Kingdom Parables

God gave the prophets “Parables” to encourage the covenant people about their redemption and their future.  When Jesus Christ came, the people had no priests or prophets who were faithful or believed in the Lord.  Again, He gave them parables to keep the enemies from understanding.  However in the followers of Christ, these parable gave pictures of hope about the fulfilling process of the kingdom work during this time.

In addition, Jesus would explain His parables to His disciples after He gave them to the mixed population He was preaching to.  After His death and resurrection and ascension, the disciples of the LORD began to teach and explain the parables to His people.  For Christians today, these parable, likewise, should give us hope and encouragement in the fulfillment of God’s Kingdom while our Lord is gone.  If we understand the parables, we will see the hand of God working out His plan.

Kingdom Parables
Solving the Parables of the Bible
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