Sandy Hook Unity: The Plot Thickens


by Pastor Don Elmore

December 1, 2013

Scripture Reading:  Exodus 20:1-3

Sandy Hook is nothing more than a big….no not a big, but a massive hoax—a false flag.  Just like all the others:  Gulf of Tonkin, Vietnam; Pearl Harbor, Hawaii; The Lusitania; 9/11 destruction of the Twin Towers and the Pentagon; Aurora Movie Theater shooting; Boston Marathon bombing; JFK assassination; Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting….it doesn’t hold up when you investigate it.

The JFK assassination was 50 years ago last week.  They held a moment of silence in Dallas, Texas at the spot of the murder on Friday, November 22nd.  We are supposed to believe that a lone Communist shot President Kennedy from the sixth floor of a book depository using a very inaccurate firearm with a tree that blocked his shot.  The shot supposedly entered JFK’s back and ricocheted upwards and hit Governor John Connelly.  There is nothing mentioned that he was murdered in the front by shots from the grassy knoll.  There were other people who were killed at the same time period which are not mentioned.

Speaking via teleconference to a Duquesne University symposium marking the 50th anniversary of the assassination, Robert N. McClelland said he was the first doctor in Parkland Hospital's Trauma Room One to notice the massive wound in the back of Kennedy's skull and that a trauma of that size had to be an exit wound.

"The whole right side of his skull was gone. I could look inside his skull cavity. Obviously, it was a mortal wound," he told a spellbound audience of legal, medical, forensic and investigative experts and the public who packed the university's Power Ballroom

Dr. McClelland, now 83 and Professor Emeritus at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center, said that because it was an exit wound, it logically followed that it had been fired from in front of the President's limousine. And, in turn, that meant a second gunman was involved in the assassination, contradicting the Warren Commission's finding that there was but one assassin.

The Warren Commission determined that Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone when he fired three times with a high-powered rifle on the President's motorcade in Dealey Plaza from the sixth floor of the Texas School Book Depository. The Commission said that one bullet missed, another went through the President's neck and also wounded Texas Governor John Connolly -- the so-called "single bullet theory" -- and the third caused the fatal head wound.

But Dr. McClelland was resolute. "Having seen what I saw" in the emergency room and then viewing the Zapruder film of the assassination, he said, he believes JFK "was initially hit from a bullet fired from the sixth floor that went through his back and out through his neck. The next injury was caused by somebody behind the picket fence on the grassy knoll firing a shot that blew out the right side of his head."

This is but one of many views on what happened that fateful day.  But the same thing is worse with Sandy Hook. The Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting took place on December 14, 2012.  But it sure was strange.  There were 160 official police and government cars at the school and Fire Station; 92 at the school and 68 at the Firehouse; some were there an hour and a half before the beginning of the shooting. 

There were no phone pictures or videos that were seen on television or any other public means; none from the parents or children—not one.  No actual picture of the four guns in the shooter’s possession.  How strange that is in today’s modern media!

There were no pictures of any kind taken of the crime scene; no photos of any kind were shot of the dead students or adults. There were no photos or videos showing any of the remaining live children, approximately 700, leaving the elementary school.  There was one picture of a group being led out of the school that was shown till it got nauseous but that was from a previous drill months earlier.

Erroneous picture of Allison WyattAllison WyattThere was a picture of Allison N. Wyatt, but it was the wrong one! It took a lot of work to get the picture of the right girl and the picture of the girl who lived miles away from Sandy Hook and never went to Sandy Hook Elementary School off the pictures of the victims of the slaughter. She was living and breathing and her mother was doing everything that she could to get her picture off the list. It took over two weeks, and it was finally taken off.

She had a different name, went to a different school but it was her picture. But why didn’t Allison N. Wyatt’s parents complain that there was the wrong picture of their daughter. Her parent’s name is never mentioned! We don’t know who they are? Why didn’t they complain? No apologies were ever given for this horrible mistake. How did it happen? 

Allison N. Wyatt, 6, is remembered as a quiet and shy little girl. “She was a very shy girl, she was quiet and kept to herself, but she would smile at things. If a kid did something funny, she’d be laughing,” said day-care teacher Kate Capelano of All for Kids in Ridgefield. Her real name is Lily Gaubert.

