Will the Real Israel Please Stand Up? by Jim Jester

How Christians are Robbed of Their Heritage

By James N. Jester

Will The Real Israel Please Stand Up! Patriots, TEA partiers, and all Christians will find this book of interest. This Third Edition (2015) includes corrections and additions throughout the book. Chapter 10 was added, along with additional material, including pictures. Available at Amazon. Contact the author for bulk orders at cedarridgenorth@yahoo.


What can we do about the decline of the Christian west? Like the ancient Israelites in Egypt, Americans are simply slaves driven by the taskmasters to produce more with less. The author exposes some little known history of our ancestors and shows the path to regain our liberty. This book is “the rest of the story” and it should give Christians the basic principles needed to understand who they are, where they are going, and what is going on in the world. A primer into Christian Identity in a blend of history, politics and theology. You will never view the Bible the same after reading this book. A must read for Christians and Patriots who wonder what happened to a Christian nation.


“Will the Real Israel, Please Stand Up!” could be called a book for the New Age. Not necessarily the “new age” that most today are calling for, but something far better – an age of the “Kingdom of God.”  Most Christians anticipate the return of Jesus Christ to establish God’s Kingdom, yet they have forgotten that they have a role to play in bringing this to fulfillment. Not only have they neglected their responsibility, but also, they have been misled as to why they are responsible for following God’s Law in the first place. This additional duty of following God’s instructions for the Kingdom lies in the identity of the Christian world. Most Christians’ intentions are good, but by way of deception, they have been led like sheep into some very dangerous areas. One prominent area is simply a case of mistaken identity. Americans do not know who they are. The result has been the failure of Christians to act to preserve their nation. Thus, America continues on the downward trend.

The author believes that once Christians are aware of whom they are they will be more likely to live up to their responsibility before God. He also feels that once Christians discover how they have been robbed of their heritage it will anger them enough to “fuel the fire” of action in correcting the error of their way. Thus, they will demand a righteous change in government policy in accordance with biblical law. In so doing they will realize the truth of Scripture which says, “If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land” (II Chronicles 7:14). This is a promise we can count on!

We hear a lot about the state of Israel in the media, but what are they talking about and what is really going on in the world? Politicians get votes from Christians conditioned on their stand with this country. The author shows how foolish this is by identifying what the Bible means by the word “Israel.” All our life we have heard that the Jews are God’s chosen people; and that the Romans murdered Jesus Christ. Is this really the truth? The author sets the record straight on these and other issues.

There are many books out today about the decline of western civilization. While these are good in pointing out America’s problems, few offer a permanent solution. Instead, they will criticize the opposing political party. This book goes a step further as to the why and who of this decline and offers God’s solution. Without this cure, the Christian West will fall just as sure as the Roman Empire fell.

In the Book

The cover photo and subtitle begs the question, who really was robbed of their heritage? Was it the Romans? Was it the Goths, Visigoths, or Vandals? The answer goes back to biblical times and it was all this and more – we too have been robbed of our biblical roots!

Chapter 1 gives information about the origin of Israel and some of the family problems. The author proves that Israel is a person not a country.

Chapter 2 covers deceptions used to keep Christians fooled about their identity and heritage. The author also discusses the concept of a “spiritual Israel.” He gives quotes from Jewish authorities about their own identity and reasons for the true Israel being ignorant of theirs.

Chapter 3 begins historical evidence of Israel’s history and its massive scope of influence as a global power. The author gives evidence that Phoenicia was actually a small part of the kingdom of Israel and provides a brief lesson on the multiple meanings implied by the word “Jew.”

Chapter 4 continues with some history of the migrations of Israel after the kingdom was divided and what became of them. The author covers the conditions leading up to and including the fall of Samaria, and Israel’s dispersion into Asia, Scythia, and Carthage.

Chapter 5 continues with some history of the Parthian Empire, which held the Roman Empire in check. This chapter also covers the migration of Israel into Europe and how the Goths finally took revenge on the Roman Empire for their previous abuse of power against them.

Chapter 6 gives strong evidence about where Jesus Christ was while He was gone for eighteen years from his hometown in Palestine. The author gives evidence that Jesus traveled with his uncle, Joseph of Arimathea, to England, Asia, and even the New World. He shows from the Bible who murdered Jesus. He also tells of the plan by the local militia to actually crown Jesus as king.

Chapter 7 takes a look at what nations today best represent the formerly “lost tribes” of Israel; and gives some brief sketches of history related to their prophecies.

Chapter 8 draws conclusions from the genealogy records in the Bible to identify who is who in the world. The author also suggests how Americans can take their country back.

Chapter 9 gives a brief study on Covenant Theology in the similitude of a Will or Testament.

Chapter 10 challenges the theological premises of Christendom and urges Bible students to consider a third alternative view to the Bible, i.e., Covenant Theology. A doctrinal chart is provided.

Appendix provides related information:

“Invasions of Ancient Israel” is a chronological timeline.

“Scriptural Marks of Identification” is a list of Bible references that characterize Israel.

“Pictures of Miscegenation” is a list of scriptures showing the bad effects of mixed race marriages.

“The Ten Commandments in the New Covenant” is a comparison of the Old and New Testaments.

“Hymns related to Christian Identity” is a list of songs with an Identity message.

“Related Quotations” is a few extra quotes related to the book.

“Adamic Family Tree” chart.

“True Jews or Imposters” chart.



The author believes you will never view the Bible or history the same after reading this book. People who read it will either be surprised, and sometimes shocked, but ultimately encouraged to act to preserve their nation-race. Many will reject, or even hate the message of this book. The book also comes with a warning:

This book may be considered “anti-Semitic” by the Zionist Occupied Government and by popular opinion. The author denies any such claim since he himself is Semitic, having descended from Shem.

The author considers this book a matter of free speech even though there are trends in the U.S., which restrict or prohibit such free speech.

The author holds a Biblical worldview and provides us with real hope and change, unlike well-known conservatives such as Rush Limbaugh or Glenn Beck.

Will The Real israel Please Stand Up!    Available at Amazon.