What's Wrong with Christ's Mass?

by Pastor Don Elmore

We are now in the middle of the winter solstice—the smallest amount of sunlight of the year.  It is when the sun dies in the mind of the mystery religions.

For how long does this last?  For three days! For three days the amount of sunlight remains exactly the same.  After the third day, the daylight starts to get a little bit longer! Each day the daylight continues to increase until at the summer solstice it is the longest amount of daylight of the year. Therefore, the sun is reborn in the mind of the mystery religions on December 25th. 

That would be Monday night.  What would be the perfect time to have a service that would depict when the sun is reborn?  Midnight! 

So at midnight, which is when the fraudulent December 25th begins, the Roman Catholics will have a religious service; for the sun, which died at the solstice is now alive!  This is exactly what the mystery religions have done for centuries before the Roman Church came into being.

Watch the Roman Catholics, as they have their church service at midnight to welcome the sun god back to life once again.  And what is the special event that they celebrate every Christmas: they will celebrate His special Mass; that is Christ’s Mass or Christ(’s)mas(s) or Christmas.  Christ is an alias for Mithras.

One of the reasons that I refuse to celebrate Christmas is because I hate the Mass; any Mass. It is an abomination in the eyes of our GOD.  The Mass is to drink literally His blood and to eat literally His flesh which is a sin in the eyes of our GOD.  It is like being a vampire, one that maintains an immortal life by the process of drinking of blood.

I agree with the Churches of the Piedmont who were slaughtered by the armies of the Roman Catholic Church several hundred years before the Protestant Reformation.

I will quote from An Ancient Confession of Faith of the Waldensses, bearing the date of 1120 AD.  This is nearly 400 years before the time of the either Calvin or Luther (Protestant Reformation). 

“Article 10.  Item, we have always accounted an unspeakable abomination before God, all those Inventions of men, namely, the Feasts and the Vigils of Saints, the Water which they call holy.  As likewise to abstain from Flesh upon certain days, and the like; but ESPECIALLY THEIR MASSES(Emphases mine).

To celebrate Christmas is to adhere to a Roman Catholic false doctrine – a major step to be a part of our national Sabbath day – December 25th.  I will not be a part of but I will remain separate from this false antichrist Church. 

I will just remember the virgin-birth of my savior in the Fall of the year and not celebrate it on the birthday of many of the false gods of witches, wizards, heretics and antichristians. “Learn not the way of the heathen....” Jeremiah 10:2a.  For the word “Christmas” is not even mention anywhere in the Holy Scriptures; Sola Scriptura.