To the right is the correct picture of Allison N. Wyatt; why didn’t her mother complain that they had the wrong picture of her slain daughter. Did anyone see her on television?

 Victims: A composite shows the six teachers and 20 students who were killed at Sandy Hook Elementary School last December.

Victims: A composite shows the six teachers and 20 students who were killed at Sandy Hook Elementary School last December.

This picture of the victims was shown while Mrs. Wheeler sang “Stars in the Sky” as a memorial to the victims of Sandy Hook.  It is a composite which shows the six teachers and 20 students who were killed at Sandy Hook Elementary School last December. Their newly-released death certificates show most died of multiple gun wounds. Do you notice anything wrong with this picture and the statement underneath it?  Clue:  6 + 20 = 25!

No school closed-circuit footage of the shooter coming in the school; blasting his way into the front door, with his mask on and loaded down with four guns and much ammunition.  No school closed-circuit footage of the shooting in the hallways and in the school rooms.  No footage of the dead shooter.  No footage of the students who survived; one from one class (who was taken to a local pastor covered in blood) and six from the other (who supposedly ran out of the School, boarded a bus and were dropped off at Gene Rosen’s house).  Why?  The school had just set up the most modern of equipment to protect itself from difficulties like just happened.  Where were the pictures?

And there was the head of the medical team—Dr. Carver, who did 8 autopsies at the Elementary School?  Who did the other 19 autopsies?  Why were they done at the school?  How could they have been done there?  He was sure a credible witness wasn’t he?  All the dead children and adults were taken out of the school in the middle of the night.  There is no proof that this was even done.  No pictures!  No videos?

All of the caskets were closed except one.  And the top part of his body was covered.  That was Noah Pozner whose mother was a Swiss agent of the United Nations.  And his father and her divorced husband was….he wasn’t around much at all.  And her brother is being sued because of the money trust that he set up for her for the donations to Sandy Hook survivors.  He also wrote a gun control statement signed by Noah’s mother, and about a dozen of members of her family.  Her brother was a lawyer for the Vatican!  Wow!

The town of Sandy Hook had been remade in the last three years. New businesses, new people, new town; and all the people who were parents of victims who were repeatedly interviewed were new to the town too.  It changed from a motor-bike riders brawling at the bars to the new town.  They all arrived within the last couple of years.

Another Mostly Unknown View

And on and on it goes. But I want to talk about another interesting part of this story. In the video taken from the helicopter, one can see, only if he looks very carefully, behind the Firehouse of Newtown: there were 26 evergreen trees that were stacked in a pile. This was out of the general view of the public. This was on the day of the murder—December 14th. There was a stack of evergreen trees in the back of the Firehouse. The next day these same trees were put outside the Firehouse as Christmas trees each one dedicated to the 26 Sandy Hook victims who were supposedly murdered. The volunteer firemen were some of the men who decorated the trees. Let us think for a minute. Twenty-six evergreen trees were hidden behind the Firehouse and taken out and planted the next day for the twenty-six victims of the shooting. Sounds like some planning was going on!

Twenty-six Christmas trees are being set up next to the Firehouse to remember the supposed slaughter of the 20 students and six adults at the Elementary School. And this also brings up another question: If the Firehouse was so intent as to have Christmas trees why didn’t the Elementary School have any Christmas or Holiday decorations at all? The town had a Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony but had no Christmas decorations at the Elementary School? They were supposedly making ginger bread houses in first grade that day, but there was no Christmas tree in the lobby? And did you notice that Sandy Hook Elementary School had no Christmas decorations in the window: no snowflakes, no candles, no presents, no Christmas trees, no shepherds, no angels, no bells, and no nothing! How strange was that?

Sandy Hook firehouse with starsThe Firehouse also put 26 stars on their roof that also represents the 26 supposedly murdered people. On the green flag flying underneath the United States Flag on the flagpole outside the Firehouse, there were 26 starts arranged in the design of a six-pointed star! How strange is that?

The 26 stars on the Firehouse with the plague on the wall that says: “Hitch your wagon to a star.” Notice the green flag to the left on the flagpole that is underneath the US flag.

The green flag that is flying underneath the flag of the United States on the flagpole beside the Firehouse; notice the 26 stars are in the form of a six-pointed star.

On a plague on the Firehouse is the phrase: “Hitch Your Wagon to a Star.”  This is from the poem by Ralph Waldo Emerson, which means that in the Newtown tragedy there was a unity message.  Emerson, of course, led the Transcendentalist movement in the 1800’s.  He would probably be a Baha’i today.

    1. What is the Baha’i religion?  It has about 5 million members and is in many countries. It started in Persia a century and a half ago.  Baha'ism is a sect of sect of sect of Islam; it is a sect of Babism, which is a sect of Shaikhism which is a sect of Shiism, which is again considered as a sect of Islam. And now it claims itself to be a brand new religion.
    2. They have a very strong Administrative System. This system is governed by the “Supreme Seat” in Haifa, Israel; the most holy “Infallible” body of Baha'i Administration that is headed by “All Male, 9 Individuals” and their collective decision is believed to be "inspired by God" Himself.
    3. They have a very strong Administrative System. This system is governed by the “Supreme Seat” in Haifa, Israel; the most holy “Infallible” body of Baha'i Administration that is headed by “All Male, 9 Individuals” and their collective decision is believed to be "inspired by God" Himself.
    4. Although they believe is mass teaching, direct teaching, children classes, adult classes, Junior youth classes, all sort of classes for the masses but they do not believe in teaching the innocent people of Israel. According to them Israeli Jews are not in need of Baha'i faith but Iranian Muslims can only gain success if they become Baha'is. Converting the faith to Israeli Jews is forbidden.
    5. In a span of 165 years Baha'i faith has been divided into 17 more sects. All are small groups with very few followers but they all claim to be true and label the rest of the Baha’i as covenant breakers. The largest sect among Baha’i is the Orthodox Baha'is with a large following in America, Canada, Australia, India, Iran and Africa. 

Who Belongs to the Baha'i Faith?

The Baha’i temple of worship in Wilmette, Illinois where Rainn Wilson and John Woodall went with his parents to worship in the New World Order religion.Rainn Wilson grew up in the Baha’i faith in Chicago.  Rainn Wilson is the person playing the crazy guy in the television series “Office.”  They have a temple in the Chicago area.  One of its main tenets is the elimination of religious prejudices

Baha’i faith is made up of people of all races, creeds and faiths.  Rainn Wilson, who was interviewed by Oprah Winfrey, has been a Baha’i for his entire life as his parents were members of this cult too. 

There was another person who lived near this temple who joined the organization when he was 16 years old.  His name:  John Woodall; but more about him later.

Gloria Steinem receives her Presidential Award on November 20, 2013 for causing the nation to violate God’s Law on the woman question and on aborticide.Oprah Winfrey received the Presidential Medal of Freedom along with Gloria Steinem and Bill Clinton and 13 others.  This is the highest honor that is given to civilians in our nation.  President Obama presented the award to the 16 recipients on November 20th, 2013.  The Medal honors individuals who have made especially meritorious contributions to the security or national interests of the United States, to world peace, or to cultural or other significant public or private endeavor. 

Media mogul Oprah Winfrey was honored as the “world’s most successful broadcast journalist” but will not be honored as being an antichrist.  “She is also an active philanthropist, expanding opportunities for young women around the world.”  She was a member of the same Chicago Church of anti-white pastor Jeremiah Wright and both of the Obama’s. 

The White House writes that Gloria Steinem is “a leader in the women’s liberation movement, co-founded Ms. Magazine, and helped launch a wide variety of groups and publication dedicated to advancing civil rights.  Ms. Steinem has received dozens of awards over the course of her career, and remains an active voice for women’s rights.” 

Former president Bill Clinton was also one of the award recipients.  All of his lies and sexual deviates are forgotten and forgiven.  What a group!  One needs to be a Communist and a habitual liar and then has a very good chance to be given the nation’s highest award. 

