Lies, Lies and More Lies

by Pastor Don Elmore

This past week I have felt that our nation has been the recipient of those whose father was the originator of the lie (John 8:44).  They have certainly told many lies in the nation’s past—but this week they had to change their lies so often. 

I was watching the Celebrity Apprentice on television, when two of the women on the show were having a ferocious verbal fight before Donald Trump, when all of a sudden — with about seven minutes left in the two hour show — came the announcement that the President of the United States was going to appear and make a announcement to the nation.  The station left Donald Trump’s choice of who he “fired” as we waited for the President to imminently appear.  But the wait lasted for forty minutes.

But he did eventually appear — about 40 minutes late.  The entire nation was ready to hear the master socialist speak and what a story did we hear:  the ever-changing story of the Osama bin Laden execution.  

It now has become evident that no one in or around the White House knows exactly what happened or else they are very bad at lying. 


The U. S. President  explained to the  nation how a secretive Navy Seal team dropped into a million-dollar compound where bin Laden had been hiding for a number of years.  Searching for bin Laden, the Seals fought their way through a number of bodyguards.  During the intense firefight — which was observed in real time by President Barack Obama, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, CIA Director Leon Panetta, Secretary of Defense Robert Gates, Vice President Joe Biden and a number of others in the White House Situation Room (a photo of this happening was put out by the White House) — bin Laden, with one of his wives in front of him as his shield, was firing with a weapon, and was shot twice in the head by the Navy Seals. Two women were shot, one mortally.

The Navy Seal team snatched Bin Laden’s body and some computer hard drives.  Bin Laden’s DNA was quickly and accurately matched with that of his half sister, his iris was scanned (not the one that was shot) and his body was photographed.  At the end of this 40 minute episode, they took his body and buried it into the sea according to the Muslin tradition.

Almost immediately after the story was told by the President of the United States, many media outlets began running a photograph of Bin Laden with obvious head trauma.  The photo was quickly deemed a hoax — for it was a photo shopped photo combination of the lower half of bin Laden’s face with the upper half of an unidentified Muslim man who had suffered massive head wounds.

And this was just the beginning.  By the next several days more and more of the story came into question or was changed by officials inside the White House, including Obama himself:

  • Bin Laden was hiding behind one of his wives, but later it was told that as she ran towards one of the  Navy Seals she was shot in the leg.
  • Bin Laden was firing a gun when he was killed, but later it was told that he did not have a gun.
  • One of his wives was killed in the crossfire, but now she was just shot in the leg.
  • The $1 million dollar “mansion” where he was living was a decrepit building without any air conditioning or any other luxuries and was worth much less.
  • Bin Laden was said to have been shooting ferociously but later it was retracted that he was unarmed.
  • The intense firefight was soon reduced to just one of Bin Laden’s couriers — who was killed as the Seal team entered the compound from their two        helicopters. 
  • The photograph that showed the President and his staff watching the moment by moment attack by the Navy Seals really didn’t see the video.  They later changed it that the video went blank as the Seals entered the building.  It was a complete fake — one wonders what they were really watching!
  • There are photos of a dead bin Laden, and the Administration planned to release them.  Then, it decided not to.  It was within days discovered that it was a fake photo.
  • Bin laden was shot once in the eye and once in the chest, not twice in the head.
  • The DNA test, performed moments after his death, is conclusive because it was compared to DNA from his half sister who died of cancer.  It was one of the fastest DNA tests ever as they stated that the entire incident last only 40 minutes.  That included going into the building and traveling through each room looking for bin Laden. 
  • Nothing was mentioned about his dialysis.  Ten years ago he had to had this done twice a week.  It was also a joke to say it would be easy to find him in the mountains because all you would have to do was to just follow the extension cords to his dialysis machine!  They said that he never left the building for five years and yet there was no sign of any dialysis equipment located in that building.
  • No mention was made of the noise that the two helicopters made when they landed outside the building; even when one of the helicopters had the misfortune of crashing inside the building.   The noise should of awakened all the people who were staying in the building and they should have had a valid defense for the most important man in their organization.   Nothing was mentioned of this fact.  Nothing was said about the any neighbors awakening and coming to see what was going on.
  • The story was that the Navy Seals just quickly entered the building—no word was given on  the  of an adequate defense.  Only one gunman to defend Osama Bin Laden?                            
  • The Obama Administration claims there is a video of Osama being buried at sea and that the video would soon be release.   Now they say that it is impossible to now release it—the Americans are too immature to see them and the Muslims could use it for their own purposes.
  • The Navy Seals blew up the helicopter that crashed and landed inside the building when they left the area.  They said that they detonated it by remote control. I guess that would wake up the neighbors!
  • The dead body of bin Laden was quickly transported to a United States ship by the remaining helicopter and he was buried at sea within twenty-four hours. This is supposedly the tradition of the Muslims?  I don’t remember this being done to Saddam Hussein, President of Iraq or to any other Muslim that they had killed.  And it isn’t Muslim tradition; for Muslim protocol states that only Muslims who die at sea are the ones who should be buried at sea.  This whole burial at sea just makes the whole story very strange.  What advantage do they have with this lie?  It gets rid of Osama’s body!  It destroys the evidence!  If Osama died ten years or so  previous to this incident, then how could you keep his body for people to inspect when there was no body to keep?
  • I have not seen or heard of anyone who was on this raid.  No names are given for it is said that the Navy Seals are a secret organization and they would lose their advantage if whoever killed Osama; his identity was revealed. 
  • I have not heard the details in how the Seals went in each room in the three stories looking for bin Laden, how they killed him, how they carried him back down the steps three floors and out to the helicopter, how they took the seized computers and hard drives, how they blew up the other helicopter that was crashed, then how they rushed him to the ship and had him buried at sea!  All this done in forty minutes; except the ride to the navy ship.

