Slave Traders

by Zebedee Shower

The HOAX of the belief that Anglo Saxons were responsible for the Slave Trade

The story of slavery in America begins with Christopher Columbus whose voyage in 1492 was not financed by Queen Isabella (as most are taught) but by the Jewish Money Lender Luis de Santiangelo who advanced the sum of 17,000 ducats.  Columbus was accompanied by five Jews who feigned conversion to Catholicism.  Luis de Torres, interpreter, Marco, the Surgeon, Bernal, the Physician, Alonzo de la Calle and Gabriel Sanchez.  The Jews sold Columbus on the idea of capturing 500 Indians and selling them as slaves in Seville, Spain, which was done.  Columbus did not receive any money from the sale of the slaves but became the victim of a conspiracy fostered by Bernal, the ship's doctor.  Columbus suffered injustice and imprisonment, betrayed by the five Jews he had trusted and helped.  Reference "The International Jew" by Henry Ford.  The American Indians did not prove amenable to work so the business never took off.  (a side note, the lesson Columbus learned the hard way is that you don't trust a Jew for anything, and stay away from the medical profession, they infest the snake entwined staff).

In the Carnegie Institute of Technology in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania are actual documents from the time proving that it was overwhelmingly the Jews who took the negro slaves to America.  There were some thousand Jews living in Newport on the Atlantic seacoast by 1760, owning some 300 slave ships.  In fact it was commonly referred to as "The Jewish Newport World Centre of Slave Commerce".

These same Jews developed the rum trade from molasses and had about thirty distilleries.  This rum was sent to Africa in the slave ships and exchanged for Black slaves.  Jews like Nicholas Lowe and Joseph Simon had also traded rum and whiskey to the Indians for pelts.  The debauching of the Indians by the Jews with the resultant massacres of early settlers is a story in itself.

In their lust for rum and the wealth if got them Black chieftains readily sold their own people into slavery.  Jews like Aaron Lopez owned ships like "The Greyhound", "The Spry" and "The Betsy".  While other Jews like Moses Levey, David Gomaz and James de Woolf owned ships like "The Abigail" and "Hester".  It is all in the records.  Felix de Souza, a Sephahrdic Jew was known as "The Prince of Slavers".  The book, "Who Brought The Slaves To America" - based on these same records proves that it was the Jews who took the negro slaves to America.  The number of negroes shipped to America has been extimated to be somewhere between 20 and 110 million.  But it is reckoned only 5% survived the terrible voyage.  The rest were thrown overboard.  Brazil was a large consumer of slaves.  Up to 4 million are believed to have been transported to that land in the 17th Century alone.  Seymour Liebman in his book, "New World Jewry: 1493-1825" wrote "Brazil was built by negro slaves between 1570-1670 and the acumen, hard work, and calculating perseverance of the Jews".  These Jews came from Portugal and Spain and owned sugar plantations where they put the negroes to work with great brutality.  Arnold Wizniter tells us in his study, "Jews in Colonial Brazil", that half the Whites living in Brazil were Jews.  He wrote, "The buyers who appeared at the (slave) auctions were almost always Jews".  When the political situation began to change lots of these Sephardic Jews moved up to the West Indies taking their wealth in the form of gold coinage with them.  Jacob Rader Marcus of "The American Jewish Archives" wrote that they went to "French Mirtinique, Guadeloupe, others to Jamaica and to English Barbados, where they furthered the sugar industry and the negro slave economy it created".  Jewish researchers like David Lowenthal tells us Jews "also prospered early through shipping and slave trading in the Dutch colony of Curacao.  Whilst Suzanne Emmanual says the Jews became major insurance underwriters for ships in the Caribbean slave trade profiting greatly out of the whole sordid business.

A suppressed lesson of history for us is the sad fate of Portugal.  The Portuguese of the 15th and 16th Centuries were a race of navigators, explorers and adventurers.  They established colonies in Africa, Asia and South America.  The Portuguese were one of the greatest races of Europe.  But the Jewish slavers imported vast numbers of negroes into Portugal and the native population inter-breed with them.  The Portuguese destroyed themselves by miscegenation.  They were no longer a reflection of their ancestors but a negrofied and mongrelized people.  In the 1911 edition of The Encyclopaedia Britanica (before the twisters of history got to work) is the following entry:  "The Portuguese intermarried freely with their slaves and this infusion of alien blood profoundly modified the character and physique of the nation.  It may be said without exaggeration that the Portuguese of the 17th and later centuries were two different races."