Another Hoax


by Pastor Don Elmore

August 10, 2014

Scripture Reading Galatians 1:6-9

Mormonism strives with great effort to masquerade as the restored Christian church complete with an exclusive message, infallible prophets, higher revelations for a new dispensation which the Mormons would have us believe began with Joseph Smith, Jr. in the 1820’s.   Joseph Smith wrote in the Pearl of Great Price, Chapter 2, verses 1-25; that when he asked the Personages who stood above him in the light, which of all the sects (Christian churches) was right and which one should he join, he received the following answer:

  • All Christian churches were apostate; they were all wrong; No Christian church.
  • All Christian creeds were an abomination to God; No Christian theology.
  • All professors of Christianity were corrupt; No Christians.

In other words, a restoration of true Christianity was needed, and that he, Joseph Smith, Jr., had been chosen to launch the new dispensation.  It all began in 1823 when the angel Moroni came to Joseph’s bedside and told him where the golden plates were hid in the hill Cumorah near Palmyra, New York.  Smith began to “translate” the “reformed Egyptian” hieroglyphics inscribed thereupon by means of the “Urim and Thummin,” a type of miraculous spectacles which the always-thoughtful angel Moroni had the foresight to provide for the new budding seer of the new Christian church. 

The “miraculous translation” taken from the hidden “golden plates” that the angel had told him where to find them; that translated word for word, even the mistakes, from the King’s James Version of the Bible which was written almost 2000  years after the golden plates were buried in the ground; became known as the Book of Mormon

Mormon theology is a polytheistic teaching that the universe is inhabited by different gods who procreate spirit children which are in turn are clothed with bodies on different planets; Adam-god being the god of this planet.  Adam-god had sexual relations with Mary to produce Jesus, the Son of god.  Lucifer was a spirit brother of Jesus prior to His birth.  The Garden of Eden was located in Missouri and not in Asia!  Mormonism is a universal religion; for they believe in universal salvation that all men will be saved, but each one in their own order.  Jesus will return to Missouri when he returns. 

Can you tell from the above that Mormonism is definitely not Christian?  It didn’t restore Christianity; it eliminates it. 

In fact, there are two major branches of Mormonism; each one claiming to be the true church!  They have even gone to court each claiming to be the true restored church and they also proclaim that the other one is false. 

Do you remember what Galatian 1:8 tells us; don’t let an angel teach you another gospel.  This is actually what Mormonism is:  Another gospel was taught to its leaders by an angel.

Let me add also that at the same time there were other religions that were restoration churches.  The Church of Christ, Disciples of Christ and the Christian Church are examples.  We even have a powerful preacher who was converted to Mormonism from these Campbellite churches from Ohio; Sidney Rigdon, who became a noted theologian of the Mormon Church.  He later was accused of apostasy and excommunicated from the Mormon Church because of his famous sermon that he gave that got the citizens of Missouri against the Mormons.  It even got the Mormon leaders, including himself, thrown in jail.

And there are a host of other churches who consider themselves as being Christian, but they are not Christian.  For example:  Jehovah’s Witnesses and the Watch Tower; Christian Science; Seventh-day Adventism; Scientology; Vineyard Churches; Benny Hinn Ministries; Quaker and Shaker Churches; Pentecostal Churches; Joyce Meyers Ministries; and Unitarianism; etc.


There was a popular song in the 1960’s that was written by either wizards or wizard influenced people.  Here are the lyrics to this popular song made famous by Simon and Garfunkel, who were jews from New York:

Sound of Silence

Hello darkness, my old friend,
I've come to talk with you again,
Because a vision softly creeping,
Left its seeds while I was sleeping,
And the vision that was planted in my brain
Still remains
Within the sound of silence.hoax

In restless dreams I walked alone
Narrow streets of cobblestone,
‘Neath the halo of a street lamp,
I turned my collar to the cold and damp
When my eyes were stabbed by the flash of a neon light
That split the night
And touched the sound of silence.

