July 2012

The Olympics: Showcase of the New World Order


by Pastor Don Elmore

July 15, 2012

Scripture Reading: Revelation 12:9-10

I will begin by quoting from a book written about Freemasons.  It tells a great deal about who is/was a Freemason and the deeds that they did or accomplished.  It also tells that symbols “play a key role in the world of Freemasonry.” 

I will begin by quoting what it says about some of the symbols of Freemasonry:

All seeing eye:  a diffuse symbol that can be traced back to ancient Egyptian mythology, for Freemasons the eye in a triangle surrounded by radiating beams of light is a symbol for the ‘Great Architect of the Universe.’”

Pillars:  the two pillars that adorn the entrance area of the meeting room in lodges refer to Jachin and Boaz, the pillars of the Temple of Solomon.  They are expression of justice and benevolence, and thus the cornerstones of humanity.”

Light:  every Freemason is a ‘seeker of light,’ while those not yet initiated are wandering in the dark.  Light is thus the symbol of initiation.”

We will get a few quotes about their involvement in the American Revolution and the founding of this nation: