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November 2009


by Pastor Don Elmore

I was born in 1942;  my mother in 1913.  All through the time that my mother was alive, I remember a little song  that she would break out and sing.  The lyrics of the song seemed difficult to understand the real meaning.  I would asked:  “Mother, what does that song mean?”  

She would always just laugh and say that she really didn’t know.  It was just about a little girl who was murdered in a pencil factory.  “Murdered in a pencil factory?”  I would answer.  What does that have to do with anything?”

As the years rolled on, I gradually learned a little bit more.  So this past Tuesday, November 3rd, I was excited when I saw that there was a movie about what mother used to sing about.  I read the explanation of what the main points of the new movie that was going to broadcast on MONDAY!  Monday, I thought; today is Tuesday.  I missed it.  It was being televised on cable.

But that was the break that I needed.  I googled and dogpiled the topic and I was SHOCKED at what I learned.  It took almost 67  years but I finally learned what the song was about and that it played a major part in American History.  Situations and events that I had taken part in and visited over my lifetime began to be put together into the right view of what really happened.  I worked the rest of the week on the message that I was excited to bring on Sunday.

Here is the song that my mother used to sing:

“Little Mary Phagan
went to town one day,
And went to the pencil factory;
To see the big parade.

She left home at eleven,
And kissed her mother goodbye,
Not one time did the poor child think;
That she was going to die.

Leo Frank met her,
With a brutal heart we know,
He smiled and said, ‘Little Mary,
Now you will go home no more.’

He sneaked along behind her,
Till she reached the metal room,
He laughed and said, ‘Little Mary,
You have met your fatal doom.’

She fell upon her knees,
And to Leo Frank she pled,
He took this stick from the trash pile
And hit her across the head.

The tears rolled down her rosy cheeks,
While the blood flowed down her back,
But still she remembered telling her mother
What time she would be back.

He killed little Mary Phagan
It was on a holiday
And he called on Jim Conley
To take her body away.

He took her to the basement,
She was bound hand and feet,
And down in the basement
Little Mary lay asleep.

Newt Lee was the watchman;
He went to wine his key;
Away down in the basement
Was nothing he could see.

They phoned for the officers;
Their names I do not know;
They came to the pencil factory,
Says to Newt, “You must go.”

They took him to the jail house;
They bound him in his cell;
The poor old innocent negro
Had nothing he could tell.

Mother sits a-weeping;
She weeps and mourns all day
And hopes to meet her darling
In a better land some day.

Come, all ye good people,
Wherever you may be.
Suppose that ‘Little Mary’
Belonged to you or me.

I have an idea in my mind
When Frankie comes to die
And stands examination
In the courthouse in the sky.

He’ll be so astonished
To what the angels say
And how he killed little Mary
Upon that holiday.

Judge Roan passed a sentence;
He passes it very well;
The Christian doers of heaven
Sent Leo Frank to hell.”

What a strange song.  Did you notice the last two lines?  “The Christian doers of heaven; Sent Leo Frank to hell.”   How did they do that?  Who were the Christian doers of heaven?  And why and how did they send Leo Frank to hell?


After almost 67 years, I finally learned the meaning of this song.  Before I give the explanation, let’s look at a couple of Scriptures:

“After these things Jesus walked in Galilee; for he would not walk in Judaea, because the JEWS sought to kill him.”  — John 7:1.

Later, at the feast of Tabernacles, it said that “...no man spoke openly of him [Jesus], for fear of the JEWS.”

In the next chapter, we find Jesus had a strong confrontation with these same people.  Jesus said to them:

“But now ye seek to kill me, a man that hath told you the truth….

Ye do the deeds of your father.

Jesus said unto them, If God were your Father, ye would love me, for I proceeded forth and came from God….

Why do ye not understand my speech?  Even because ye cannot hear my word;

Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do.  He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there in no truth in him.  When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own; for he is a liar, and the father of it”  (John 8:40-44).

Doesn’t this  teach, along with many other verses, that these people cannot be HEARERS OF THE TRUTH?  They have a different father; they are antichrists!  They are vipers and not sheep.  And you cannot change a viper into a sheep!


Mary was 13 years old.  She looked like she was 18.  She was born in Marietta, Georgia and had moved recently to Atlanta.  Her father had passed away and her mom had remarried.  He step-father had a decent job.  But this was 1913….and times were different.

There were no televisions, computers, calculators, iPods, etc.  There were telephones but they were line-phones and there was a switchboard operator.  Public schools were different.  Mary was  informed by her school that she couldn’t go until the next semester when they would have enough seats.  So, Mary went to work at the pencil factory.

At the pencil factory, her boss was Leo Frank.  He was born in Texas and moved to Brooklyn for his school years.  He graduated from Cornell University.  He married a girl who was descended from a strong Jewish family that had been instrumental in building the first synagogue in Atlanta, Georgia.  It was there that they eventually moved, when Leo accepted a job supervising the pencil factory.  It was owned by her uncle, who served in the Confederate army. 