And in the naked light I saw
Ten thousand people, maybe more.
People talking without speaking,
People hearing without listening,
People writing songs that voices never share
And no one dare
Disturb the sound of silence.

“Fools” said I, “You do not know
Silence like a cancer grows.
Hear my words that I might teach you,
Take my arms that I might reach you.”

But my words like silent raindrops fell,
And echoed
In the wells of silence.

And the people bowed and prayed
To the neon god they made.
And the sign flashed out its warning,
In the words that it was forming.
And the sign said, “The words of the prophets
are written on the subway walls
And tenement halls.”
And whisper'd in the sounds of silence.

I got much of the following information from an article written by the late Pastor David J. Meyer of the Last Trumpet Ministries International.  David was a wizard in the 1960’s until he was changed after he reluctantly attended church with a friend.  He later became a pastor and constantly warned of the practices of the witches coming into Christianity.

It was during this decade of the 60’s that J. K. Rowling was born.  This is the woman who has captivated the world with her four books known as the “Harry Potter Series.”  These books are instructional manuals of witchcraft woven into the format of entertainment.  These four books each teach witchcraft.

Witchcraft was very different in the 1960’s.  There were a lot fewer witches, and the craft was far more secretive.  Fundamental Christian churches celebrated pagan holidays and sabats as “Christian holidays.”  The so-called “Christian” churches were compromising and unifying.  Eastern religions and “New Age” doctrine began to captivate congregations.  It was a satanic set-up, and illuministic conspirators were ringing forth a one-world religion with a cleverly concealed element of occultism interwoven in its teachings.

Simon and Garfunkel recorded on Columbia Records.  Most of the recording studios published music that promoted anti-Christian behavior.In order to succeed in bringing witchcraft to the world and thus complete satanic control, an entire generation would have to be induced and taught to think like witches, talk like witches, dress like witches, and act like witches.  The occult songs of the 1960’s launched the Luciferian project of capturing the minds of an entire generation.  In the song “Sound of Silence” we were told of seeds that were left while an entire generation was sleeping, and that the vision that was planted in my brain still remainsSimon and Garfunkel recorded on Columbia Records.  Most of the recording studios published music that promoted anti-Christian behavior.

Now we are in the year 2014.  All of the foundations for occultism and witchcraft are in place.  The illuminists have to move quickly, because time is running out.  It was the jewish Communist revolutionary Lenin who said, “Give me one generation of youth, and I will transform the entire world.”  Now an entire generation of youth has been given to a woman named J. K. Rowling and her four books on witchcraft, known as the Harry Potter Series.

The works of Rowling, the Harry Potter books, are training manuals for the occult.  Untold millions of young people are being taught to think, speak, dress and act like witches by filling their heads with the contents of these books.  Children are so obsessed with the Harry Potter books that they have left the television and video games to read these witchcraft manuals. 

The first book of the series, entitled “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone,” finds the orphan, Harry Potter, embarking into a new realm when he is taken to “Hogwart’s School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.”  At this occult school, Harry Potter learns how to obtain and use witchcraft equipment.

Harry also learns a new vocabulary, including words such as:

  • “Azkaban”,
  • “Circe”,
  • “Draco”,
  • “Erised”,
  • “Hermes”, and
  • “Slytherin”;

all of which are names of REAL demons.  These are NOT characters of fiction!

How serious is this?  By reading these materials, many millions of young people are learning how to work with demon spirits.  They are getting to know them by name.

The second book was called, “Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets”, while the third book was entitled “Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.”  Nothing could be more obvious than that Harry Potter books are pure witchcraft and of the devil. 

On July 8th at midnight, a few years ago, bookstores everywhere were stormed by millions of children to obtain the latest and fourth book of the series known as “Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.”  These book were taken into homes everywhere with a real evil spirit following each copy to curse those homes.  July 8th was also the 18th day (three sixes in numerology 666) from the witches’ sabat of midsummer.  July 8th was also the 13th day from the signing of the United Religions Charter in San Francisco.   

What did the followers of Jesus Christ in Ephesus do when they found out that the books that they had were full of magical arts and promoted demonic influence?

