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A Night To Honor Israel

This was a news article that was sent to me that was in the Tulsa, Oklahoma newspaper.  It told of a church that is located across from Oral Roberts University.  The date of the newspaper was Saturday, April 21, 2007. 

There was two large pictures; one of the congregation and the other of Pastor Billy Joe Daugherty embracing Itai Lavi, Israeli emissary to Tulsa.  Shouldn't Christians rather obey their GOD who told them who our enemies were...don't embrace them; tell the people who their father is! (John 8:44). What a disgrace the churches united with synagogues and probably the Freemasonic lodges in this event!

Traffic was backed up two miles to the north Monday night as more than 7,000 people made their way to "A Night to Honor Israel," at Victory Christian Center, 7700 S. Lewis Ave.

Victory's new 4,400-seat worship center was full, and everyone else watched by closed circuit large screen television in three overflow rooms.

Dozens of churches, synagogues and organizations participated in the event. 

It was a night of prayer and sober talk about dangers facing Israel, but also a night of cheers, applause, laughter and dancing to Jewish music.

"It's just amazing.  It's an awesome experience," said Barry Abels, executive director of te Jewish Federation of Tulsa, as he held a check for $85,000, that night's offering, which will go to Youth Futures, an orgainization helping disadvantaged children in Tiberias, Israel, Tulsa's sister city.

John Swails, state executive director of Christians United for Israel, sponsor of the event, called the evening "exceptional."

David Bernstein, community relations director of the Jewish Federation, called it "wonderful, awe-in-spiring."

Rabbi Charles Sherman of Temple Israel, who was seen in a circle of dancers in front of the stage at the end of the service, said the evening demonstrates what is possible when people of kindness work together, empahsizing what they have in common -- a shared love of Israel -- instead of what separates them.

The Rev. Billy Joe Daugherty urged the exuberant crowd to pray for the peace of Jerusalem, to speak up in public in defense of Israel, and to communicate with lawmakers about support for Isreal.

Mayor Kathy Taylor, former Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Tiberias Mayor Zohar Obed addressed the gathering by video on the 60-foot-wide screen over the stage.

Netanyahu said 19th-century Christian Zionists in the United States and Britain sparked the birth of modern Israel by calling for Jews to come back to the Holy Land.

"Our best friends in the world are the Christians I'm speaking to tonight," he said.

"We're facing new enemies," he said.  "The mad disciples of militant Islam threaten everyone.  Will Israel survive this time, or will the power of evil win out."

Itai Lavi, Israeli emissary to Tulsa, said that as an Israeli, he was "proud, excited, overwhelmed, so grateful to every one of you.  Thank you so much for supporting my country."

Tulsa pastor Reza Safa, Iranian native and founder of Nejat TV, an outreach to Iran, said after the rally that he supported the event and supports Israel.

"But we have to be careful in our support of Israel that we do not put down people for whom Christ died, including Muslims," he said.

I didn't know that Muslims and Jews were sheep--I guess this is where the doctrine of Universalism leads one to.  The Jews are in Israeli because the Jews intervened in Britain that they would get the United States into the WW1 and fight on their side against Germany: the prize that they asked for was the land of Israeli. They don't tell America that story!