Interfaith Prayer Meeting

Two days after the supposedly mass murder by Adam Lanza, there was an Interfaith Meeting held in Newtown, Connecticut.  President Obama attended and spoke during this meeting.  This violated the first commandment for the nation:  “You shall not have any other gods….”   But there was Allah, another Jesus, human kind, Israeli, and others who were prayed to and honored.  It was televised on CNN. And there were many gods; except for the LORD God of the true Christian-Israelite was absent. 

The faiths that were there and offered their prayers to the people of Newtown:

  • Congregational Church of Newtown.
  • Congregation Adathi and its singing rabbi.
  • United Methodist Church and its oriental pastor.
  • Trinity Episcopal Church and its woman pastor.
  • New Hope Community Church.
  •  Muslim Community with one of its youngsters and its two male members.
  • United Methodist Church and it woman minister.
  • Haga’i Faith with its two leaders:  John and Margo Woodall.
  •  Christ the King Lutheran Church
  • And several other groups.

There were a couple of others who spoke but it wasn’t mentioned what church they were related to.  But the 8th speaker at the meeting is the one particular group who I want to talk about who spoke at this Interfaith Prayer Session. Psychiatrist John Woodall has counseled trauma victims from Uganda, Africa to Bosnia, Europe to New York City following the September 11, 2001, World Trade Center attack; but he never figured on doing the same in Newtown, Connecticut, where he and his wife live.  He grew up in Chicago and went to Israel in 2009 on a pilgrimage with his future wife who he married in 2012. 

“It’s heavily ironic,” Woodall said. “My wife and I just got back from Uganda working with child soldiers.” Woodall’s specialty over the years has been helping to build resiliency among children exposed to traumatic situations. “It’s always someplace else,” he said. “Never in my back yard.”  Unity Project, which John Woodall help founded, is based in Newtown!

Woodall was working at a hospital in Holyoke, Massachusetts, that day when his wife, Margo, paged him. She never does that, he said, so he knew something was wrong. After speaking with her, he drove back to Newtown, listening to news reports as the extent of the massacre began to emerge.

After making a brief stop at the Newtown school superintendent’s office (the superintendent had agreed to a new offer of another school district on December 13th and then the shooting happened the next day; the superintendent had a stormy lesbian relationship with the chairman of the board and has now resigned and taken another superintendent’s job) to offer his help, Woodall drove to the fire station in Sandy Hook.  The superintendent was in her office the day of the shooting!  Did he talk to even one student; who was at the Firehouse after the time he arrived:  after 12 noon?  The shooting took place 3½ hours before Mr. Woodall got to the Firehouse. 

That’s where the children who evacuated the school were led soon after the shootings. That’s where the first responders from throughout the area gathered.  The fire station is also across the street from the house where Margo Woodall once lived.  

But after driving from the  hospital in Holyoke, Massachusetts to Newtown, Connecticut; going to the superintendent’s office and then to the fire station…what children did he see?  Do you see any video of Mr. Woodall talking to any children?

John Woodall described watching in amazement as the normally quiet neighborhood filled with one emergency service vehicle after another. Woodall said he tried to help by talking to anyone who seemed alone and by themselves at that point. I didn’t see any photos of him at the Firehouse counseling anyone. Who would be alone at a time like this?

The Baha’i Shrine and Gardens in Haifa, Israel is quite impressive building and grounds. This city is the world headquarters for about 5 million people in many countries.On Sunday night, he read a prayer at the Interfaith Service attended by President Obama.  What prayer was he reading? Woodall went as the lay representative of the area’s Baha’i faith. He and his wife have one child attending Newtown High School, and another who graduated.  Unity Project is in “full go” at the High School.

On Tuesday after the tragedy, which happened on Friday, Woodall said he talked with the New Town High School Principal about ways to help guide the students.  Children are resilient is these situations, Woodall said. “The research backs that up,” he said.  “Kids do very well with this kind of event, especially if you give them some guidance along the way.”  So the children don’t do good if you don’t give them some Unity Project guidance?  Why did people do before the Unity Project came to be?

