The Shooting at Tuscon

By William Finck

There are many media outlets which have been trying very hard to identify the Arizona Shooter, Jared Loughner, with the "fringe right" or "neo-nazi" groups. Among such outlets are the Daily Mail (London),,, and even quite obscure sites such as They are all evidently clamoring to "blame Whitey". The website has reported that Janet Napolitano of the DHS along with certain Fox News staff and others have connected Loughner to right-wing or conservative "extremist" or even "White Supremacist" groups.

In a response to these, and the hundreds of posts in forums across the internet which make similar claims, we felt a need to act quickly and yesterday we posted a Facebook page captured by an associate which has turned out to have been a fake. We apologize for that. Yet of course we still have a need to respond to these false claims.

One thing is clear, that all of those who are claiming that Jared Loughner was a right-wing extremist, a neo-nazi, a White supremacist, or a professor of any similar ideology, are liars pushing an agenda. They have done this same thing in the wake of Columbine and many other such crimes.

Some of the more established (yet we hate to consider these as truly reputable) media outlets are not jumping to these same conclusions, and have published somewhat more balanced accounts concerning Jared Loughner. Among these are the Huffington Post, CBS News and the Wall Street Journal. Yet even this has not stopped Leftists in government from attempting to use the case in order to fulfill their usual agenda. Once again, the new bolsheviks are carrying the anti-gun legislation down to Congress  - as reported by National Journal and other agencies, and Hillary Clinton has already branded Loughner an "extremist", by which we are certain the senator does not mean a left-wing extremist.  

The more sober reports reveal that Jared Loughner is a quite left-leaning and liberal individual. Certainly, the real Loughner is nevertheless a very confused individual. It only surprises us that the public educational system which we have today does not manage to turn out many more such confused individuals. It must also be noted, that not one of the articles we have found in the mainstream media mentions Loughner's having, or ever having had, a girlfriend. It is mentioned, however, that he had a drug habit.

There are rumors that the Columbine shooters were homosoexual deviants. The Klebold youth is reportedly jewish (which would explain a lot, including their overt and pronounced hatred for Christians). There are also reports that psychotropic drugs were administered to these youths under prescription. The promotion of sexually deviant activity as a lifestyle choice, the administering of mind-altering drugs to children, these things are not normal or natural. They are indeed horrible sins being perpetrated upon Christian society. And they are never honestly discussed or investigated by the mainstream media when these events occur, because there are personal agendas involved. Just like modern medicaine, society attacks the symptoms rather than the causes of its diseases.

As seen in the apparently valid material being presented from Jared Loughner, there is a certain cognitive dissonance in the mind of one who would claim both Mein Kampf and the Communist Manifesto as "favorite books". However with reports that Loughner's mother was a jewess, as reported by Mother Jones and other sources,  we are not surprised with this either. In fact, in such a case we would expect there to be such confused thinking.

The Communist Manifesto seeks to destroy Christian Civilization, destroy the family unit which it is built upon, diminish the importance of men in society, and liberate women from the "oppression" of their natural role, which is the raising of healthy families. Official government social policies, cemented by legislation, the bureaucracy and the court system, have completely fulfilled the goals of the Communist Manifesto in this nation over the past century.

On the other hand, Mein Kampf was written as one man's response to the destructive forces behind the Communist Manifesto, which were also being implemented in Weimar Germany in the 1920's. In Mein Kampf, Adolf Hitler espouses the value of strong traditional families and Christian morals and values as the backbone of a healthy society.

Every society that has sought safety over liberty has destroyed itself, and this too has already happened in America. Our Christian ancestors understood that when bad things happen, they represent a judgement or a trial from God. That is why the Greek word krisis, meaning judgement,became our English word crisis in the first place. Yet in Jared Loughner's confused world, words have no meaning at all, and there is no God. America will coninue to be judged, and bad things will continue to happen. It is not that we are promoting crime or anarchy - God forbid! Yet it must be understood that the natural result of the acceptance of sin is judgement, and that cannot be avoided by any means. One cannot legislate away the righteous judgement of God.