Acts 19:18-20

18) “And many that believed came, and confessed, and showed their deed.

19) Many of those also who used magical arts brought their books together, and burned them before all men; and they counted the price of them, and found it fifty thousand pieces of silver. 

20) So mightily grew the word of God, and prevailed.”

Courts have banned the teaching of Christianity in public schools but Wicca, which is recognized by the United States courts as a religion and given tax-exempt status by the Internal Revenue Service; it is taught freely.  Harry Potter has become the method of introduction of Wicca to the very young.

Once introduced to the world of wizards, spells, and dark arts, readers of Harry Potter can advance their knowledge and skills in witchcraft and paganism by visiting the hundreds of web sites available on the internet.  Or, they can purchase more books on the subject from the well-stocked Wiccan sections in local book stores.  Go to a modern big books store, like Barnes and Nobel and look at the “Teen” section. It has changed to having a host of witchcraft books.  One study has shown that over one half of the children of the western world has read at least one of the Harry Potter books. 

They have read about a young 11-year-old generational wizard, who attends the prestigious 1000-year-old occult boarding school, Hogwart’s School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.  All his teachers were practicing occultists, and tutored their students in the dark arts of sorcery and divination, fortune telling, astrology, potion mixing, spell weaving and curse casting.  Everything that they tutor are against God’s Law.

The wicked king of Judah did the same through as Harry:  In 2 Kings 21:6:

6)  “And he [King Manasseh] made his son pass through the fire, and observed times, and used enchantments, and dealt with mediums and wizards; he wrought much wickedness in the sight of the LORD, to provoke him to anger.”

Harry Potter’s world says that drinking dead animal blood gives power to the drinker; a satanic human sacrifice and Harry’s powerful blood brings new life; demon possession is not spiritually dangerous; passing through fire, contacting the dead, and conversing with ghosts and others from the spirit world; casting spells against one’s enemies; and more, is normal and acceptable. 

The Hoax

Fifteen-year-old Cassidy Stay told investigators that a man disguised as a Fed-Ex delivery man, with a beard as part of his disguise, came to her front door and knocked.  He said that he wanted to talk with her parents.  She told him that they were not there.

He left and soon returned.  The parents had gone to the bank.  Cassidy was babysitting.  After Cassidy again talked to him for the second time, he explained to her that he was related to her.  She then tried to keep him out of the house, but he broke the door in.  He then pulled a semi-automatic weapon from his waistband and ordered her to get her siblings.  They waited for their parents to return.

He tied up all of the children before the parents returned.  Once Katy and Stephen Stay returned, they too were ordered to the floor and were also tied up.

Ronald Haskell, the disguised Fed-Ex man, asked each person in the family where his ex-wife was located.  They both had lived in southern California until they got divorced on Valentine’s Day.  After their divorce, his ex-wife came to live with her sister in Texas.  She was no longer living there at this time.

Cassidy told investigators her mother looked at Haskell and screamed, “No,” and she was shot first.  Then Haskell went down the line shooting everyone twice.

Katie Stay, 33; her husband Stephen Stay, 39; and four of their children – Rebecca 6; Emily 9; Bryan 13; and Zachary Stay 4; – were all murdered in cold blood.

But Cassidy survived.  She suffered a skull fracture and lost a finger when she held her hand up to the back of her head during the shooting.  Investigators say her hand deflected the bullet just enough to change its trajectory and saved not only her life, but the lives of her grandparents and Haskell’s ex-wife and children. 

What???  We had testimony that Ronald Haskell had each child and the two parents tied up and lying face down on the floor.  Now where were their arms tied?  On their back side or on the back of their head?  How could you tie the hands to the back of the head?

If her hands were tied on her back and she was lying face down, how could she get her hand up to the back of her head to deflect the bullet?  And if she was able to do this, wouldn’t the shooter notice?  And she testified that he shot each person twice!

“I can tell you she was bloody when she came out.  It was obvious she had been shot in the head; Constable Herman said, “I was amazed she was talking.”

Not only was she talking, she was giving investigators vital information.  And she made sure they were listening to her.

“She was very persistent on getting the info out,” said Herman.  “She said it was her uncle, gave us his name, said he was going to her grandparents’ house on Anvil to kill them and the rest of his family.  She was on a mission.  She wanted to get this info out and she averted another tragedy.”

Herman says deputies arrived on Anvil just in time.  About three minutes later, they spotted suspected shooter Ronald Haskell pull onto the street.  He then led police on a very slow chase and Herman say he too was persistent. 

Here is a copy from a website about the crime in Houston:

Friday, July 11, 2014


Cassidy Stay, the lone survivor of a cold blooded attack on a family from Spring, has been released from the hospital, according to Children's Memorial Hermann Hospital.
According to a statement from the hospital, the 15-year-old was discharged earlier Friday in good condition and is expected to make a full recovery.   The shooting was 1 ½ days previously on Wednesday.

“As a hospital team, we were honored to be able to help care for this brave young woman at her critical time of need. The entire staff at Children's Memorial Hermann Hospital has been profoundly touched by Cassidy's resilient spirit, inner strength, and hopeful heart during this time of indescribable shock and grief,” the hospital said in a prepared statement.

“We extend our deepest sympathies and condolences to her, and her extended family, as they begin the difficult healing process. The family asks that media please continue to respect their privacy until further notice. They also would like to thank the community, both here in Houston and all over the country, for the outpouring of love and support they have received these past several days.”

Cassidy was a member of a family in which six out of seven members were shot execution style inside a Spring, Texas home Wednesday evening. Both her parents and all her siblings, ages 4 to 13, died in the attack. Authorities say the accused gunman, 33-year-old Ron Haskell, showed up to Stays' home searching for his ex-wife, Cassidy's aunt.

Investigators say he tied up Cassidy then waited for the rest of the family to return home.  [This version had the children with the parents instead of with Cassidy.]   When they arrived, each one was tied up and forced to lie face-down.  He allegedly asked each family member where his ex-wife was, and when they said they didn't know, each one was shot in the back of the head two times.

Investigators say Cassidy Stay saved her own life by deflecting the bullet with her hand. She reportedly lost a finger in the process, but it changed the trajectory of the bullet just enough so that it didn't do greater damage to her head.

Detectives also credit the 15-year-old for saving her grandparents’ life. According to investigators, she called 911, reported the shootings and told them Haskell allegedly was on his way to her grandparents’ home to kill them. But before he could reach the house, investigators intercepted him, sparking a chase that was followed by an hours-long standoff.
Haskell now faces capital murder charges in connection to the family's slaying. During his court hearing Friday, he collapsed before the judge.  His defense attorney, Doug Durham, says his defense likely will be mental illness.

Cassidy at the “Memorial Service”

She was released on Friday afternoon just a day and a half after she went in for a skull fraction and an amputated finger from a murder scene in which her family was murdered, but she was fully recovered. The next day, Saturday, July 12th, she attended a “memorial service”, (that is more like a party or parade) for her family and her heroism.  Allegedly also being able to dial 911 after she was shot in the head, and after she was done “playing dead”, fooling the shooter according to reports.

The “memorial service” was complete with specific logoed T-shirts, slogans, bracelets, balloons, speeches and a donation fund ready to go in less than 72 hours.  This was all very well pre-planned.

There are no eye witness accounts about hearing at least 13 or more gun shots.  No bullet casings has been reported as being found.  Caliber of the gun used has not been reported.  No media coverage or footage of the bodies of the slain Stay family.  And no 911 call has been presented by the media.

Every shooting false flag hoax serves multiple purposes.  They are a big business and quite a racket.  Usually having a donation fund ready to go immediately after the shooting, which garners tens of thousands to millions of dollars.  In the case of the Sandy Hook Hoax for example, a shocking $100,000,000 has been gathered. 

So while serving the New World Order gun control and social engineering agenda, these mainstream media shooting hoaxes are also huge money scam operations.   

