The Kim Davis Rally


by Pastor Mark Downey

September 20, 2015

Scripture Reading: Romans 1:26-32

The scene as Kim Davis was released from jail.One of the headlines in a Kentucky related news story last week was 'Black Lives Matter' thug murdered KY state trooper who was trying to help him.”  The Obama regime is intentionally driving a wedge between law enforcement and minority groups to incite civil unrest; and even has the gall to send administration officials to the funerals of black thugs, while avoiding the funerals of dead cops trying to do their job of keeping law and order.  But, another Kentucky news story has similar overtones that are hitting a sensitive nerve with White Christian Americans throughout the nation.  Since the 'not so Supreme' Court took upon itself to redefine a millennium of what is traditionally considered marriage, and rendered an “opinion” by only 5 black robed devils, that same-sex marriage is now legal, one County Clerk, Kim Davis, just said “No.”  For her defiance, a US District Judge threw her in jail for contempt.  No trial, no due process, no bail and no recognition of state and federal laws, which she was obligated to follow from her oath of office.  Because of this outrageous travesty of justice and an overt declaration of war on Christianity, a rally was organized in support of her stand and I decided to go to Grayson, KY, on Sept 8, 2015, protesting her incarceration; and as one banner proclaimed “first the baker, then the clerk, next the pastors.”  This should be a wake-up call of monumental proportions, that the Obama government, the republicrat oligarchy and the Babylonian corporations that own them, have launched a blatant attack against Jesus Christ and His followers.  The attack is clearly one of intimidation to bow down before another god, the god and goddesses of homosexuality.  Christ has zero tolerance for such perversions. 

A wedge has been driven between good and evil and I say 'bring it on.' 

First the Baker, then the Clerk, next the Pastors

It was a pleasant 2 ½ hour drive to Grayson as the heat began to rise.  As I entered town, it immediately became bumper to bumper traffic, moving at a snail's pace just to get to the main intersection and turn to go another half mile to the Detention Center.  There were businesses along the way in red, white and blue outfits with signs saying 'we love Kim' and “free Kim' etc.  There was absolutely no parking as I got closer to the rally; there was no turning around; and people were already walking towards the entrance.  There were a few places hawking parking spots for $20, which was tempting, but I thought I might get lucky and find a spot.  So did everybody else.  As I came to the epicenter of activity, there were cops everywhere, ambulances and religious hucksters of every stripe preaching their brand, who must have gotten there the day before with their vehicles plastered with flamboyant anti-sodomite messages. 

It was almost like a carnival atmosphere; you could feel the high pitched emotion in the air without the popcorn and cotton candy.  As I followed traffic going past the event area and drove over a bridge with a lovely creek below, I went another ¼ mile and took a chance on a side street, that was already lined with cars going at least 100 yards before the road curved out of sight, and I saw a couple of spots in front of a stop sign so I took it (like the cops are going to be towing cars that day) and a few seconds later a TV crew in a van pulled right behind me. 

As I joined the throngs of people headed back to the jail, I noticed I no longer had air conditioning and guessed that it must have been around the mid 90's.  I brought my own water to rehydrate, but as I approached the main gate I noticed the EMS had tons of bottled water ... on ice... for free!  They were well prepared for heat exhaustion and it indeed affected some people who were being treated in several canopy tents.  Some were even taken away in ambulances.  This was definitely a major event as the next thing I saw was a crop of giant satellite dishes and truckloads of media equipment.  There was a pretty blonde gal with a CNN microphone who thought she was the star of the show.  It was funny watching these media whores, knowing how they were going to spin doctor what was actually going on.  I really didn't know what my purpose was going to be once I got there; what God wanted me to do; whether I was to just start preaching Christian Identity or engage in conversations.  I quickly realized that my mission was to do a sermon about what I was seeing and the Holy Spirit would reveal other insights later. It would have been futile competing with two huge speaker systems emanating from the stage right in front of the jail, blasting loud music and periodic announcements, coupled with a dozen different preachers who came prepared with their own bullhorns.  The noise was deafening, especially with my new hearing aid, and you could hardly carry on a conversation with anyone without yelling.  I think that was intentional by the organizers so that people could not share conspiracy theories or anything of substance; it was a crowd control mechanism.  You might be wondering who staged this rally? It was all a Mike Huckabee promotion, a presidential candidate who seized the opportunity to exploit Kim Davis.  The exploitation may have been mutual, I don't know.  But, Huckabee expertly milked the media exposure for all it was worth.  He is a former pastor and governor of Arkansas and I have friends down there that tell me he one was of the most corrupt.  That's hard to do with the Clintons being from there also. 