Leo Frank was Jewish and a perverted bisexual.  He was President of the Atlanta B’nai B’rith.  What?  President of the B’nai B’rith?  The B’nai B’rith is the Jewish lodge of the Freemasons.  He also was a frequent guest at the whore house.  And it was not uncommon for him to take advantage of both boys and girls in his pencil factory office.  All this came out in court.

It was said that he would station Jim Conley (a Negro) outside his door and signal him to lock and unlock the door whenever he would get a boy or girl inside his office to molest.  This was the situation when on April 26, Mary came to the pencil factory office to get her pay check.

Mary had only worked one day that week — Monday.  She was off the rest of the week because the metal that she put onto the pencil was not in stock.  Later in the week, this was 1913, it was told the workers that they would be paid on Friday and not Saturday because Saturday was a holiday — Confederate Memorial Holiday. The pencil factory and most of the stores was closed.

Mary took the trolley from her home to the pencil factory; it took only about 10 minutes.  She told her friend that after she got her check she would join them for the parade.  At noon, Mary went to the second floor office of Mr. Frank to get her check.  Her pay for one day’s work was $1.20!  My how inflation has changed our lives. 

Her check was given to her by Mr. Frank.  This much was held to be true by both sides in the courtroom.  But after this...there were some major differences. 

The case went to court from July 28 till August 14, 1913.  It became a major national story.  Newspapers were well represented and they ran stories from both sides.  There were two major detective agencies involved.

It became the case of the century...North vs. South; Jew vs. Christian; Black vs. White; Country vs. City; etc.  It reminds me of the O. J. case in my lifetime—without the television and other modern technology.

The testimony informs us after Mr. Frank gave Mary her check she asked if the metals had arrived.  Remember, that is why she hadn’t work the last four days. 

Mr. Frank told Mary that he did not know for sure.  They would have to go to the back of the building and see if the metal had arrived.  So they both went to back room at the end of the building (See page 6 for details).  There Mr. Frank made his advancements on Mary.  She was a virgin and resisted his moves.  Mr. Frank hit her.

In a miraculous kidnapping plan, twenty-five of the most elite men of Marietta, Georgia drove their cars to the prison, cut the telephone lines and walked in to the jail, went to Leo Frank’s room, and kidnapped him.  Not a shot was fired (must have had some inside help). 

They put Mr. Frank in one of their cars and drove off to Marietta on the back roads, which was about a 200 mile journey.  The trip lasted most of the night.  They got to Marietta, and found a large oak tree that was across the house where Mary was born.  Around the limb they tossed a rope, had Mr. Frank climb upon a table, put the lasso around his neck, and then kick the table away.  Mr. Frank’s neck did not break, so he twisted and turned as he suffocated to death.

The only lynching of a Jew in America had just occurred.  No one who was involved in this lynching was ever punished or even identified.  When the news spread that there was a dead body hanging from the oak tree in Marietta, thousands descended upon the scene. 


1.  Shortly thereafter, a group meet at Stone Mountain, Georgia.  Many who were there in the kidnapping and lynching of Mr. Frank were there in Stone Mountain.  The read Bible verses and burnt a cross; thus giving rebirth to the Ku Klux Klan.  The Klan grew to include representatives and senators, governors and judges all over the country.  In fact, it was the Klan that kept particularly the South in its apartheid situation.

2.  A total of one-half of the 3,000 Jews in the entire state of Georgia fled away to other parts of the country.  As has happened so many times previously, the Jew has been hated for his lying and for his hatred of the descendents of Jacob.  He has remained, at best a second-class citizen, for almost 1700 years.  From the time of the Caesars in Rome until the adoption of the U. S. Constitution—which guaranteed him the possibility to hold federal office (Article 6); the Jews finally became a first-class citizen.

With the trial of Leo Frank, the President of the local B’nai B’rith, the issue of the Jew was once again being brought out.  It was a time for the birthing of a new organization to help in the fight to save the Jew.  In Chicago, the ADL was born.  From the ADL’s own official website:

“This was the cry of the furious mob outside the Atlanta courthouse where Leo Frank, a Northern Jew, stood trial after his arrest in a 1913 for a murder he did not commit.  Anti-Semitism hung heavy in the courtroom as Frank was found guilty and sentenced to death.  Though a courageous governor later commuted the death sentenced to life imprisonment, Frank never did serve the term.  In August 1915, the ’Yankee Jew’ was lynched by a mob calling themselves a ‘vigilance committee.’

The brutal murder of Leo Frank did not occur in a vacuum.  As the 20th century dawned, anti-Semitism was rampant in an American society where resorts commonly advertised, ’No dogs!  No Jews!” and magazines featured ‘humorous’ caricatures of Jewish people.