He and his wife are involved in a program called The Unity Project, which tries to foster such resiliency. Woodall said his hope is that students commit to doing three positive actions by next week.  “The event itself is senseless, but the future is whatever we want it to be,” Woodall said.  “It’s as noble and bright as we have the courage to envision.”

“Instead of being caught up in the senselessness of the event, have them become a part of building that future,” he added. The kids can become role models. Who are they role models to?  Their parents??

John Woodall, former Harvard professor, and his wife, Margo, are head of the Unity Chapel, which has its headquarters in Haifi, Israeli.  Woodall, who is a psychiatrist, which is antichristian, is a Jew.  Psychology, psychiatry, etc. were started a little of 100 years ago was started by Jews.  It tells how one can live their lives without God.  It is all a bunch of gooblygoop.  It is totally antichristian.

They have worked with the students of Newtown, both in the high school and lower grades.  They have been their survivor skills in effect for the purpose of bringing peace to the earth.  Here is what they said on the televised CNN Interfaith show on Sunday night, December 16, 2013. 

John and Margo Woodall speaking at the Newtown, Connecticut Interfaith Prayer Service on December 16, 2012 representing the Hada’i faith.

John and Margo Woodall speaking at the Newtown, Connecticut Interfaith Prayer Service on December 16, 2012 representing the Hada’i faith.

The Woodall’s shared the following words of comfort at an Interfaith Memorial Service in Newtown, which was nationally televised on CNN. The passage was originally offered by ‘Abdul-Baha, the son of the founder of the Baha’i Faith, to a mother who was grieving for her deceased son. The Woodalls’ read the letter in its entirety making only a couple of corrections which are noted in the text:

John Woodall took the microphone and spoke:

“For the Mothers and fathers, and brothers and sisters, and grandparents and all of you today:  This is part of the sacred text of my faith; and was written as a letter to a mother who was mourning the loss of her child. And I have adapted it for this evening.

O thou beloved maidservant of God, [A]lthough the loss of a son is indeed heart-breaking and beyond the limits of human endurance, yet one who knoweth and understandeth is assured that the son [child] hath not been lost but, rather, hath stepped from this world into another, and she [you] will find him in the divine realm. That reunion shall be for eternity, while in this world separation is inevitable and bringeth with it a burning grief.

Praise be unto God that thou hast faith, art turning thy face toward the everlasting Kingdom and believest in the existence of a heavenly world. Therefore be thou not disconsolate, do not languish, do not sigh, neither wail nor weep; for agitation and mourning deeply affect his [their] soul in the divine realm.”

Margo then took the microphone and finished their sacred letter:

“That beloved child addresseth thee from the hidden world: ‘O thou kind Mother [and father], thank divine Providence that I have been freed from a small and gloomy cage and, like the birds of the meadows, have soared to the divine world—a world which is spacious, illumined, and ever gay [joyous] and jubilant.

Therefore, lament not, O Mother and Father, and be not grieved; I am not of the lost, nor have I been obliterated and destroyed.  I have shaken off the mortal form and have raised my banner in this spiritual world.  Following this separation is everlasting companionship.  Thou shalt find me in the heaven of the Lord, immersed in an ocean of light.”

This is the creation of a death culture; Boston strong, Sandy Hook strong; “Sandy Hook chooses love.”  Born of a global agenda that can be the most giving, it brought in millions of dollars because of the hoaxed tragedy.

Bahai Gardens in Haifa Israel

From its headquarters in Haifa, Israel and under the authority of the Universal House of Justice, Baha’i is overseen country-to-country by National and Local Spiritual Assemblies. The religion is an international phenomenon, with its spiritual founder prophesying a global socio-political transformation.

The temple of Baha’i in Haifa, Israel; it is the world headquarters of the faith.

“Its founder, Bahá’u'lláh (1817-1892), is regarded by Baha’is as the most recent in the line of Messengers of God that stretches back beyond recorded time and that includes Abraham, Moses, Buddha, Krishna, Zoroaster, Christ and Muhammad. The central theme of Bahá’u'lláh’s message is that all the people of the earth are of one single race and that the day has come for its unification in one global society. God, Bahá’u'lláh said, has set in motion historical forces that are breaking down traditional barriers of race, class, creed, and nation and that will, in time, give birth to a universal civilization.”