Starting the Kim Davis rally was Mike Huckabee and Matthew Staver of Liberty Counsel - See more at: rally was to start at 3:00PM and with impeccable timing, Huckabee and Davis' lawyer, Matthew Staver of Liberty Counsel (who I mentioned in 'Wind – Part 2,' came on stage and said they had a special announcement and to everyone's surprise said, “Kim Davis is free,” whereupon the proverbial crowd went nuts, exploding in cheers and tears.  They said she would be speaking at the end of the rally, after processing out of the jail.  After she disappeared, as if choreographed from a script, the whole crowd began singing 'God Bless America,' prompted by the behemoth sound system and a local church choir, which I never actually got to see.  The next song got me to thinking, who is the disc jockey playing all this, what appeared to be, pre-selected music?  I couldn't believe the next song was 'This Land Is Your Land' by Woodie Guthrie, a fellow traveler of jews and communists in the 1940's; Guthrie would have supported same sex marriages as his jewish handlers directed.  The crowd was mostly White, but there were also a number of blacks, who mostly came in comfort, bringing their own lawn chairs and umbrellas.  Because they parked themselves in front of the stage, I never could get any closer than 100 feet, so picture taking became a challenge between flags, umbrellas and huge signs.  There were a dozen chartered buses and some churches had their own.   

Some signs at the Kim Davis rally Sept 8, 2015Confrontation between Kim Davis supporters and pro-homosexual protesters - See more at: the 3:00 showtime, there were some interesting drama's going on.  There were quite a few arguments that broke out, probably because of the caption of some of the signs. There was one old codger sitting in a lawn chair with a little bullhorn, close to a bunch of state troopers, and another guy took umbrage with his ideas that God hates queers; his sign said something to the effect that God loves everybody.  I watched this go on for about 10 minutes and the sugar-coated Christian walked away disgusted.  I walked over to the old man and patted him on the back and said, “God doesn't love abominations” and he smiled.  As I walked away, I heard him broadcast, “And God don't love abominations.”  It's elbow to elbow and everybody is perspiring profusely.  I find some shade from the media's flatbed trailer, standing next to a sound man at his mixing board.  Along comes a Hispanic reporter looking for people to interview; he's looks like a Jeraldo Rivera wannabe; he's got a mongrel cameraman and a black guy running interference so people don't block the shot; he's obviously some kind of judeo, because all of his leading questions are making him sound like he knows his Bible, interviewing some Baptist minister and a pudgy kid who didn't know up from down.  He saw my ball cap that said 'Trust God Not Government' and didn't want to interview the likes of me.

But, the confrontation of the day was with half a dozen lesbians who brought their filthy message of so called “peace” on a 12 foot banner.  One of the dykes wore the catholic notch on her collar as if she's some kind of minister of God.  It sure wasn't the God of Israel.  The antithetical kicker was a swarthy Bible-thumping agent provocateur who brought his own rainbow flag and delicately placed it on the ground in front of these lesbos and began spitting on it and stomping on it and reading them the riot act, getting in their faces as they just smiled.   I think this stunt was to get the Kim Davis supporters involved in an altercation, as they strategically located themselves within camera range of the media's flatbed trailer.  But, to their dismay no one took their bait and just laughed at them as their little provocation fizzled.   This really shows how underhanded and conniving the LBGT movement really is.  Had someone taken the bait and it was caught on camera, that is what you would have seen on the evening news.  Of course, it doesn't work that way the other way around.  When Pastor Fred Phelps goes to protest a gay parade, the LBGT hurls buckets of urine and human waste at the Christians; but, that did not impede their abhorrence of what God considers “abomination” and subsequent protests were equipped with plastic tarps. 

Another crowd shot at the Free Kim Davis Rally Sept 8, 2015 - See more at: the big show got going with speakers, the emcee of the event was a jew turned pastor, turned internet viral video star, Joshua Feuerstein, the son of “Holocaust survivors,” who must have thought he was at the Apollo Theater in Harlem, introducing speakers with that mesmerizing cadence of sweaty negro preachers... “let's give it up for the red, white and blue.”  He worked the crowd pretty slick-like in tandem with whoever was running the sound system.  He told the crowd, “It was the judge who put her in jail not the sheriff.”  I guess he conveniently forgot the Nuremberg reply: I was just following orders.  The lineup of scheduled speakers was strangely confused with some billed as coming to the event and not allowed to speak and others who spoke who had no previous billing.    