But what is so shocking is that Cassidy miraculously came out of the hospital after just a day and a half and then the next day held a press conference at the elementary school in her neighborhood.  She also helped in letting go of 600 balloons into the air; 100 balloons for each person shot.  She later attended the funeral of her family.

Her amount is now a little bit over $400,000.

“Please watch out for my skull fracture.  I was shot in the head.  I was in critical condition just a couple of days ago!”

“Please watch out for my skull fracture.  I was shot in the head.  I was in critical condition just a couple of days ago!”

Here is the text of Cassidy’s speech at Lemm Elementary School at the “memorial service” three days after she witnessed the execution style murder of all her immediate family.  She constantly smiled and said:

“I’m really thankful for all of the people that have been praying for me and keeping me and my family in their thoughts these past few days.  I would like to thank all of the first responders, nurses and doctors who have taken care of me.  I’m feeling a lot better and I’m on a very straightforward path to a full recovery.”

There was a slight pause.  Her grandfather who also spoke was standing behind her.  He came up directly behind her and whispered a few words to her.  Then she continued.

I really like Harry Potter!  What!  You like Harry Potter, the wizard!  She continued:  “‘In the Prisoner of Azkaban’, Dumbledore says, ‘Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light.’ Cassidy Stay quoting Albus DumbledoreCassidy Stay quoting Albus Dumbledore

I know that my mom, dad, Bryan, Emily, Becca and Zach are in a much better place and I’ll be able to see them again one day.  Thank you all for coming and showing support for me and my family.  Stay strong!”

Shortly after her speech was finished, the crowd and Cassidy and her family and friends released the 600 balloons as they played the monarch mass-mind control song:  “Over the Rainbow” on the loud speaker.

Cassidy Stay raising up her right hand in the same manner that the Church of Satan leaders did to show the horns of Satan at the end of her speech at the “memorial service.”

“Stay strong!” were the words that she said when she finished her speech.   She then held up her right hand in the same manner that the Church of Satan leaders did to show the horns of Satan at the end of her speech at the “memorial service.”

This was three days after she witnessed the murder of her whole family.  The shooter, her ex-uncle tied up all seven of them, had them lay face down, and shot each one twice in the back of the head.  She survived by deflecting the bullet from her head with her finger??? 

She was in critical condition; but miraculously got out of the hospital in a day and a half.  She has no bandages on her head where the press had said she had suffered a skull fracture! 

Cassidy is once again showing the sign of Baphomet

Cassidy is once again showing the sign of Baphomet.  She showed this sign more than a rock star would at one of their concerts.  This was Saturday at the “memorial service.”

Cassidy again showing the sign of BaphometHere is Cassidy again flashing the sign of the satanic horns.  This was also at the “memorial service” at the Lemm Elementary School in her neighborhood. 

Poster commemorating the experience of the Stay Family

Here is the poster that they made of the event that the Stay family experienced.  It had to be very quickly drawn and printed to be available at such a short time period or it could have been preplanned.  Notice the use of the sign of Baphomet once again.  How did they know that she was going to finish her speech using that sign?


This is a picture of all the people letting the balloons loose.  There were 100 balloons for each of the six people that were murdered.  This was at the conclusion of the “memorial service.”  As they let the balloons go into the air, the song from The Wizard of Oz sounded: “Over the Rainbow” played on the recorder.  What is the meaning of the releasing of balloons at a funeral?  It is becoming a recent phenomenon in the United States.  

Photo-shopped picture of Sandy Hook's Parker familyLike the photo of Sandy Hook’s Emily Parker’s family where two of her sisters had no legs, this picture is photo-shopped too.  Look at the mother’s right arm; where is the daughter’s?  Look at the background; the tree goes right in front of the left shoulder of the mother and the stump and cut wood makes no sense in the picture.  Even the swing is off line and not parallel.  Look at Cassidy’s right arm?  This was the picture used on the “GoFundMe” website that has raised over $400,000!

