What the Talmud Says About the Death of Jesus Christ

Taken from:  The Jewish Religion:  Its Influence Today,
(Former title:  The Plot Against Christianity)

By Elizabeth Dilling

Jesus, as stated in both the Talmud and Jewish Encyclopedia, gets "four legal methods of execution: and is Crucified as well, as a blasphemer of Pharisee Judaism.

Jesus was stoned, then "hanged" or crucified, Sanhedrin 42a-43b (Exhibits 46, 48):  Sanhedrin 67a (Exhibit 75), where another phony name (Ben Stada) Jesus is identified as "Jesus of Nazareth."  See Jewish Encyclopedia, Exhibits 277-278.   

As to Judas, we are told (Exhibit 279) that:  "when Judas found he could not touch Jesus in any way, in aerial battle, he defiled him" (the "privy concept," once again , which runs through the Talmud).

Jesus' apostles were all killed, Sanhedrin 43a, b (Exhibit 47).  Their names are decoded by Jewish Encyclopedia (See Exhibit 278, right column).

Jesus was crucifed as a "blasphemer," Sanhedrin 461  (Exhibit 51), Jewish Encyclopedia (Exhibit 276).

Jesus was burned, Sanhedrin 52a (Exhibit 52); manner of burning, Yebamoth 6b (Exhibit 151), verified by Jewish Encyclopedia under "Balaam" (Exhibit 274).  He is "lowered into dung up to his armpits then a hard cloth was placed within a soft one, wound round his neck and the two loose ends pulled in opposite directions forcing him to open his mouth.  A wick was then lit, and thrown into his mouth so that it descended into his body and burnt his bowels...his mouth was forced open with pinchers against his wishes..." (Exhibit 52).  And:  "The death penalty of 'burning' was executed by pouring molten lead through the condemned man's mouth into his body, burning his internal organs" (Exhibit 152).

Jesus was strangled:  "He was lowered into dung up to his armpits then a hard cloth was placed within a soft one, wound round his neck, and the two ends pulled in opposite directions until he was dead."  (Talmud, Sanhedrin 52a-Exhibit 53).  This is repeated (Sanhedrin 106b, Exhibit 114) and verified by the Jewish Encyclopedia (Exhibit 274).

Jesus is in hell where His punishment is "boiling in hot semen." (Talmud, Gittin 57a; Exhibit 202).  The subject is identified as Jesus in a footnote, also in the Jewish Encyclopedia under "Balaam."  (Exhibit 275).

Christians in hell (in the above passage) are punished by "boiling hot excrement" which is the punishment for all who mock "at the words of the sages" (i.e. the Talmud).

Jesus "committed bestiality," "corrupted the people" is "turned into hell." (Talmud, Sanhedrin 105a; Exhibits 106-107).

Jesus "limped on one foot" and "was blind in one eye," "he practiced enchantment by means of his membrum," "he committed bestiality with his ass," he was a fool who "did not even know his beast's mind." (Talmud, Sanhedrin 105a-105b; Exhibits 108-109).  The ridiculous and foul misuse of Judges 5:27 about Sisera's dying convulsions meaning sexual intercourse is  here applied to Jesus, with a footnote "explanation" of Judges 5:27: "This is taken to mean sexual intercourse...."

Jesus attempts to seduce women, is excommunicated by a rabbi and then worships a brick, was a seducer of Israel, and praciticed magic (Talmud, Sanhedrin 107b; Exhibit 117), also the Jewish Encyclopedia (Exhibit 277).