Liberty Rally poster as Huckabee exploits Kim Davis for publicity for his presidential campaign

Ted Cruz barred from speaking by Mike Huckabee's security at the Kim Davis rallyMost notably was Sen. Ted Cruz, another presidential candidate, who came out in support of Kim Davis and was going to be at the rally as reported by the media days before.And he was there, but I never saw him and he was denied the podium by Huckabee.  In fact, one of his security team, a stubby looking Korean, physically kept Cruz from exiting the Detention Center and who appeared to be dumbfounded; did he tell the goon, “I am a United States Senator”?  Perhaps the kung-fuey goon said, “Exactly.”  Huckabee later told Newsmax, “This was our event... He’s not free to come to an event that we’re putting together and invite himself on the program.”  Wasn't that real Christian of them, working together for Kim Davis?

Before jew Feuerstein began, he mentioned the antichrist queers that I had related to you earlier, politely calling them “people not having the same point of view or opinion” and then challenged the audience to “not be provoked by outsiders who do not represent Christianity well” [hey, they don't represent Christianity at all] and to “show them grace, mercy and love... This is a rally of love.”  He most likely said that, because they were of the same jewish Khazar tribe as he was, who have Canaanite blood running in their veins, whom God spared not, commanding true Israel to have no mercy on them if they wanted their Promised Land.  Really, does God love “abomination”?  Does this Judas priest know what happens when we help the ungodly and love them that hate the Lord per II Chron. 19:2?  I think he does and he just cursed several thousand White Christian Americans in attendance to support a County Clerk who is resisting evil, but to love the evildoers as well.  Does God love Esau?  Both the OT and NT say 'No.'  Amos 5:15 says, “Hate evil and love good, and establish justice in court.”  There is no justice in loving evil or hating good.  I bet Feuerstein doesn't love Hitler or White Christians or our Kinsman Redeemer.

Other guest speakers were warmly welcomed, but were not running for president.  The first speaker was Tony Perkins of the Family Research Counsel.  He started out good by saying “The time for being spectator Christians is over... it is a time to take a stand like Kim Davis... it is a time to resist unelected rulers.”  It started going downhill after he quoted Martin Lucifer King, “One has a moral responsibility to disobey unjust laws.”  King not only had the morals of a stray ally cat hiring White prostitutes and beating them, but was the opposite of a peacemaker, which Perkins tried to attach “blessed be” to a communist agitator who was the cause of rage and rioting.  I watched the second GOP debate Wednesday night (9-16-15) and the candidates were asked what great American woman should be on the new $20 bills and I couldn't believe that 4 or 5 of them said, “Rosa Parks,” another communist trained provocateur.  This subtle pandering to 'Black Lives Matter' hysteria was pathetic and just as disgusting as same sex marriage.  The queers have tried to attach themselves to the civil rights movement, and even some blacks are offended by that. We are living as in the days of Noah with rampant race mixing and homosexuality.  Perkins echoed a recurring soundbyte of 'religious rights' and that the Pilgrims came here for religious freedom.  More to the point would be Christian liberty and that the Pilgrims came here for the advancement of the Christian faith, which means we don't want other religions in America period!

Twin brothers David and Jason Benham have lost their opportunity to host their own HGTV show due to anti-LBGT comments made by one of them.Speaking of getting “kicked off,” the next speakers were twin brothers, Jason and David Benham, whose new show on the H&G channel was canceled before it premiered, because of their outspoken Christian beliefs (anti LBGT in particular).  Now these guys shouldn't be judeo-Christians, they should be Christian Identity, having great Aryan genetics, beautiful wives and children. I loved their analogy of the “gay” agenda to silence Christian influence in America: a little rat with a flashlight shining its image on a wall, looking like a dinosaur, “all we got to do is flick that rat away.”  We used to watch HGTV, but it became clear that a crazy sodomite mafia has overwhelmed that channel with cultural Marxism and the cancer of deviant homosexual propaganda.  They will never normalize the American home and family with aberrant lifestyles that are antithetical to a moral society. But, who says we're one nation under God anymore, when the church first promulgated multicultural diversity and then special rights for the minority of sexual perverts?  Queers can never be Christians in the eyes of God, when God Himself has given them over to a reprobate mind (Romans 1:28), which means one who is incapable of repentance, lost to grace, mercy and love.  The twins' father is Flip Benham, who is considered a 'Religious Right' whack job by the purveyors of 'hate crime' legislation and Orwellian political correctness.  He recently led a protest at the home of Judge David Bunning, holding him in contempt of Almighty God and handing out flyers to his neighbors explaining what a rat he is.  Here is a link to the flyer:

Same sex marriage is still illegal in Kentucky.  The power to define marriage is not delegated to the federal government anywhere in the U.S. Constitution.  Therefore, according to the 10th Amendment, individual states have the right to define marriage.  Kentucky did this very thing in 2004, saying, “Only a marriage between one man and one woman shall be valid or recognized as a marriage in Kentucky.  A legal status identical or substantially similar to that of marriage for unmarried individuals shall not be valid or recognized.”  This is Kentucky law.  Furthermore, the opinion of the Supreme Court is the law of the case, not the law of the land and it's opinion is in direct violation of Kentucky law.  How does it violate Kentucky law?      Kentucky law punishes any magistrate who dares to marry two of the same sex with a $500 to $1000 fine,  and removal from office (per heretofore unamended Kentucky statute 402.990).   So, based on our system of government, Kim Davis did what was right by refusing to issue same-sex marriage licenses, because she was upholding Kentucky law.  Accordingly, she has repeatedly asked, “Under what law am I authorized to issue homosexual couples a marriage license?  Neither Judge Bunning nor anyone else can answer.  Because no such law exists.  And the 9th and 10th Amendments protects the law that Kentuckians put in place; they put limitations on the federal government by specific enumerated powers; any right or duty not explicitly granted to them is forbidden them, and “belongs to the states, or the people.”  Where is the authorization in the Constitution for the Supreme Court to rule on state marriage laws?  There is no such authorization, therefore marriage is outside the federal court's jurisdiction.  All law making authority is found in the legislature.  The courts cannot make law. The founding fathers never equated punishment with threats to federal powers; quite the opposite. They did not want a strong centralized government that could punish the people according to the whims of the three branches of government ignoring checks and balances (the biblical concept of just weights and measures).  The Bible upholds the same principle i.e. you cannot be punished without breaking a law for “sin is the transgression of the Law.”  The framers of the Constitution were well aware of Isaiah 33:22, “For the Lord is our Judge, the Lord is our lawgiver, the Lord is our King. He will save us” and each branch honored God's delegation of authority by reflecting His will through His Word/Law. 

We were founded as a Christian nation based on Christian principles.  That is our history and heritage if we can keep jews from rewriting the history books.  If future generations screwed up that position, that's another story.  On the other hand, the States and the People could do what the federal government could not do and that was to establish whatever denomination or form of Christianity that suited their State through whatever requirements they deemed fit. The so called religious test was never predicated on nor inclusive of a judaized or Masonic or Illuminati universalism that translated into all religions and all races either on a state or federal level.  The apostate church has perverted the words “all,” “every” and “whosoever” in the Bible.  What we see today, the rotten corruption of church and state, was only made possible by usurping the Christian vision of the American Revolution, which put the White Christian man on the soil.  There was no singing 'this land is your land, this land is my land.'  That idea comes from the internationalism of jewry with borderless countries i.e. communism.  It flies in the face of Deut. 32:8, “When the most High divided to the nations their inheritance, when he separated the sons of Adam, he set the bounds [borders] of the people according to the number of the children of Israel.”  God's system separated us from them, Whites from non-White, good from evil, “gay” from straight, Christian from non-Christian, nationalists from internationalists etc.  Our people have always been a “chosen race, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a people for God's own possession; so that you may proclaim the praises of the One who called you out of darkness into His marvelous light” I Peter 2:9.  Nowhere does that even hint of an egalitarian inter-faith melting pot to include all races and religions.

The Kentucky Legislature has yet to change this law (prohibiting same sex marriage) one jot or tittle. Instead, five left-wing extremist lawyers (out of a population of 230 million) have gone rogue in Washington, D.C., having no loyalty to America, Christianity or the rule of law.  Those five traitors of whom 3 are bona fide jews, 1 is a crypto jew catholic and 1 who wrote the majority opinion (in the guise of a law) is a pathetic shabbez goi (a jewish lackey).  These five (Kagan, Breyer, Ginsberg, Sotomayor and Kennedy respectively) have no business living in the united States of America and they should seek refuge in IsraeLIE where their loyalty resides.  There is a penalty for treason, and I dare say it is death.  If they are not resisted now, their tyranny against Christianity will not stop with a County Clerk.  They'll think they have a green light to legalize all other sorts of sin/crimes if there is no opposition.  The media reported only a few hundred attended the rally, which is a lie; there were thousands and I would say they were there to say to the black robe devils 'we not only support Kim Davis, but we will likewise stand in the gap when it's our turn to choose God or Baal.'  When the rubber hits the road, we either serve the living God or we're just playing church giving lip service to a sugar daddy god.  We either obey the Bible or the talmud.  And here's where we can press the issue, that Christianity owes absolutely nothing to judaism.  They are the epitome of opposites.  The Word of God condemns sodomy, whereas the rabbinical circumventions give sodomy a free pass.

