March 2010

America’s Black Holy Day

by Pastor Mark Downey

Text and Audio Sermon

One person’s dream can be another man’s nightmare. A dream is like a movie in our head when we’re sleeping. A nightmare is like a horror movie in our head when we’re sleeping. America has been lulled into a very deep sleep with the help of movies. Our dreams have been the product of a vicious cycle of life imitating art and a recycling of art imitating life.

Do you remember the movie ‘Roots’, that gave the descendants of African slaves an exaggerated status of nobility, that ‘black is beautiful’, while at the same time, social engineers were scheming against the descendants of the founding fathers to make us slaves and dregs of their New Society.

Today, I want to talk about a third idol in the trinity of high holy days that have become the politically correct norm in Orwellian America. The Big 3 that has become the Big Lie is Halloween, Christmas and Martin Luther King Jr. Day.