Sandy Hook Hoax

By Pastor Don Elmore

Sandy Hook is like Pearl Harbor, 9/11, the Gulf of Tonkin, etc. they are all false flag government probes to make the thoughts of Americans to be the same as the pro-government positions on Wars and gun control.  Sandy Hook Elementary School is a hoax.  Like the Solomon Building, #7, that came down in less than 7 seconds; it had to be a demolition; Sandy Hook has had many conflicting stories and outright lies.  The government will never tell the complete whole story; nor will the national and local media.

All they would have to do is to just interview a few people:

  1. The janitor of Sandy Hook Elementary School.  He was reported by teachers as being a hero who saved a lot of lives.  He went through the hallways after spotting the gunman, shouting, “A gunman is coming!  A gunman is coming!  He checked to make sure the classroom doors were locked.”  His name is Rick Thorne.  I have not heard him say a word.  He was an eyewitness.
  2. The six students who allegedly went to Gene Rosen’s house.  They were the survivors of Miss Soto’s class.  It would clear up the conflicting stories told by the FEMA captain and Studio executive.