In Elizabeth Dilling's book 'The Jewish Religion; Its Influence Today,'s she writes and documents the talmudic license for sodomy:

“Despite the thunderings and prohibitions of the Bible, sodomy in general, and specifically with little children, dead bodies, neighbors' wives and one's own wife is permitted by the Talmud.  Sanhedrin 58b of the Talmud states that sodomy or: "Unnatural connection is permitted to a Jew" and permits sodomy with a "neighbor's wife."  Baby boys may always be used as subjects for sodomy by grown men, according to the Talmud.  The Pharisaic subterfuge here is that until a child reaches sexual maturity, capable of sexual intercourse, he or she does not rank as a person, hence Biblical laws against sodomy (pederasty) do not apply. Throughout the Talmud "nine years and one day" is the fictitious age of male maturity.  "When a grown up man has intercourse with a little girl it is nothing, for when the girl is less than this — that is, less than three years old — it is as if one puts the finger into the eye — tears come to the eye again and again, so does virginity come back to the little girl under three years," Kethuboth 11b of the Talmud.  This is the standard doctrine of the whole Talmud on baby girls. Sodomy and intercourse with babies is the prerogative of the adult Talmudic man, in contrast to Christ's beautiful teachings concerning little children.  There the act of sodomy with one suffering with an incurable disease, hence regarded as already dead, or a "terefah," is held to be merely "as one who abuses a dead person, and hence exempt." The explanation is: "Punishment is generally imposed because of the forbidden pleasure derived.  Whereas there is no sexual gratification in abusing the dead."  How apt it was when Christ called the Talmudic Pharisees "whited sepulchres... full of all uncleanness." (Matt. 23).  Yet some of His followers call these abominators of every decency "God's Chosen People" and "People of the Book"!  All of this is made Jewish religious doctrine with full Luciferian knowledge of the Bible's laws against it.”

Elizabeth Dilling fought jewish communism fearlessly and for her feisty resistance to the Roosevelt tyranny at home and war mongering abroad, she was arrested and jailed just like Kim Davis.  But, Dilling was not convicted in the famous Sedition Trial of 1944 along with 30+ other co-defendants.  She incurred the wrath of satanic antichrist jews for daring to expose their plot against Christianity and refusing to be silent about it.  By “satanic” I mean mongrel hybrid bastards in contradistinction to White Christians “perfect in their generations.”  Joe McCarthy also came close to exposing the den of vipers, until he got too close to the State Department.  And even closer to home, the late Congressman James Traficant.  They've come a long way baby, with jewish lesbian witch Hillary Rodham Clinton wanting desperately to be America's first female despot in the Oval Office.  These same vermin fired the first shot to those who dared to exercise their conscience, objecting to the institutionalization of mocking traditional marriage and mocking God.   What our adversaries will never understand is that Christianity has survived 2000 years of tribulation, because of the saints and martyrs of Jesus Christ.  We simply will not tolerate any other gods before the one true God of Creation.   We Christians know that suffering brings preserverence (Romans 5:3), but our patience should never be confused with weakness.  In 1773, the Sons of Liberty, led by Samuel Adams declared at the onset of The Boston Tea Party that,

“Death is more eligible than slavery. A free-born people are not required by the religion of Jesus Christ to submit to tyranny, but may make use of such power as God has given them to recover and support their liberties… We implore the Ruler above the skies that He would bare His arm… and let Israel go.” 

They were not talking about jews.  They had a little Identity wake-up calling to perceive the nature of who they were and what their divine mission in life was about.  And most importantly, they knew the real enemy from within and without.  They witnessed the White Power of repentance.

Davis isn’t the only clerk with convictions over same-sex marriage licenses. Other clerks in Kentucky, Texas, Alabama and Florida have also resisted the change. Some clerks are allowing deputies to issue licenses they cannot sign under their religious convictions, while other counties are opting to not issue any marriage licenses at all. In those counties, state constitutions allow the discretionary decision because it does not mandate for magistrate or probate courts to issue marriage licenses, but states they “may” issue them.  One sign at the rally said it very clearly: The laws of man vs. the Laws of God; the Supreme Court vs. the Supreme God; who has the final say?  Indeed, there is no law that requires any county clerk to issue a marriage license to people of the same sex or adults with children or humans with barnyard animals.  Question: Where is the law?  What legislature voted for it?  What executive signed it?  What are the elements of the law?  Who wrote the law?  Where can you find it?  Should we obey God or man?

