New articles 4/23/2012

Welcome to our first online newsletter!  This newsletter will inform you of new articles posted on our website and also notify you of our special events with guest speakers and other opportunities for fellowship.

The newest articles on our website can be found by clicking on "Recent Posts" on the menu at the top of our website.  The articles added this week include:

  • No Good Choice by Pastor Don Elmore
  • Stand Your Ground, Part 2 by Pastor Mark Downey
  • A new issue of Wake Up Herald:  We're All Branch Davidians Now by Robert McCurry
  • Waco, Texas: Where A Part of America's Heart and Soul Died by Robert McCurry
  • Audios added for "The Strangeness of Mormonism" and "Stand Your Ground, Part 2"

Our newsletter, The New Covenant Messenger, gets mailed out on a regular monthly basis.  The main articles are posted on the site, however if you wish to be added to our mailing list, please click on "Contact" at, give us your address and mention that you would like to start receiving copies of The New Covenant Messenger.  We appreciate your gifts to help defray postage and handling. 

We thank you for your ongoing prayers and support for the Fellowship of God's Covenant People.  Updates are weekly, so visit often and share with others. 

God Bless!