Separation of Church and State

By Matthew Luckey

“The goal of the revolution, of moral disarmament then, was liberty, fraternity, and equality:  liberty from God, fraternity in sin, equality of all moral, economic and religious distinctions.  But the end was liberty from life, fraternity in death, and equality in hell.”    —Rousas John Rushdoony, CHALCEDON REPORT #32

What sentiment of the political mainstream in possibly more commonplace than that old secular chestnut “separation of church and state?  Have you ever stopped to consider the possibility that the general American consciousness has been so utterly conditioned by the ideology of “separation of church and state” that this ideology has become standard operation procedure with church itself?   That we have separation of Christianity from church, of Christianity from professional churchianity? 

The real decision-making authority in church no longer issues from the Word of God — what churches do is not determined by Scripture — but from secular management theory and market demand.  The evangelical and Fundamentalist churches have become like petit secular states, in which members/consumers are allowed to believe pretty much whatever they want so long as they keep it a private matter to themselves.  The only thing unconditionally prohibited is Christianity interfering with church government and church business.

The true religion of Judeo-Christianity has finally revealed itself to be “separation of Christianity from the church.” 

This creed is the new orthodoxy while traditional Calvinist orthodoxy is marginalized and rendered irrelevant as a personal and therapeutic practice.  In the secular state Christ is banned from the office of authority so that government may represent Sikh, Muslim, atheist, Buddhist, and Christian equally.  In the secular “free market” system Christ is also banned from office so that the shopkeepers may hawk their merchandise equally to Hindu, new-pagan, santero, and Christian alike.  And in Judeo-Christian churches Christ is made an exile in His own kingdom government so that pastor-managers can attract the broadest consumer base of feminists, sodomites, idolaters, junkies, occultists, fornicators, as well as true Christians.  Protest churches have become pluralistic, multicultural, multi-religious, mult-racial and poly-sexual nests of Babel confusion.   They try to be like shopping malls so pastor-manager can sell to the largest demographic;  to have what anyone wants like a Kike peddling trinkets at a Moroccan bazaar.

I enter Acme Church on Sunday and shake  hands with the all-Purpose pastor-manager, who glad-hands and fixes his watery eyes on me.  I say, “Pastor, I’m that ‘old time religion’ kind of Christian. I want fire and brimstone preaching.  I want a spade called a spade.  Give me holiness and sold-outness to Christ.  Can this church deliver the goods?”  Pastor-manager’s weak chin moves without altering the smile, “I’m with you brother.  You're going to feel real comfy here.  We got a cell-group customized for mean, for Christian just like us.”

I return to Acme Church on Wednesday evening and shake hands with a different one-size fits all pastor-manager.  “Now brother,” I say, “I don’t want none of that hateful “fire and brimstone” kind of Christianity.  I’m the new ‘luvin’ type Christian.  I want to hear how God’s going to be relevant to my life, how He’s going to give me financial success and success with the ladies, if you know what I mean?”  Pastor-manager smiles ghoulish like a Jew pedophile just offered a job as counselor at a Christian summer camp.  “I’m with you brother,” he says.  “You’re going to feel right at home here at Acme church.  I got just the cell group for you.”

On the following Sunday I shake hands with a third pastor-manager and say.  “I’m an atheist, communist, Jewish, transgendered, jihadist Satanist.   Oh yeah, I’m also unrepentant.  You got a place for me at this here church?”  Pastor-manager smiles broadly, “I’m with you….”

Judeo-Christian churches are no respecter of persons today.  They will embrace an active faggot debauch as much as a faithful Christian.  We are all equal citizens under the dome of the mega-church franchise.  This is exactly how Judeo-Christian pastor-managers want it.  They dream of churches the size of cities, contain the entire population irrespective of race, religion, sex identity, etc.  Pasto-manager really wants to be major of a city or CEO of a multinational corporation.  When they enter Christian ministry their first reflex is to remake Christianity in the image of what they really want:  to be a manager of a secular super organization.  They don’t even like God.  They got their wires crossed somewhere along the way and entered the wrong field.  To the pastor-manager God is just another member of the organization to manage.  He sets his authority as administrator higher than the office of God….

“When America was colonized the settlers in every colony made Biblical law their basic law.   There was no tax on property:  this was basic to Biblical liberty.  The South was the last area to accept property tax, and it was largely forced on the South by post-Civil War Reconstruction (Rushdoony:  CHALCEDON REPORT #24). 

Both wars were but pretexts to advance a secret Luciferian –Zionist agenda, requiring nullification of God’s Law so that property tax (tithe) might gradually be imposed, thereby making the secular state the country’s new god.  The true purpose of the Revolution and War of Northern Aggression was to abolish the Bible as the governing Law of the land, which for the previous two centuries it had been.

America wasn’t born in 1776; it was murdered.

For this reason, the cry of every Calvinist, Dominionist, Anglo-Israel and Identity Christian should echo the following:

“What we need is to burn the United States Constitution and replace it with the Holy Bible.  Then, and only then, will we see justice and peace and true happiness throughout the United States.  Then, and only then, will we see pedophiles and those who practice bestiality executed.  Then, and only then, will we see segregation return to America.  Then, and only then, will we see mosques and synagogues destroyed and false religions eradicated.   And only then, will we see the Lord Jesus Christ exalted as He should be in our national life”  (Kemble’s Trumpet Blasts #44).

God is no doubt punishing this nation with an epidemic of sodomites, Negro-on-White race war, invasion of violent drug cartels and human traffickers, economic collapse, and universal political corruption, because be refusing to fight God’s enemies—and by “fight” I mean literally fight and not metaphorically for church business as usual—we have betrayed God.  God is not judging the sodomites, Negroes, corrupt politicians, drug dealers, etc.  God is judging us, the Christians!

By failing to do what needs to be done we stand guilty of aiding and abetting the evildoers, of participating in their sins with them.  The faggots, Negros, drug dealers, etc. are God’s judgment on us.  In the Kingdom of God there is no trophy for “best try” or runner-up; and there exists no other people with a higher pay grade ready to step in and save us when we fail.

It’s just us!  This is God’s design, if we fail, the whole thing is shot.  The Kingdom is a fairy tale, it’s a deadly serious business….

This is how it’s supposed to be according to the boys who advocate secularism:  “the secular” is their in-between space that separates the church from the government.  It is supposed to be the space that protects the sanctity of the church walls from intrusion by the state.  Secular management is the best way to run society, they tell us, because it makes private life and churches stronger.

However, of course, as experience has instructed us since 1776, the protective barrier separating church from state, and church from market demand, has proven non-existent.    “The secular” tends to reproduce itself within the church walls, planting an internal space that separate Christianity from church. 

Secularism divides society in halves:  the private sector and the public sector.  This division plants itself inside the church so that it too is split between private and public, between Christianity and non-Christian management and marketing methods.  Now Christianity’s dominion being half of what it once was, is divided again in half as the secular continues to expand and Christianity to recede, ad infinitum. 

The Communists used to always talk about the “withering away of the state” after the Revolution.  This is what the withering away of Christianity looks like under political and economic liberalism, but his revolution was not televised.  Separation of church and state is not separation at all.  It is banishment of the church with the church itself.  It is banishment of Christ and His Kingdom from the church.