Who is Behind the Mixing of the Races?

Flyer by the Christian Anti-Jewish Party

In America there is a lot of hostility towards Blacks, Mexicans, Asians and other minorities.  And the Whites have a lot of complaints too.  Which race or races are behind multiculturalism?  Which one(s) are behind race-mixing?  Which one(s) are for miscegenation?

The United States used to practice segregation, not integration.  Now segregation is gone and it is politically incorrect.  So, even though it was in existence for over 85% of the nation's existence, it is now considered evil.  When an incident happens that is close to "racism" it is immediately covered in the press and put down as being evil.  Who was against it?

What religion is prominent in the United States in the days when it practiced segregation?  What religion was South Africa when it experienced "Blood River" and practiced segregation?

Was there one that pushed the civil rights movement?  And who was the one who influenced the other races to come to the lands of Israel to mongrelize them?