There should be no accommodation for homosexuals in a heterosexual society and County Clerks should not have to be accommodated because of the sins of immoral minorities.  There are still many nations in the world that execute homosexuals, knowing that decadence always brings the collapse of law and order.  If we accommodate the sin, then the sin proliferates and brings the curses of God's judgment.  If we accommodate the clerk, we are admitting that the sin is tolerable.  It is not.  God says it's an “abomination.”   This situation cannot remain the status quo, otherwise the criminalization of Christianity will move forward as if it is legitimate.  It is not.  What we need in America is the criminalization of judaism and to purge the jew according to Scripture.  Forget the old and tired buzzwords and look at what they've done to ruin our land and people.  Are people such mental midgets that they can't communicate beyond ragging 'nazi' and 'antisemitism'?  Has the jew dumbed us down that much?  Can churchianity overcome the insidious propaganda that good is evil and evil is good?  The rally I attended was so close and yet so far.  It was close to the appropriate disgust and revulsion of immorality and corruption, the visible effects and symptoms; but, it was far from understanding the causes and resolving the problem in righteousness.   

Flip Benham of "Operation Save America", but as universalist as they comeWhen I first heard about the rally, shortly thereafter I heard about another rally that was to take place 3 days later and one of the proponents was Flip Benham (mentioned earlier).  So I researched who he was and he came out of the Randall Terry group 'Operation Rescue,' a proactive anti-abortion organization and started his own group called 'Operation Save America.'  He's notorious for heckling queers and crashing “gay” weddings.  I listened to an interview Pastor Benham had with jewish talk radio host Alan Colmes about the Kim Davis story and he was very informative and persuasive.  But, you can't talk to a jew, you can't cast your pearls before swine.  He should listen to his sons, “all we got to do is flick that rat away.”  Esau-Edom is going to be destroyed with the flick of a BIC.  Moreover, you can't persuade people that have more truth than he does about race and sodomites.  He kept referring to his black brothers and sisters, espousing the universalism of jewish programers.  Why is it that these so called militant radical Christians wish to wave their magic wands and edit out the part in the Bible that says homosexuals “shall surely be put to death; their blood shall be upon them” (Lev. 20:13) and try to undo what God has done, giving them “over to a reprobate mind,” thinking their preaching can reverse an evil to good?  Who are they to reverse God's will?  Flip would be a dynamic Identity preacher if he would stop and realize that the racial question in America is no different than the homosexual question.  Both are manipulated by the jew and both impact the heritage of our race, the true Israelites of history.

Christians protesting imprisonment of Kim Davis on Sept. 8, 2015Martin Lucifer King and Ellen Degenerate are equally repulsive to God and should likewise be to us.  They cannot repent because they are either reprobates or non-Israelites.  Well, the rest of the speakers at the rally didn't make that much of an impression on me, having the same old tired judeo ethic of 'hate the sin, but love the sinner,' not to be found anywhere in Scripture.  I brought about 100 flyers and figured the best time to distribute them would be when people were leaving and because of my hat and charming smile they happily received 'Could You Be An Israelite,' 'Can Anything Be Judeo-Christian' and I saved the best for last “Are White Christians Blessed or Cursed by the Jews.'   I had to laugh when at least half a dozen people said they already had it... huh?  I told one lady, “You couldn't have gotten it, I just started, it's not nice to fib.”  After I exhausted my supply of Identity flyers, I started walking back to my car and only saw 2 flyers on the ground.  I pray that the seed was planted with some of the recipients of the Good News. 

The Kim Davis case has become a high profile flash point in America's cultural wars, garnering national news coverage.  Well meaning Christians know something is wrong with this latest escalation of moral erosion, seeing that God's Law has been tossed aside for what?  They've been sold the Beatles' bill of goods and pied pipers of the pulpits that all you need is love.  What they cannot hear is the Word of God that says, “If you love Me, you will keep My commandments [plural]” John 14:15.  And oh my,  how they love the jew and his lies.  They are not even cognizant that they need to repent of the jew, of God's foremost adversary, the real satans amongst us.  The laws of secular humanism i.e. the authority of self-righteousness, was staring the crowd in the face.  We Christians don't need no stinkin' marriage license.  We are stuck in the quagmire of Babylonian contracts when we covenant with government, leaving God out.  “What therefore God hath joined together, let not man put asunder” Mt. 19:6.  Vicarious human laws separate us from being God's covenant people.  WE can make all the laws we want for our society, but they must always conform to the proof text of what is good and acceptable and the perfect will of God.  The White man has struggled in his manifest destiny to advance the Christian faith, but so often negates the principle and spirit of His Law with the empty words of the letter of Law.  The New Covenant has supernaturally been imposed upon the hearts and minds of all Israelites, not jews, to administer the government of Christ.  Striving to fulfill our calling is what leads us to the Kingdom of God albeit imperfectly.  That's because we only have a down payment on the Holy Spirit to partially see who we are and what our duty demands of us. 

