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Who are "They"

By Pastor Don Elmore

Who is the power behind the moves in world history?  Who caused the War in America, World War I and II, Korea, Vietnam, Iraq and Afganistan?  Who assiassiated President John Kennedy?  Who caused 9/11?  Who was responsible for the Great Depression of the 1930's and today's.


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Yes, let's send financial aid to Haiti... seeing how important it is for their civilization to survive.... what would the world do without this bastion of culture and irreplaceable contributor to the nations of the world (uh... what has Haiti ever produced but disease and witchcraft...?)  Of course, it probably isn't even taught anymore that Haiti was once a safe and prosperous French Colony (as all the nations of Christendom once were, and their colonies, until we started surrendering)... that is, until the French weakened their laws and the locals saw their chance--and rose up and brutally, savagely killed every single white man, woman and child.  Somali, Rhodesia, South Africa, etc., the list can go on and on (including our very nations themselves, the U.S., Canada, Britain, Australia, France, Germany, Denmark, etc.)--when we alone ruled, there was civilization, prosperity, morality, law and order; when we allowed non-European foreigners to immigrate to our lands, then foolishly gave them a vote, our nations have been rendered moral cesspools unfit for man or beast. 

Burning Bush


Gilad Atzmon:  The Burning Bush

Thursday, December 2, 2010 at 11:00PM

As I am writing these lines, Israeli Fire fighting crews are battling with the flames. They also express no hope of controlling the fire soon. "We lost all control of the fire," said the Haifa Fire fighting services spokesman. "There aren't enough fire fighting resources in Israel in order to put out the fire."