All this occurred just a couple of days after Obama presented to the media his long form certificate of birth.  It very quickly was proven to be a false document—another lie.  For the errors were quickly pointed out:

  1. It gave the country that Barry’s father was from as being “Kenya” but that was not the name of that country in 1961 when Barry was born.  It did not gain its independence from the British until a couple of years later.  So it is a lie—unless the person who filled out the Certificate of Live Birth had the ability to know what would happen in the future.
  2. The same thing happened with the name of the Hospital where the birth supposedly occurred.  The wrong name was given; at the time of the birth in 1961 the Hospital had not merged with another hospital—thus, it name was different from what it is now called.  Another lie—the person who filled out this on the Certificate of Live Birth failed to note the change in the Hospital’s name.
  3. Obama has spent close to $2 million dollars blocking the state from giving his birth certificate out—and it just not his birth certificate—his high school records; his college transcripts and papers; his passport information; his scholarship records; etc.  He certainly does not want the people to know of his past.
  4. Within two days of the presentation of this certificate, computer whizzes had taken all of the typed information off of the document and showed that they could type any information in they wanted.  You couldn’t do this on a true document.
  5. The was a difference in color between outside the written area and the inside — this also showed that it was a doctored item.
  6. And on and on it goes.  Lie after lie after lie.

The speech did take away the pressure from his alleged birth certificate that he had present to the people.  It also raised his popularity in the polls; his approval rating improved. I heard a report on the radio that today the American public would support his reelection by 55% to 45%.  So far, it seems that the speech was a success.


But did you notice WHEN the speech was given — May 1st at 11:35 PM?  It told about the murder of Osama Bin Laden that occurred a few hours earlier on this same day in history.  The Illuminati are very concerned with events happening on a certain day in their calendar and May 1st is a very special day on their calendar and on the calendar of wicked people for thousands of years. 

  • It was the same date when the goddess begins her annual reign over the earth.  Each May 1st she begins her six month reign; and she relinquishes it on October 31st — Halloween is what it is called today; one of the most important days in witchcraft and the new age.
  • It is also known as May Pole Day in most “Christian countries.”   Very few people ever stop and think about what a May Pole has to do with Christianity? 
  • Exactly two hundred thirty-five years after the founding of the illuminati — May 1, 1776.  On that day Adam Weishaupt met with a few illuminati men in a cave in Germany and made plans for their eventual triumph over the world.  Why do you think that the Communists world celebrates this day each year? 
  • It occurred on the biggest parade and march day in the Communist (Jewish) world; one of the biggest annual days on their calendar.  The countries of the Communist’s world always hold May 1st as a special day and march their armies in a parade.
  • International Workers Day is celebrated on May 1st of each year.
  • The Congress of the United States set the starting day of the Holocaust Remembrance Days as May 1st.  Nothing like celebrating another big lie especially on the day the Communists’ celebrate their special day.