I've been saying for years that God is in control of things like this (even though a sodomite mafia might think it's in charge) in order to get His people off their butts i.e. “Be not conformed to this world,” “Come out of her My people,” “Be separate from them,”  “Be ye not unequally yoked together with unbelievers.”  Spirit means motivation and if we are not motivated, if we do not seek a spiritual resolve, we will continue to suffer persecution and tribulation.  Something intrinsically missing from our Christian consciousness is the concept of resisting tyranny, because Romans 13 has been so terribly distorted to make people think they must be subject to any higher authority simply because it is currently in power.  That is not only unbiblical, because Romans 13 goes on to explain what constitutes the powers ordained of God, but also cowardice.  Terrorism is a funny business these days depending on who is terrorizing who and why.  The big losers are pacifists and spectators.   “So then because thou art lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will spue [spit, vomit] thee out of My mouth” Rev. 3:16.  The Christian standard has always been that when the state forbids that which God commands or commands that which God forbids, then we are to obey God rather than man. 

William Blackstone was the foremost scholar of law and highly regarded by the founding fathers, because he expressed the idea that any laws that were made contrary to the Law of God should not be suffered among us.  Now that the pragmatic standard has been thrown under the bus, the government can just make it up as they go along and that is the religion of secular humanism.  What to do?  Fight for religious liberty, keeping in mind that the word religion is no longer synonymous with Christianity and encompasses every abomination under the sun, and personally opt out of our divine calling to defend the faith wherever it leads?  No, our founders had the vision of governing by representation (another biblical concept) so that when the higher powers abrogated their duties, it was the duty of the States or the people, the lesser magistrates if you will, like Kim Davis, to stand in the gap to hold back the judgment of God.  History is replete with men of God choosing to do what was right according to the Word after being told to do something that was wrong according to the Word.  All of the Disciples, except John, were murdered by the state when told they could not preach Jesus; the 1st century was a bloody persecution of apostles and the primitive church.  Foxe's Book of Martyrs chronicles men of faith that were tortured at the hands of a sadistic catholic priestcraft.  The principle is the same with Kim Davis.  God delegates authority to civil magistrates, therefore they must govern according to His rule of law.  That's why Romans 13:4 says they are a “minister of God” to punish evil and reward good.  They cannot administer the rule of law if they reward evil and punish good.  When a higher authority imposes something contrary to God, a lesser magistrate has the duty in the eyes of God to defy that which offends God.  If the people surrounding Kim Davis counsel her to compromise, then that will not abate God's wrath.  We have to learn how to do what is right, not choosing between two evils.  As I have mentioned already, Liberty Counsel is chasing after multiculturalism and whoring after judaism.  A simple truth for White Christians is that racism is justified.  Everything that trickles down from the ministers of king Obama is null and void, because it violates Deut. 17:15 whereby only our own kindred can rule over us, not the racial alien.  We have baser sorts of men ruling over us as a rod of chastisement, not because it's right.  The ungodly are a curse for our disobedience, not a blessing.  Maybe they're a blessing for their own third world of mongrelization and the onslaught of the coming alien invasion from the Middle East; and what a blessing for the IsraeLIE to rid the Levant of goyim. 

Let's understand one thing: Kim Davis was not sent to jail for exercising her 1st Amendment right as an individual, she was found in contempt for the contest between two jurisdictions; the government of Christ vs. the government of man.  The former trumps the latter.  She was in jail because every official, before it came to her office, gave implied consent, giving carte blanche to an emerging antichrist tyranny.  Shame on Mike Huckabee and Ted Cruz for making momentary hay for their love of personal gain; a photo-op with Kim; a big boost for their fundraising; lots of publicity; while doing nothing to address the heart of the matter; in fact, bragging about their loyalty to the liars and murderers of jewry that brought us the talmudic jurisdiction in the first place.  The five non-Christian Justices are not infallible as is God and therefore their decision was illegitimate, because it flew in defiant contempt of God's Law.  Where was the so called Christian sheriff in all of this?  This could have been a great day, the day the US Marshalls showed up, had the sheriff executed his oath of office with the 2nd Amendment.  The county might as well issue him and his deputies plastic squirt guns.  The religious liberty defense will cause much fanfare, but the jewish masters will remain seated and insure the demise of one lady standing in the gap.  Whenever one branch of government initiates tyranny, all other branches and subdivisions of state, county and city have a sacred duty to uphold the godliness of laws that oppose godless lawlessness.  The Bible says, “The truth shall make you free.”  But, in order for a tyrant to get some traction, they need good people to do nothing.  And do you know what?  If they do nothing, they are no longer good.  They become part of the problem. 

