White History Month

by Jim Jester

There isn’t any such observance as White History Month but I think it is an idea whose time has come. We are fast becoming a minority in the country that we founded. Why wait for such a thing until after 2043, when it is estimated that the White race in America will be a minority?

Some may ask, why bring up race? Democrats play the race card all the time, so why not. And, everyone is constantly bombarded by school, radio and TV about the “equality and fairness” of all races being “one”, even to the extent of dating and intermarriage with them. Every February we get to hear about “Black History Month.” We hear of the wonders of Barack Obama, alias Barry Sotero, as “the first black president”, when actually he is really the first Jewish president (on his mother’s side) and he does everything his Jewish bosses in Congress desire. Likewise, Abraham Lincoln should be called the first “black president” because he did everything the radical abolitionist Republicans in Congress wanted. So, do we white people have to wait until we are a distinct minority group to get some recognition with White History Month? I say no.

The usual response to such an idea by most “progressives” is that “Whites have all the history anyway”, implying that we do not need any special month of recognition. Now that is a good point; we do have all the history, for the most part. But this leads me to the reasons for having such a month.

First, while most of the accomplishments of history can be attributed to Caucasians, much of our true history is being snuffed out or revised. Also, the truth about who we are as a distinct race has been ignored or hidden for thousands of years. What truth am I speaking of? The truth that the Caucasian race is the descendants of the lost tribes of Israel.

Second, our recent history is discriminated against to make room for other cultures. One clear example of this is the Great American War of 1861. The white people of Dixie have been accused of sedition, racism, and cruelty by the Yankee conqueror. Seldom does anyone hear the historical narrative from the Southern viewpoint in our colleges and universities. Furthermore, Southerners are often blamed for atrocities that the North did during the Reconstruction period of the South.

Third, if we do not stand up now while we are a significant number, we will be ignored as a minority voice in a democratic society, and just will not count.

Fourth, if we do not stand up in defense of our race, we will go the way of the dinosaur by being killed off or bred out of existence.

Concerning this idea, I decided to look up Black History Month to see how it came into existence. I found this interesting piece from Wikipedia:

Black History Month had its beginnings in 1926 in the United States, when historian Carter G. Woodson and the Association for the Study of Negro Life and History announced the second week of February to be "Negro History Week". This week was chosen because it marked the birthday of both Abraham Lincoln and Frederick Douglass. Woodson created the holiday with the hope that it eventually be eliminated when black history became fundamental to American history. Negro History Week was met with enthusiastic response; it prompted the creation of black history clubs, an increase in interest among teachers, and interest from progressive whites. ESPN always celebrates black history month throughout the month of February. Negro History Week grew in popularity throughout the following decades, with mayors across the United States endorsing it as a holiday.

In 1976, the federal government acknowledged the expansion of Black History Week to Black History Month by the leaders of the Black United Students at Kent State University in February of 1969. The first celebration of Black History Month occurred at Kent State in February of 1970. Six years later during the bicentennial, the expansion of Negro History Week to Black History Month was recognized by the U.S. government. Gerald Ford spoke in regards to this, urging Americans to "seize the opportunity to honor the too-often neglected accomplishments of black Americans in every area of endeavor throughout our history."

I had wondered what it took to declare such an observance. From this information, I observed, it does not take much. All it said of Mr. Woodson was that he was an historian with an association. I too am a historian and have an association with my church family, therefore I am qualified to proclaim a White History Month. I might as well claim a whole month because I do not believe the government (unless things change) will expand a History Week into a month at some time in the future as was done with the Black History Week started by Woodson.

Another observation; Mr. Woodson desired that his Negro History Week could “eventually be eliminated when black history became fundamental to American history.” Well, it has been; and this holiday has not vanished but has only expanded.

I propose January for White History Month. Why this month? First of all, there are not many months to choose from because so many are already taken by other groups. Secondly, there are other appropriate months with significant birthdays of great American patriots and I do not intend to forget about those; but, my reason: January is the first month and Caucasians are first in history. It is also the month of some great American patriots birthdays: Robert E. Lee, Thomas J. Jackson, Daniel Webster, Ben Franklin, Ethan Allen, and Paul Revere.

Therefore, I, James N. Jester, member of the Covenant Fellowship Church, proclaim January as White History Month.