The Man Who Invented C_________?



— By Pastor Don Elmore






            The Pilgrims and Puritans were, indeed, a great change for the better.  Although small in number, they challenged the rule and practices of Rome.  In England, where these Christians were basically located, they became fiercely persecuted and many were executed and their property confiscated.  Eventually, many were forced to leave the country.


            One country that was tolerate of this movement, was across the channel — the Netherlands.  It was in this country that several churches of Pilgrims had fled, that eventually led to the decision to come to the new land of America.

            It was from Holland, that a particular church sent their members on the journey to “establish the Christian faith” in America.  From Holland, to England to America was their planned trip —  but what a strange journey it was.


            They were suppose to go to the northern parts of Virginia, but where blown off course by the rough winds experienced on their trip.  Of course, before this happened, there was the unforeseen casualty of losing one ship due to leakage problems.  Besides being delayed, the passengers had to all get into one ship.  Some did not go; but stayed in England instead.


                It was  at  this  time  that  a  vital  decision was made.  The pilgrims decided that since they were not under the jurisdiction of Virginia, they had the opportunity to live elsewhere — south of Boston; on what became known as the Plymouth Plantation.  They first drew up and signed the Mayflower Compact and the history of America had an early chapter written.


            From the many early deaths, from Squanto, from the near starvation of the entire tribe, from the miraculous change in the weather, from the “five kernels of corn” rationing, from the sudden appearance of a boat traveling from a southern town, from the belief and practices of worshipping the God of their fathers — America had experienced a new and different beginning.


            The year was 1620 when the Pilgrims first settled in Plymouth, Massachusetts.  The Pilgrims were the most extreme faction in their manner of worship — they completely believed that the Church of England was so corrupt that there was no way to save it.   


            They were soon followed by the Puritans.  This group was not as extreme as the Pilgrims, for they believed that the Church of England could be rejuvenated from within.  This group was larger than the Pilgrims and soon took over the territory of Massachusetts. 


            The Puritan movement won.  They got rid of the royalty in England and made Oliver Cromwell the new king.  In 1652 the celebrating of Christmas (Christ’s Mass) was prohibited.  Seven years later in Boston, the Puritans followed their brethren’s lead in London by outlawing Christmas in the new land where they were located.


            Puritan rule in England didn’t last very long; and the former royalty was soon reestablished.  The Puritans in America soon were overtaken by the Unitarians, but Christmas had died and remained in the state of not being practiced for almost 200 years.  America was basically a land of “few holidays.”


            In fact, on December 25, 1789 the Congress of the United State met in session and it was that way for most of the next 67 years — until 1856.  From winning their independence from the British, they keep their opinion of not liking to keep anything British. 


            In summary, we have the historical fact that Christmas was not celebrated in the United States until right before the War of Northern Aggression which began in 1861.  And it was originally celebrated by Roman Catholics and some Episcopalians — but there were more and more Protestants who were beginning to celebrate Christmas in the middle of the century — BUT NOT THEIR PROTESTANT CHURCHES.


            That means that the following Protestant churches in America:

            1.  No Methodist churches

            2.  No Baptist churches

            3.  No Presbyterian churches

            4.  No Lutheran churches

            5.  No Puritan churches

kept Christmas in their calendar until the middle and late 1800’s.  They knew what that holiday was — an abomination of the mother church — the Roman Catholic and Greek Orthodox churches.


                                     HOW DID IT CHANGE?


            Roman Catholics and many Episcopals were celebrating Christmas from the day they came to America, but beginning in the 1840’s Protestants were joining in.  Remember, not their churches, just some of their members.  Many of them would attend Catholic or Episcopal Christmas services and participate in celebration.


            By the end of the century most of the Protestant churches began to celebrate Christmas and they have added this special day to their religious calendar.  But America soon celebrated it in a different way than the rest of the world celebrated it.  And it was mainly because of the Unitarians and Jewish members that introduced the special way that America celebrates this day.


            The popularity of Christmas was spurred on in 1820 by Washington Irving’s book The Keeping of Christmas at Bracebridge Hall.  As the Protestants in America read this book, their thoughts began to change towards keeping Christmas.