We desperately need the Christian Identity truth to inspire our people to follow the God of Israel, not the gods and goddesses of the world.  Christ said “I have come to cast fire upon the earth, and what do I purpose [and what do I desire] if already it is ignited [or kindled]” Luke 12:49.  Are there any fires of hate kindled in your heart for what is happening to our Beulah Land?  If your judeo church has been emasculated into a puddle of trepidation “for fear of the jews,” then you need to leave that queer loving church; it is spiritual asbestos to the words of Christ.  The fire Christ speaks of cannot be kindled into a flame until something happens in your heart.  Sam Adams understood perfectly, "It does not require a majority to prevail, but rather an irate, tireless minority keen to set brush fires in people's minds."  Likewise, Hebrews 1:7 describes God's ministers as “a flame of fire.”  The enemies of God will be cast into a furnace of fire (Mt. 13:42).  Don't ya just love it?  Or do you have sympathy for the devils that strangulate the voice of God's dissident magistrates?

The main thing we lack as Christians is a unity of faith, which should be coming from shepherds feeding the sheep.  But, wolves are in charge of the flocks, accounting them ready for slaughter.  Traitors in our midst that feed the people poison must be exposed.  Playing politics is just as ineffective as the lethargy of couch potatoes playing armchair quarterbacks, but Christian activism will be blessed of God and cause a much needed confrontation with the enemies of Christ.  The ecclesia is the body politic and is never regarded as anything other than proactive.  Whether it is political or not is a matter of semantics.  The Kingdom is theocratic, which is to say that God cannot be separated from government.  If God has a plan for the ages, then we need to know what that plan is.  I pray that Kim's minister has fed her with the biblical concept of interposition of the lesser magistrate.  We are commanded to “Abstain from all appearance of evil” I Thes. 5;22.  Christian leadership interrupts anything that attempts to spoil the whole.  This is the debacle of corruption once it gains the inertia of error. 

Both Davis and Bunning contend that they are Christian.  His argument is that she violated her oath of office (in reality,  he is the violator); thinking that if he did what she did, he would go to jail.  He said he had no other choice but to punish Davis.  What was her oath?  An excerpt reads, “I will well and truly discharge the duties of the office... and will faithfully execute the duties of my office without favor, affection or partiality, so help me God.”  Since the Supremes ruled in favor of queers, these duties now include issuing marriage licenses to homosexuals.  The greater issue (for a Christian nation) is what if your oath of office is in direct conflict with your God's Law?  Such was the case for Kim Davis, taking a greater oath to love God with all her heart, mind and soul.  For that she was imprisoned.   “If you love Me, you will keep My commandments [plural]” John 14:15.  Does Bunning love Christ?  Is his oath of office as a US District Judge superior to his loving Christ with all his heart, mind and soul?  Actually, what Bunning said was that he had “genuinely held religious beliefs.”  Perhaps his “beliefs” were not in conflict with his oath of office after all.  If he believed in the God of the Bible, then he should also believe in God's Law, especially given his profession and how to reconcile same-sex marriage in his mind.  Thus, his oath of office was a lesser oath.  If this is a fair assessment, then why did he not obey God, rather than man?  His beliefs, given his own shallow lip service, indicates he is either a poltroon or he worships a deity other than Jesus Christ.  Pastor Lawrence Blanchard surmised from this apparent impasse that,  “If there is no one and only belief system, many gods and many differing beliefs must be accommodated. Therefore, anything goes except, of course, for the narrow road of biblical Christianity. I would further submit that this pluralistic religious culture is the direct result of an all-inclusive, universally-implied “gospel.”  And that really is the conundrum in a nutshell.  The one who is wrong is the judge who sent the clerk to jail without any higher authority to do so.  She doesn't want to be a hero, but neither was Daniel who was sent to the lion's den.  Both were simply following the leading of God's Spirit.  If God's people do not know their biblical identity, then they will not know their duty and responsibilities.  God's Word says they will be blind to their identity in part (Romans 11:25).  But, the mystery will only last until until our people see what we see, the truth of who we are.  I'm sending this exposition to our dear sister in Christ, Kim Davis and her blessed husband Joe, with the prayer that there is a time for love and hate, it's the right stuff to every purpose under heaven that brings us the shining light of glory; may they find it now.

Nevertheless, I greatly admire her story, her transformation and new life in Christ and walking the talk.  It is a rare privilege to travel and support one who stands in the gap while the rest of the world goes insane.  Her husband, Joe, is the salt of the earth; I have a green visor hat just like his.  Their marriage is good, because it is of God.Some of the late night TV comedians made caustic fun of his fashion statement, but they know nothing of the hillbilly genre in Kentucky.  At the rally, Joe thanked the crowd for coming to support Kim.  The message she gave him to tell us was, “Tell them to hold their head up, because I am.”  “And when these things begin to come to pass, then look up, and lift up your heads; for your redemption draweth nigh” Luke 21:28.