The Illuminati are very particular about different days and certain numbers.  Don’t you think that they wanted his speech to be on this day?  The speech was so late at night that more Americans would have heard it if he had given it in the morning.

And did you hear his reference to Flight 93 and its crash in Pennsylvania?  The jet airplane supposedly crashed into a hole outside of Pittsburgh on September 11, 2001.  Talk about a lie!  No plane, no luggage, no bodies, no blood, no black box — nothing but a small hole.  The entire plane and everything in it just disappeared. 

In fact, after his speech he went to New York City at Ground Zero — to honor the dead of 9/11/2001 — the event that the former oil partner with President George Bush was supposedly responsible.  Another in this series of lies.

It is amazing how this man could do this?  He must not have any conscious.  Think about it.  He is supposedly being with the people who are the survivors of the victims who were killed in the 9/11 attacks.   And the man responsible for these attacks — Osama bin Laden.  Why is this a lie?

  • The FBI report does not list Osama bin Laden as being the man responsible for the attacks.  His name was missing on their list.
  • A woman, who was a survivor whose husband was killed in the twin towers, went to Obama  shortly after he was elected President of the United States.  During the audience with him she poured out her heart over whom she felt was responsible — and it was not Osama bin Laden.  Shortly thereafter, on a flight to Buffalo, New York to visit her sister, she was killed in a plane crash. 
  • There are many groups who are opposed to the notion that Osama bin Laden had anything to do with the four hijack airplanes that crashed? into the buildings and land on September 11, 2011.  It certainly was a day of many firsts:
    1. Two towers collapsed in a “demolition style” after being hit by a jet airplane.   This had never happened before.
    2. A third building came down in the same “demolition style” and it was NOT hit by a jet airplane.  This occurred about two hours later on September 11th.  Another first.
    3. An airplane that hit the Pentagon building totally disappeared.  Another first.
    4. Flight 93 crashed into a small hole in Pennsylvania; and totally disappeared.  Another first.
    5. The airport in Cleveland, Ohio was totally evacuated—later claimed to be a mistake made by the mayor of the big city.   Another lie.
    6. The picture lists of the 19 hijackers of the four airplanes provided by the Administration (who were supposed to be dead)—over half of the number were found living in other countries.  Another lie.
    7. Osama’s family left the United States on a plane when all other airplanes were grounded. 
    8. Within a few hours of the first airplane hitting the first tower, Osama bin Laden was said to the person responsible.

In his speech, shortly after this disastrous event, President George Bush said that this war against the “terrorists” would be a LONG WAR.  This long war is still going on ten years after it happened.  But they are fighting the wrong enemy; it was the Jewish terrorists who did it—not the Muslims. 

Shortly after his election, Obama received the Noble Peace Prize Award.    He basically was given it—he did not earn it.  He hadn’t been in office long enough to do anything to earn it—no major treaties; laws or anything.  Even he seemed shocked at receiving it.  He is just telling more lies in the history of the United States—fooling the majority of the American people.

Deuteronomy 17:15 tells us that he is disqualified from holding any office in the United States—which, of course, includes the Presidency.  His family—he had an aunt form Kenya who was living in the United States practically homeless; illegally.   The courts let her remain here for a few more years.  His grandmother on his mother’s side died shortly after he was elected.  Never heard her make any comments before the election.  His father died many years ago.  Never heard much from his half-sister either.  And his family in Kenya—heard a little bit from them; but nothing in a couple of years.

He has censored all of his records—made them inaccessible until many years later.  High School, colleges, passport, CIA records, scholarships, thesis papers, transcripts, medical records, etc. all are forbidden. 

