The Strategy

by Matthew Luckey

The Jew’s strategy is always the same:  falsifying, doubling, and counterfeiting.  The natural condition of stable societies is impermeable to outsiders, leaving the parasitic Jew no room to attach himself to a host people.  He is forced to distort the image of what society is, to precede a double of it, which will allow for the Jew’s various devices to penetrate and conquer.  The Jew does not lie in part, he lies totally.  Human society forms a triad:  its sovereign/its law/the subjects under the law and sovereign. 

The Jew falsifies all the points of the triad, creating an entirely counterfeited picture.  Truth and reality is completely excluded.  Just as the Jew substituted True Israel (God/God’s Law/Adamite—Israelites) with an unholy trinity consisting of a falsified God (Samael--Ishtar—Tammuz), a falsified religion (Talmudism), and a falsified people of this God and religion (Edomite—Khazars).

The Jew now substituted True Christian America with a falsified government (Luciferian Constitutionalism), a falsified social being (Free-Market Luciferianism), and a falsified American citizenry of this government and social life (Third World Immigrants).  The Jew doubles the entire picture of reality and appoints himself god over this counterfeit.