It was in this atmosphere that the Anti-Defamation League was established in 1913 by a lawyer and fearless visionary by the name of Sigmund Livingston.  Starting with only two desks in Livingston’s Chicago office, $200 and the sponsorship of the INDEPENDENT ORDER OF B’NAI B’RITH [a Jewish branch of the Freemasons] Livingston spelled out the League’s ambitious, compelling mission:  ‘to stop, by appeals to reason and conscience, and if necessary, by appeals to law, the defamation of the Jewish people...to secure justice and fair treatment to all citizen alike...put an end forever to unjust and unfair discrimination against and ridicule of any sect or body of citizens.”

The ADL, a Communists hate group, has been very successful in turning America away from the GOD they used to serve into a nation that serves other gods, knowingly or unknowingly.   As a result, America is being cursed instead of being blessed.  Here are a few of the accomplishments of the ADL as listed on their official website:

1. Stopped to eradicate the negative images of Jews in print and their stereotyping on stage and in the movies.  By 1920, the practice had virtually stopped.

2.    Soldiers targeted as being “slackers” and “war profiteers” in the United States Army manual          (Jews);   the manual was promptly ordered re called by the Commander  of Chief — President Woodrow Wilson.

3. During the Russian Revolution, cartoonists portrayed the Bolshevik as a bearded fellow with a Jewish  countenance, hiding a bomb behind his back. This was traced to the AP and stopped.

4. Fought a successful battle against the KKK.  In 1923, the KKK Imperial Wizard condemned Jews as “an unblendable element...alien and unassailable...money mad.”  They called Protocols of the Elders of Zion a forgery.  They attacked Henry Ford and his Dearborn Independent newspaper.

5. They circulated pamphlets against the Dearborn Independent. President Wilson and other former Presidents denounced Ford’s anti-Semitism.

6. ADL established facts to influence public opinion against job discrimination and quotas in higher education, and sought legal remedies.

7. Attacked Father Charles E. Coughlin; the progenitor of hate radio and leader of the pro-fascist Christian Front.  ADL produced a monograph which analyzed Coughlin’s PROPAGANDA line and contained a thorough refutation of his anti-Semitic charges.

8. In the 1940’s the ADL fought against bigots and fascist groups on American shores, including the German-American Bund.

9. Post-War tensions pointed to the need for enactment of civil rights laws.  Began its effort to change  IMMIGRATION laws that prevented the rescue of many European Jews.

10. Played a major role in McCollum v. board of Education:  arguing that the government remains distinct from religion.

11. Fought against the Georgia KKK by infiltrating the Klan;  causing widespread damage.

12. Fought against Joe McCarthy.  (I happened to meet his private Secretary; Larry Lent.  She wrote a book about the times that Joe accused many of the elite in American society as being Communist.  He was correct.)  The ADL agreed with President Eisenhower when he spoke at the 40th anniversary dinner of the League as a platform to make his first  public condemnation of McCarthyism and the character assassinations common during the period in the years that ensued.  ADL embarked on one of its earliest campaigns to thwart right-wing extremism by fighting the terrifying plague of McCarthyism.

13. Fought the case of Brown v. Board of Education which ended “separate but equal” school systems.

14. In the 1960’s ADL marched in the forefront of the fight for freedom, advocating for the individual’s right to be judged by virtue of character and not by immutable characteristics.  Civil Rights Acts of 1964 and 1968 and the Voting Rights Act of 1965 were major accomplishments.

15. Fought against the John Birch Society and the anti-Catholic sentiment for President John F. Kennedy’s campaign.

16. Fought for integration in the United States but whole heartedly support Israel, which is exclusively apartheid.  [In fact, you face the penalty of death if you try to convert a Jew to Christianity in the homeland of Israeli. Jesus called the fathers of these people—hypocrites.  And that is exactly what they are doing—they want us to embrace diversity while they cling to exclusiveness].

17. And on it goes.  Now they are in favor of homosexuality being nothing more than a life-style way of living — not a abomination to our GOD.  In favor of same-sex marriages, abortion, birth-control pills, etc.

They yell “Anti-Semitism” and over 90% of them are not even Semites.  The have a list of hate groups in America, and yet are one of the major hate groups.  They are just like our Saviour said they would be—liars and hypocrites.

There have been several movies and books written about the Phagan murder—one Jewish author, Harry Golden, in his book, A Little Girl is Dead, wrote that Mary Phagan was not a virgin—a lie. 

Even today, there are similar incidents.  Natlee Halloway who was murdered on a trip with her senior class to Aruba discovered what it is to “play” around with the Jews.  They didn’t count on her mother being so forthright and persistent. 

My mother sang a song about Mary Phagan—A young girl who was murdered in an Atlanta pencil factory.  She was murdered by her Jewish supervisor, who had raped and sexually harassed girls and boys before.   He was found guilty and sentenced to death.  The governor changed his sentence to life imprisonment.  A elite group of citizens from Mary’s hometown, took the law into their own hands — probably the last time this has ever happened.  And now they no longer say anything about the Jews because of their fear of them.  Isn’t that what Jim Traficant  says?