In 1982 the Baha’i faith unambiguously professed before the United Nations “the goal of a new World Order, Divine in origin, all-embracing in scope, equitable in principle, challenging in its features — that a harassed humanity must strive.”

Toward this end Baha’is guiding philosophy and goals include:

  • All people on the earth are from one family.
  • Women and men are equal.
  • All prejudice—racial, religious, national, or economic—is destructive and must be overcome.
  • We must investigate truth for ourselves, without preconceptions.
  • Science and religion are in harmony.
  • Our economic problems are linked to spiritual problems.
  • All major religions come from God.  So ours and the Jewish religion both come from God?  They are opposing views (Genesis 3:15).
  • World peace is the crying need of our time.
  • Universal Compulsory Education.

If this is indeed the basis of a global religion, before which all other beliefs and denominations must yield, there are a number of obvious concerns.  For example, how does one define national or economic “prejudice”?  Will one’s economic wherewithal be contingent upon converting to a new, state-mandated religion/spirituality?

And along these lines, if science and religion are conflated, what entities will help determine the moral parameters of the many scientific pursuits that run counter to and endanger life on earth? Under such a scheme will psychiatrists and bioethicists make up a new clergy?  Many of the Bahá’í tenets would fit well in a technocratic order where the state is the foremost authority.

According to the Center for Media and Democracy’s Source watch database the Bahá’í faith’s ambitious vision is a forthrightly political project calling for the creation of:

  • A World Super State.
  • A World Legislator.
  • Unification of all the world’s religions under the umbrella of the Baha’i faith.
  • A World Parliament.
  • A World Police Force.
  • A Supreme Tribunal.
  • Election of leaders through merit alone without nominations.
  • A Permanent Single World Currency.
  • A World Taxation System.
  • A Single Universal Auxiliary Language.
  • Implementation of Agenda 21 and the Earth Charter.
  • Establishment of a World Free Trade Area.

Along with the institutionalized secular faith of carbon-centric environmentalism that figures centrally in the Bahá’ís’ undertakings, the Unity Project’s understated transnationalism is likewise making inroads at public schools and in communities throughout the world. As in his previous endeavors, the Sandy Hook tragedy has provided the backdrop for Woodall’s evangelizing that seeks to realign the traumatized individual and group toward certain ideals and norms.

What is arguably of concern is that Woodall proceeds under the cover of mental health professional while espousing an ardent globalist ideology that runs counter to the traditional political beliefs and religious faiths that, for better or worse, are espoused by a majority of the world’s population.

Sandy Hook PromiseIn the broader scheme of things the impulses and goals of the anti-individualistic Bahá’í faith’s and Dr. Woodall’s Unity Project provide clear glimpses of what may soon become a prevalent if not compulsory worldview–the elements of which are already being employed to ease the world’s population into a heightened tempo of violent and traumatic mediated events en route to the digitally-enforced feudalism of the twenty-first century.


What a scam this is.  How convenient that the supposed murder occurred where the leaders of the Baha’i faith’s Unity Project were located.  They got the exposure on national television on the Interfaith Prayer Service.  The rabbi sang his prayer, the Muslim had their prayer too, and the “Christians” were mostly represented by two woman pastors and foreigners.  What a disgrace!

Sandy Hook Poster:  We Choose LoveSandy Hook Poster: We Choose LoveBut did the Baha’i faith stop with the Interfaith Meeting?  Absolutely not!  It is in the town’s slogan:  “We are Sandy Hook; We Choose Love” is the slogan that they promoted.

And it is in the organization that is led by three members who are “parents” of three of the victim children who are on the board: 

  • Nicole Hockley:  communications Director
  • Nelba Marquez-Green:  Mental Health & Relational Wellness Director
  • Mark Barden:  Advocacy Director

It is in the “Parent Together” organization.  If you go to their website: you will find that as of last Saturday; November 23, 2013 there have been 260,318 people who have made the Sandy Hook Promise.  And what is that promise:  It is that we will “Parent Together to Prevent Gun Violence in Our Communities.”