            Twenty years later, a man became known as “The man who invented Christmas.”  He was a man who didn’t even believe in the virgin birth of our savior!  He detested his upbringing in the Church of England and Baptist churches; and eventually became a Unitarian.  He was one of England’s most famous writers of this century — Charles Dickens. 


            And the book that he wrote, A Christmas Carol, he had  to  publish  it  with his  own  money.  It  was  a  instant  success.  It swept the nation and did the same

thing in the former colony across the pond.  They believed the story that Scrooge required Cratchit to work; and the fact that  the US Congress met on Christmas day.  It was so popular that neither the churches nor the governments could not ignore the importance of Christmas celebrations.


            America was ready for this story and quickly changed to celebrating this NEW holiday in America.  They, like Scrooge, converted to keeping this wonderful, giving day.  But they forgot that their God warned them NOT to keep this abominable day.  Their churches had never keep Christmas, but the Protestants were beginning to read about it in books and poems from England and were following the tradition of the Catholic Church — in defiance of what they had believed for several centuries. 


            Celebrate the Mass of Christ; Christmas?  They, like the ancient Confession of Faith of the Waldenses nearly 400 years before the time of either Calvin or Luther:


                                                            Article 10

            Item, we have always accounted as an unspeak-

            able abomination before God, all those Inventions

            of men, namely, the Feasts and Vigils of Saints,

            the Water which they call holy.  As likewise to

            abstain from flesh upon certain Days, and the

            like; but ESPECIALLY THE MASSES.


            These Waldenses denied the Church of Rome to be the holy Mother Church, and would not obey her Traditions.  And this was hundreds of years before the Protestants even came into existence.  And when the Protestants came into being, they also hated the Catholic’s mass and would not and did not keep Christmas and the other traditions of Rome.


            In 1789, America became a pluralistic, humanistic nation.  The guarantee of equal religions eventually brought America down to “learn not the way of the heathen” (Jeremiah 10:1).  This violated the First Commandment:  “I am the LORD thy God, who have brought thee out of the land of Egypt, out of the house of bondage. Thou shalt have no other gods before me”  (Exodus 20:2-3).  But their constitution allowed them to keep it.


            It was not until 1836 that Alabama became the first state in the US to declare Christmas a legal holiday.  In 1837, T. H. Harvey’s The Book of Christmas also became a best seller.  In 1907 Oklahoma became the last US state to declare Christmas a legal holiday; in 70 years all the states erased what America had forbidden to keep in their first 200 plus years of history.  Even though THE BIBLE DOES NOT MENTION CHRISTMAS, and early Christians did not observe the birthday of Christ; Christmas as we know it became widely popular beginning in the 19th century.  And now, after 150 years, most Christians do not even know that Jesus was not even born on December 25th — but a foreign god, Mithras was — but that Jesus was born in the fall not the winter.


            Have you ever wondered why Christmas had a different message than Christ’s Mass did?  It had too — for the Protestants to accept it and celebrate it.  It changed from the death to the birth; with all the giving added.


            Another Unitarian, Edmund Hamilton Sears, wrote the carol, “It Came Upon The Midnight Clear,” the first carol with a social-ethical message unheard of at that time.  “Peace on earth and good will” people said, just the sort of thing that you would expect from an Unitarian.  Another Unitarian, John Bowring wrote, “Watchman, Tell Us Of The Night”; another Unitarian, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, wrote, “I Heard The Bells On Christmas Day.” 


            In East Lexington, Massachusetts, the Reverend Charles Pollen brought the first Christmas tree into a New England Unitarian Church and no doubt people whispered about those pagan Unitarians celebrating with greens!  It was the because of the marriage of Queen Victoria of England to Prince Albert of Germany.  The Prince brought the Christmas tree to the palace.  It fascinated all the people in England and did the very same thing to the people in America.  Soon Christmas trees were everywhere; including many churches.


            Unitarian James Pierpont wrote, “Jingle Bells.”  This song has continued on through the years as one of the favorites.  Written by a person who does not believe that Jesus was the son of God!  Written by a person who believed that Jesus was just a good, human being.  Heresy.


            “I’m Dreaming Of A White Christmas” written by Irving Berlin — a Jew; A person who believes that Jesus is now in hell boiling in a hot pot of semen!”  Many other Jews have made their impression on Christmas:


Adolphe Adam wrote the music for “O Holy Night.”

