Sandy Hook Contribution Funds

by Pastor Don Elmore

The Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting that occurred on December 14, 2012 has close to fifty misconceptions and inconsistencies that make it to appear like a false flag incident or a big hoax.  Adam Lanza, who death was registered as being on December 13, the day before; and there is no official paper record of him for the last three years of his life; the ridiculous news conference by the Chief Medical Examiner; the conflicting testimony of Gene Rosen who supposedly took in his home six children from Miss Soto’s class; the very strange marching in one door and out the other, over and over again at the Fire house; no ambulances allowed at the school; the fire trucks and ambulances blocked in by many cars; the strange stealing of Lily Gaubert’s picture from her mother’s face book account and its posting as being one of the victims (she doesn’t even live near Sandy Hook); Noah Pozner’s picture being an individual photo (no photos available of him with his parents or others); Veronique Haller, Noah’s mother, is legal counsel for the Switzerland embassy; Veronique’s brother, Alexis Haller is a prominent lawyer  who   defended   Vatican  City  of  the   Roman  Catholic  Church,  who also defended the Oracle Corporation and who wrote a very strong gun control memorandum for the relatives of Noah Pozner; Noah, who is Jewish, was shot 11 times by the AR-15; Robbie Parker, the father of a supposedly murdered little first grade girl, laughed and cut-up right before he spoke on the night of the murder; why did he do this—where was his wife?  His daughter is missing from any photos from Miss Soto’s class, and who interviewed the janitor who was outside the classroom doors, and on and on it goes.

And when did the Parker’s set up their contribution Fund for their daughter?   The afternoon of December 14th, before they even knew she was dead!  But if that is bad, consider that the United Way Fund was set up on the internet four days before it even happened—on December 10, 2012!

And why do these people need the money anyway?  For the funerals?   Many of them make over a million dollars a year.  And how much did the United Way Fund collect:  $10,000,000 a month ago and still collecting!  And who was to distribute this money:  Senator Joe Lieberman!

The United Way Fund has heard from those in need for weeks including families affected directly and indirectly by the tragedy, from people who cannot return to work, people who need counseling, from families struggling to return children to school.  What?  What people were these?  If they gave the 26 families an equal portion of the money from the United Way Fund they would receive $380,000 each.

And that is just one of 70 Funds; there is  the Noah Pozner Fund, the Emilie Parker Fund,  the Freemasonic  Newtown Family Relief Fund, etc.  These Funds came in many forms, from pennies to checks as large as $150,000 from corporate contributions.  There are many people raising money independently and the donations will continue to come in for the next few months; they have collected another $10 million.

Veronique Pozner wrote on her website that if everyone would just send a $1, “we would get enough money to bury Noah.“  What?  No wonder that any person who investigates just a little bit, reaches the same conclusion:  Sandy Hook shooting was another of the false flag events that our government has put on our people over the years.  This time it was the purpose of arousing the America public for gun control.