Like Cassidy Stay’s family photo, this photograph is also a very sloppily photo-shopped.  Can you find the legs of Emily’s two sisters?  Notice that these two girls are also making the Baphomet sign.  They too are a Mormon family.  They use to live in Utah and Texas before they moved to Sandy Hook, Connecticut.  Where are the Parker’s living now?

Cassidy Stay, the lone survivor of a family massacre in Texas, smiles during a community memorial at Lemm Elementary School on Saturday, July 12, 2014, in Spring, Texas. (Photo: Brett Coomer, AP)Cassidy makes another Baphomet sign with her right hand.  She constantly flashed this sign over and over again. She is a Mormon and she said that she “liked Harry Potter.”  She even quoted the occultist Dumbledore from the third book in this series in her speech.  No quote from Jesus Christ!

Cassidy again showing the sign of BaphometCassidy once again holds up her right hand to demonstrate that she is a worshipper of Satan. Cassidy Stay ariving at the funeral service

Cassidy, one week after the execution style shooting of her family, arrives at the funeral services for her family members.  It was held at the pseudo-Christian church that started in 1830 in New York:  The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints; better known as the Mormon Church.  It is a pagan, jewish, freemasonic cult!  She once again is holding up the Baphomet sign and smiling. 

Various people giving Baphomet signCassidy joins a whole host of people who flash this anti-Christian sign.  At the top left is Anton LaVey of the Church of Satan flashing the Baphomet sign; there are several pictures of the Pope, Presidents, Secretary of States, foreign leaders and Sandy Hook hoax players.  There are a host of musicians and singers who constantly show their allegiance to Satan by holding up this sign.  

One of the purposes of rock & roll is to promote and empower demonic spirits in listenersOne of the purposes of Rock & Roll music is to promote and empower demonic spirits on their listeners.  After sixty years of this music, it is serving it purpose.  It has enable curses and possession to happen to a multitude of individuals in the world.  Have you ever wondered why the vast majority of people do not embrace the Covenant message:  demon possession is one answer?

Here is the strange message from the Mormon Church; notice not one word of scripture from Jesus Christ is quoted!


Cassidy Stay leaving funeral services“As you pray for the Stay family and their loved ones, please bind yourselves to act to assist them as you feel impressed by the spirit.  Cassidy and her family have significant trials and expenses ahead of them.  Please be aware that the family has established a trust fund for Cassidy and her family and donations can be made at  This is the donation fund that the family wishes us to use and 100% of the funds donated via this website go to the trust account. [I have no idea how much money has been given to this account]. They are very grateful for funds donated via the GoFundMe online site and that site will remain available and those funds will be transferred to the trust fund. [this account has raise over $400,000].  Thank You in advance for your loving donations and please keep the family in prayer.” 

Poster for Strong family BBQ FundraiswerChick-fil-A had a fund raising for the Stay family too.  One day they gave 20% percent of their earnings to the family fund from over 40 stores around the Houston, Texas area and one in San Macros, California; the hometown of the slain mother. 

In addition, July 26 was the community BBQ which also is a fund raising event.  It also raised some money for Cassidy as well as brought the community together.

Notice that the fundraising for the prisoner that Mark preached about the last two times was limited to just $1500 and would be cut off when it reached that amount. 


There were no interviews with Ronald Haskell’s ex-wife, just like there were no interviews with Ryan Lanza and Peter, his father. Both Cassidy’s mother and the shooter were 33 years old and there were a total of 6 people who were slain.    And it happened on July 9, 2014;

July is the 7th month and the 9th day: 

  • 7 + 9 = 16; 1 + 6 = 7


  • 2 + 0 + 1 + 4 = 7

Thirty-three, 6 and 7 are important numbers for the Freemasons. 

One story said that two of the four slain children were orphans who were adopted by the Stay family.  The funeral service was held at the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints where the family were members.  So why would Cassidy, who was a Mormon, say in her speech that she “really liked Harry Potter”; the wizard! 

What does God say that our opinion should be of wizards?  Does He say that we should like them, like Cassidy?  Or does He say something different?

