My Memorial Day

By Jim Jester

Memorial Day is to remember and honor those who have died in America’s wars. But, when was the last time you heard anything about the death of the Confederate soldiers? Originally, Decoration Day (later changed to Memorial Day) began in the south. There are more soldiers buried in the south than in the north. The Confederate army was the last group of patriots to fight for freedom and the constitution. However, they were denied the democratic process of self-governance and were slaughtered by an unlawful and immoral war.

Memorial Day is just another hi-jacked holiday. By hi-jacked I mean a holiday which has been altered, twisted or used by the government to promote its agenda. Rarely do we hear about the true patriot who died for his country. Instead, we hear about those who died for the U.S. government. There is a big difference!

When I joined the Air Force in 1970, I thought I was defending America. I joined for the right reason. I thought I was fighting communism. Instead, communism has spread via progressivism, not only from the Democrats but from the Republicans as well. Many join today for a laudable reason; but they are not defending America, they are serving a hi-jacked government that has an international agenda.

Communism has also spread since before my lifetime because of our (Is it really ours?) government’s policy in the world wars. As usual, the United States and their allies fought on the wrong side of these wars; and as a result, greatly aided the spread of international communism. Many will object to what I have just stated and may ask, “But what about that awful Hitler?” Let me remind you that just as “fake news” exists, likewise, fake history exists. Most of what we have been taught has been half-truths, omissions, and out-right lies. Do not forget that those who conquer get to write the history books. The alleged “evil” of Adolf Hitler and the Third Reich has been greatly exaggerated (and I am being kind).

While I am in the context of the World War (brought to us in two parts), let me bolster my assertion with a question to think about. Why is it that the government and media have promoted the World War II generation as “the greatest generation?”

Wars are about making money for those in power. All wars are banker wars. Their ultimate end is to create a global government. Those who join the military think they are serving their country, but actually, they are only serving the New World Order slave masters. In addition, when any of these men die, they are called heroes because they served the empire, while at the same time their family thinks they died for freedom. This is a hoax played upon Americans’ emotions every Memorial Day, Independence Day, and Veterans Day, and someone needs to expose the truth.

I have taken this opportunity to bring this to your attention. So before you get all teary-eyed and grateful for those who died so you could be free (allegedly), ask the question, did they die fighting tyranny at home, or did they die supporting the government’s policy in a foreign land? Yes, they died honorably, following their orders (many of which were unlawful), but they should not have. They should still be with their families today.

Therefore, as you remember this special day, I hope you see through all the government propaganda via their media accomplices taking advantage of your sons’ (or daughters’) sacrifices. Like other holidays, Memorial Day has been hi-jacked and used to promote a global agenda.