Mel Torme composer of  “The Christmas Song”

Chris Van Allsburg wrote “The Polar Express”

 Albert Hague songwriter for the film, “How the  Grinch Stole Christmas.”

Jerry Herman:  “We Need a Little Christmas.”

Johnny Marks:  “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer”;  Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree” and “A Holly Jolly Christmas”

Sammy Cahn and Julie Styne: “The Christmas Waltz”, “Let It Snow! Let  It Snow!, Let It Snow!”

Ray Evans and Jay Livingston:  “Silver Bells.”

Barry Gordon:“I’m Getting Nuttin’ for Christmas”

And many others including: “I’ll Be Home for Christmas”,  “White Christmas”, “Santa Claus is Coming to Town”, “It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year”, “I’ll Be Home for Christmas”, etc.


            Episcopal preacher Clement Moore and his poem about The Night Before Christmas was important for the creation of America’s new Santa Claus.  Thomas Nast’s drawing of Santa Claus gave America the image that it needed.  Santa Claus wears Scarlet which Christ has told us is Satan’s color (The great red dragon in Revelation).  So Santa Claus wears a demonic red suit symbolic of the fires of Hell; and that his huge hat conceals horns.  He represents the time of the year where its followers are whipped into frenzies that leave them figuratively drained — broke and exhausted. 


            Santa Claus was changed in America.  He became the great friend of the children.  He knew all and gave presents to those who did good.  A great humanistic god.




            We live in a time where Christmas seems to be a holiday that has gone on forever.  Most do not even know that American Protestants for over two centuries stayed away from this Roman Catholic day.  When they began to dabble with this day of the sun, they reinvented a whole new way of keeping the celebrations.  They reused the use of the greens from the Germans, greeting cards from the British, and reinvented a whole new Santa Clause. 


            Thanks to many heretics; mainly Unitarians and Jews, joined in by giving to America many carols, films, plays, trees, cards, foods, mistletoe, and novels to make the Christmas season full of joy.  How strange.   People who believe that Jesus was not the son of God; people who hated Jesus Christ made a lot of the songs and movies that are watched by “Christians” in the spirit of Christmas. 


                 Like the Constitution which does not mention Christ, Christmas is never mentioned in the Bible.  It is strictly forbidden for Christians to celebrate worldly Christmas; especially on the day when His birthday never occurred.  Today, Christians when asked about why Protestant Christians did not celebrate Christmas until the last century and a half, never address why their churches strongly forbid their followers to have anything to do with this day. 


            And it is not just “Christians” that celebrate this day….for people who deny every tenet of Christianity, relish in this day.  Unitarians, who replaced the anti-Christmas Puritans, brought to America many of her evil doctrines (feminism, abolition, etc.) over the last several hundred years — Christmas being one of them. 


            The Jewish influence.  Most Christians don’t consider God’s many warnings about the Edomite influences over them.  Could a Jew truly say that they were “Dreaming of a White Christmas”  if this were a Christian holiday?


            The Roman Catholics believe that this is a day of death — not a birth.  It is Christ’s Mass.  This is why they celebrate it at midnight.  Even the Vatican has its Christmas service at midnight; as well as many Roman churches across the world.  It has nothing to do with the birth of Jesus. 


            And then there is Santa (Satan) Claus.  No Christian can give a good explanation of why he is in the picture — but it doesn’t prevent them from giving their gifts to their children in Santa’s name.  Santa has received a more and more larger part of this holiday as the years have gone by.  With his magical eight reindeer, nine counting Rudolph, he traverses the entire earth delivering gifts to all the good boys and girls. 

            From the fourth century, the Roman Catholics began the celebrating of this pagan day.  Remnant churches, who were persecuted by the Romanists, hated this day.  Later, Protestants, when they began, did not keep this abominable day.  They hated the Traditions of the Roman Church.


         In the last one hundred and fifty years, the Protestants, under the influence of books, mainly from England, started to have the flesh begin to celebrate this day.  Then Unitarians and Jews provided the music and carols and with a new Santa Claus — a holiday that almost all the world could celebrate. 


            We are not Roman Catholics, Unitarians or Jews — we are Israelite Christians; therefore we hate Christ’s Mass; Christmas.  It has nothing to do with Christianity.