Look what I found when I went to their website:

The hand, the trunk, and the hands, the leaves, are the symbols of this organization.

The hand, the trunk, and the hands, the leaves, are the symbols of this organization.

Nov 14, 2013

Kickoff video Parent Together campaign on Good Morning America.

Kickoff video Parent Together campaign on Good Morning America.

Today, Nicole Hockley and David Wheeler kicked off our Parent Together campaign on "Good Morning America." Watch the video to learn more about how you can help prevent gun violence in our communities and our country.

Nicole Hockley, representing her “dead” son Dylan and David Wheeler representing his “dead” son Ben were the representatives for the Parent Together on “Good Morning America.” they made the point at how separated the Congress is from the views of the people:  No they were not talking about Obamacare or Abortion but gun violence.   Nicole Hockley said: “It doesn’t matter what your politics are, what your religion is, what your financial situation is:  all of our differences doesn’t matter if we put our children first”. 

Sandy Hook Promise announced the launch of Parent Together, a national grassroots campaign to educate and empower parents to prevent gun violence in their communities. Emphasizing mental wellness, connection to community and gun safety, the campaign will bring parents together around their common love for all children to help.  Sandy Hook Promise launched Parent Together and John Woodall’s student resiliency.

As you travel around the website you will find the Baha’i faith is instrumental in this organization.  When you hit the Innovation Initiative at the top of the website, here is what you see:  Do you recognize the people speaking who are in the picture!

Nicole Hockley, mother of six-year-old Dylan who was killed at Sandy Hook, talks about the promise of innovation to end gun violence in San Francisco, California.

Innovation Initiative

There is Nicole Hockley speaking at the Sandy Hook Promise meeting. 

In line with the Sandy Hook Promise Mission to turn tragedy into transformation and to make our communities and nation a safer place, WE announced the formation of the Sandy Hook Promise Innovation Initiative on March 14, 2013.

While legislative efforts are very important and WE continue to support those efforts, WE also believe that the solution cannot be passing new laws alone and that there are other effective solutions that don't involve Washington. WE each have a role to play in making our families and communities safer.  There is a link to the Baha’i faith, Unity Project, Parent Together, Sandy Hook Promise and student resiliency. 

The website also sells products such as green nail polish, tee-shirts, car magnets, car stickers, lapel pins, wristbands and sweat bands:

Sandy Hook Show Your Promise productsOPI's Limited-Edition Sandy Hook Green Nail Polish

Tee-shirts, wrist band and nail polish are three of the products that are sold by Parent Together.

Here is their logo:  A hand for the trunk and 26 hand-prints for the leaves

Sandy Hook Show Your Promise Logo

There is also a very interesting story in that John Trentacosta owns the property adjacent to the Lanza’s 34 Yogananda Street house.  John Trentacosta is the CEO of Newtown Savings Bank and is also on the Federal Reserve Advisory Council.

John Trentacosta Federal Reserve Appointment

The weave of lies just keeps on going.  May our LORD and God keep on revealing their plans and may we have the desire to keep on telling them to our members and friends.  Hipster dupes, trial lawyers, banksters and war machine bootlickers are dancing on the graves of allegedly “dead” children and are aligned to strip you of your most effective tools to resist to tyranny.  There is no doubt that these scumbags will be getting funded by your tax dollars through some sort of “stimulus grant” to deprive you of your liberty very, very soon.

Symbol of Religious Tolerance

This is the evil representation that we will never be under.  Christianity-Identity is exclusive and does not tolerate of all religions.

Christian Identity will NEVER be under the umbrella of the Baha’i faith.  We will fight all of these false religions and beliefs who united together.  We will stand alone if need be (Genesis 3:15).  We will accept no other God except for the one who delivered our ancestors from slavery in Egypt.  We don’t advocate or promise to “Parent Together” to eliminate guns.  We believe it is the parents’ right to raise their children, not the whole community. We don’t choose love, we choose the Love of our God.

Blessed be the LORD God of Israel!