Leviticus 20:27: “A man or woman who hath a familiar spirit, or who is a wizard, shall surely be put to DEATH:  they shall stone them with stones; their blood shall be upon them.”

In addition, the funeral service also quoted from the book of Mormon.  The contents of the book that Joseph Smith, Jr. allegedly translated from the golden plates that the angel told him about is the first two chapters of Nephi, Jacob, Enos, Jarom, Omni, the Words of Mormon, Mosiah, Alma, Helaman, Third and fourth Nephi, Book of Mormon, Ether and Moroni. Alma is the first and chief judge over the people of Nephi and also the high priest over the church.

Memorial pamphlet for Strong family funeralRemember that in both of the current hoaxes, Sandy Hook and this one near Houston, Texas; the two primary candidates involved in this hoax:  the Parkers and the Stays belonged to the Mormon Church, a pagan, freemasonic cult.  In reality, the Mormon Church, currently headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah, is nothing less than an anti-Christian, blasphemous arm of world jewry. It is a Judaic cult. As such, the Jewish rabbis cooperate fully with the Salt Lake City religious elite in helping the Mormons achieve their earthly goals. Indeed, the real goal of the Mormon Church is to exalt physical Israeli as God’s Chosen People and to establish a Canaanite-led global empire. At the helm of that empire, the Mormons believe, will be a Canaanite King.

According to Mormon theology, when Adam and Eve lived in the Garden of Eden which was located in Independence, Missouri, the Earth was closely orbiting Kolob, their god’s home planet.  After the Millenium, the Earth will return to its rightful place near god, orbiting Kolob.

There are a lot of Mormons who are leaders or stars, a few of them are:  George and Mitt Romney former governors and presidential candidates), Harry Reid (senate majority leader), Glenn Beck (conservative radio and television host), Andy Reid (Coach of the Kansas City Chiefs), Steve Young (NFL quarterback; Hall of Fame), Bryce Harper (Washington Nationals), Harmon Killebrew (Hall of Famer for the Minnesota Twins), Vern Law (Cy Young Award winner for the Pittsburgh Pirates), Jack Dempsey (former heavy weight champion), Billy Casper (famous golfer), J. W. Bill Marriott, Jr. (chairman and CEO of Marriott International), Gladys Knight (famous singer), the Osmonds (Donny and Marie and the rest of the family; famous singers), Orrin Hatch (U. S. Senate) and Eldridge Cleaver (Black Panther leader and presidential candidate).

The whole shooting situation near Houston is a big hoax: 

  • No crime scene pictures;
  • The shooter led a crazy slow chase of over two dozen police cars;
  • The shooter stayed in his car with a gun pointing at his head for almost 4 hours;
  • Several policeman were standing out in the open very close to his car;
  • How did Cassidy raise her hand to the back of her head when the shooter shot her two times at the back of the head;
  •  How did Cassidy recover so fast from a skull fracture and an amputated finger;
  •  Cassidy’s constantly giving the Baphomet sign with her right hand;
  •  Cassidy’s constant smiling immediately after the horrific slaughter of her immediate family;
  • They will probably tear down their home and redact or classify all of the important papers and reports.

Our government has lied once again to its people.  They continue to do this all the time.

  • The sinking of the Lusitania;
  • The attack of the Japanese at Pearl Harbor;
  • The Vietnamese sinking of the American ships at the Gulf of Tonkin;
  • The assassination of John F. Kennedy;
  • The 9/11 hoax;
  • The Sandy Hook Elementary School hoax;
  • The missing Malaysian airline #MH 370;
  • The crash of Malaysian airline #MH 17 in the Ukraine;
  • The Benghazi attack;
  • The revolutionary wave of demonstrations, protests, riots and civils wars in the Arab world.
  • Israeli’s attack on Gaza.

When will our people learn that the only solution is to repent and to obey the commands and warnings that our God gave to us?  This was a hoax that was promoted by anti-Christians; Satan worshipping; occult practicing apostates.  Cassidy is a crisis actress hired to gain sympathy, to manipulate the masses and to raise money.

Blessed be the LORD God of Israel.