to challenge their new born status and started the war against them. When Germany learned that their defeat in the war was the result of the Jews, not a hair on the Jews’ head was harmed.

The Jews did not want the world to know of the deal that the Jews had with the British. Germany was very resentful of the deal, but the Jews knew what to do with it. Germany basically deals with the Jews in a very avoidance way—that is they treated them in a way that any nation would deal with a group of people who betrayed them for no just cause. As a result of the Germans activities against the Jews, the Jews decided to meet in a Conference held in Amsterdam. Jews from all over the world attended. They told the Germans that they should replace all Jews back into their German society that they once had—no matter if they were Communists or not; wrong thing to do.

The Germans were furious. War was begun between Germany and the Jews. Samuel Untermeyer of the United States, the man who financed the Scofield Bible, made a radio broadcast stating that there was going to be a boycott of all Germany imports/exports. Germany had to import 2/3 of all its food supplies. The Jews attempted to destroy Germany by starving most of its population to death. But at that time, not one hair of any Jew had been harmed by any German!

Stores in America were scrutinized for any German products—if found, protest were soon assembled outside the store holding signs that said: “Hitlerites”, “War mongrels”, and other derogatory terms. It proved to be a very effective and successful way to carrying on war; war against Germany.

Germany, on the other hand, said: Who are these people who are calling for a boycott of our goods, closing our industry, putting our people out of work, etc.? This lasted until 1938, until a Jew from Poland killed an important Germany official. As a result, Germany began to get tough with the Jews in Germany. They were angry with the Jews for:

  1. Germany’s defeat in World War I
  2. The post-war boycott against Germany
  3. The onset of World War II

Germany and the Jews had locked horns. Germany had decided that it would be either Christian or Communists; not both. Germany had become Communists for three days in 1917. But since then, it was always a threat.

From then on, the Jews have made their deal with Britain a completed deal—not the fulfillment of Biblical Scripture but the deal made with the British in 1916. It has become the cause of many disagreements in the world—the Khazar Empire of Southern Russia has masqueraded as being Shemites when they were descended from Japheth. They were given a piece of land that they took away from the Palestinians and today still fight against them. A third world war is brewing.