But who has he surrounded himself with his cabinet and other appointed officers, including the Supreme Court appointees—many, many descendants of the people who Jesus Christ said were the children of the father of lies.   


In the speeches about 9/11, the President said that this would be the “New Pearl Harbor.”  And it has.  Like what happened in Pearl Harbor (another lie), 9/11 also was used to fire up the American People against the enemy that they wanted.—even though it was not the right enemy.

It is very similar to the incidents that occurred to stir up the America people—some “rescues” other “deaths” that have happened in this war.    Let’s look at two of these special events that occurred:

  1. Jessica Lynch rescue.  She was rescued from a hospital with the camera filming the American soldiers rushing in to save her.  The only problem was the enemy had left a couple of days prior to this filming.  The only people the soldiers ran into were the doctors and nurses.  A wonderful rescue.
  2. The Pat Tilman death; a professional football star who gave up a $3 million plus contract to play football to go and serve in the armed forces.  He was killed by whom?

The neighbors who lived near where Osama supposedly lived in the Pakistani town never knew he lived there.  There never saw him and knew of no evidence that would put him there—for five years? 

And they didn’t have much support for the defense of Osama.  Few guards and weapons.  Why?   Only one person fired a gun and he was killed.  No Americans were killed.  How did they fly in two helicopters and no neighbors heard them?  The shooting that took place—and no neighbors heard them? 

There has been word from the White House that the building where Osama was staying would be torn down—just like the buildings in the United States that were staged acts of terrorism.  If the building is not destroyed I believe that many will find the truth that Osama was not staying there.


All this information is really depressing unless one believes what the Bible says about this situation.  Jesus Christ repeatedly told us to “Not be afraid.”

When one looks at the history told in the Bible about Israel one wonders if it could or should be worse.  The entire world is quickly coming under the control of the Esau/Cainites.

Richard Hoskins writes in his newsletter that he found in 1 Adam and Eve 18:7-9 that after the sin that the serpent caused in the Garden that “God carried away the serpent from Adam and Eve, threw it on the shore, and it landed in INDIA.”

India; the place where they have the many gods of tolerance.  Buddhism tolerates other religions and many acts of sin which the Christian Law forbids.  For example:  Sodomy is tolerated where in Christian Law the penalty was never tolerated, until in very recent generations. 

Buddhists believes in reincarnation which influences the behavior towards the sin of murder.  When a person dies he immediately is reborn in a higher state or a lower state depending on how good a life he lived.  Murderers are almost never executed because they might redeem themselves by good deeds if allowed to live.  It is no accident that Europe has outlawed the death penalty and the United States sentences criminals to prison who would have been put to death in earlier years.

Esau joined up with the descendants of Cain and have become a branch of this family which has tried to steal the covenant and promises that God made with Israel.  They have lied, lied and told more lies until they have convinced most of true Israel that they are the covenant people of God.  They have even lied about the theology that God has a separate plan of salvation just for their people. 

They never had a home or were free in any nation until the new world opened up.   They had been kicked out of every European nation a minimum of three times over the two thousand years since the murder of Jesus Christ.  The 23 Brazilian Jewish refugees who landed in New Amsterdam in the late summer of 1654 were denied even the most elementary economic and religious rights but it was not  until the adoption of the Federal Constitution in 1789 that Jews finally became free—they began to hold public offices of honor and responsibilities.

It has become much like it was when Jesus was virgin born:  Israel was separated into two different kingdoms.  The House of Israel had been divorced for over seven centuries and was cut off from the covenant of their husband.  The House of Judah was mainly in diaspersa; with a small remnant who lived in Galilee.  

But Jesus came for the lost sheep of the House of Israel—his death, burial and resurrection would be the reason that the new covenant would be made ONLY with these two kingdoms.  The Law of God would be written on the hearts and minds of the House of Israel.

As Richard Hoskins finished his newsletter:

“Mark my words; I also know of hundreds Son’s of Jacob who sincerely know and believe the WORD.  It is these who will lead us to freedom in the coming apocalypse.  We are learning to identify a serpent when we see one.  The days of Esau and his friends are numbered.”