New articles 5/27/2012

Greetings in the name of Jesus Christ!

We're happy to have Greek scholar William Finck, publisher of as our guest speaker next Sunday, June 3rd.  His message will be on "Paul, the First Identity Preacher".  Bill has translated the New Testament (The Christogenea New Testament) and his expertise is in the field of ancient literature.  We hope you can join us.   Let us know if you need directions to our new location.

The newest articles on our website can be always be found by clicking on "Recent Posts" on the menu at the top of our website.  Since the last newsletter, we have added several new audios, 3 Wake Up Heralds, a message on Catholicism and a message on Pentecost ... 

  • Audio on Satan's Deception by Pastor Brian Jones
  • Audio and Text for Stand Your Ground Part 3 by Pastor Mark Downey
  • Audio and Text for America's Disastrous Choice by Pastor Don Elmore
  • Audio and Text for The Catholic Menace Part 1 by Pastor Mark Downey
  • Pentecost text message by Pastor Don Elmore.  Presented today.  The audio will be added next week.

    • "Same-sex Marriage Debacle Part 4:  The progressive erosion of God-designed marriage has been ongoing for a long time with divorce leading the erosion process. Divorce knows no social, economic, family, or religious restraints and boundaries. It is now pervasive in the culture at large. Sadly, it is reported that more ‘Christians’ than non-Christians are now leading this trend. A tragic spin-off of this tragedy is that an increasing number of ‘Christian’ and non-Christian couples alike are circumventing ‘divorce’ by avoiding marriage—choosing rather ‘cohabitation’—a New Age word for ‘shacking up.'  ... more
    • "Same-sex Marriage Debacle Part 5: Occasionally, there is a bright light in the darkness. Here’s one:  50+ Professors & Staff Resign From Christian University After Refusing to Sign Homosexuality Pledge ... more
    • "Why We are Where We Are" Part 25:   Hollywood is the largest source of smut, immorality, violence, corruption and filth in America.  Sadly, many ‘Christians’ continue to support Hollywood with their theatre attendance. The rational goes like this. “I know this movie contains ‘cursing’ and/or ‘sexual scenes’ but these ‘scenes’ are not that much and not that bad.” Question. How much is too much and how bad is too bad? More

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