The Jewish Rabbis Teach What?

By Pastor Don Elmore

From a pamphlet which was given as a speech by the leader of Cincinnati's Hebrew Union College (College for Reform Rabbis), Jacob R. Marcus.   It was his speech given on the 200th year anniversary of America's nationhood delivered to the 53rd General Assembly of the Union of American Hebrew Congregations; Dallas, Texas -- November 1975. The title of this speech was:  The Jew and the American Bicentennail:

"Ours is the greatest Jewry the world has ever known.  There are almost 6,000,000 Jews in this country and 10,000 societies.  This means that every man and woman here may hope some day to become president, at least of a Jewish organization.  We are not newcomers; we are as old as America herself.  When Columbus touched land in October, 1492, the first man over the side was probably the Jewish interpreter Luis de Torres; in the 1640's, when Miles Standish and John Alden were still alive, a Jewish merchant walked the streets of Boston.  When we recall that under the British no Jew could hold public office we will understand why our fathers became patriots in 1775.  They were not free.  In 1782 a Virginia congressman went to Front Street in Philadelphia to borrow some hard cash from a Jew there.  The Continental currency in that delegate's pocket was not worth a continental.  That Jew helped keep that Virginian in office; and in that same decade that congressman became the chief architect of a constitution which made it possible for Jews to become America citizens.  The Jew was Haym Salomon; the congressman was James Madison....

We have finally effected a harmonization of the best in Judaism and Western culture.  Through the arts and sciences which we embrace we have become an elite group.  Here in this land alone every ten years we publish 1,000 Jewish scholarly works which illuminate our history, literature, and religion.  We are LIBERALS, for our laymen and our rabbis preach the gospel of the FATHERHOOD OF GOD AND THE BROTHERHOOD OF MAN.  There is but one God and but one humanity.  We have emancipated ourselves from the dead hand of authority.  We beieve in the right of every individual to live with his conscience and to accept in Judasim only that which will enable him to be a free person living on the highest ethical plane.  We do not await the coming of a personal Messiah, but we do look forward to the advent of a Messianic Age where men will act justly, love mercy, and walk humbly with their God.  We accept the findings of science and--somewhat elatedly, to be sure--affirm the EQUALITY OF WOMEN.  We are proud of the act that when our College opened in October, 1875, one of the students admitted to that first class was a girl.

Let us rejoice.  We have gone far since September 1775, when the officers of the Jewish congregation in New York City met for the last time as second-class British subjects; we have gone far since August 1776, when most members of that congregation went into exile as Americans rather than live under British rule.  Rejoice that as Reformers you are part of the greatest religious revolution in Judaism since your prophetic forbears broke with their pagan Israelitish coreligionists 2500 years ago.  Today after 125 years of American Jewish Reform our interpretation of Judaism has become the largest liberal religious movement in the world.  Our followers are found in every continent of the seven seas for the sun never sets on a Reform Jew.

As we face a new century we face new challenges.  Our work has just begun.  Most people in the world of today, the world of 1975, live under dictators, under political tyranny.  Our history has taught us that we can survive only where we are free--free culturally, economically, politically, religiously.  But this never-ending light for liberty, learning, enlightenment is not our job alone; it is the job of every man and woman, black and white, Jew and Gentile.  It is the task, the challenge of every American to realize that all of us have been chosen in righteousness to be a light to the whole world.  We are all called upon to help usher in that moment when all mankind, erect, unflinching, undaunted, shall enter God's mansion at the top of the moutain where every human being may live at peace with none to make him afraid."  [Emphasis added].

This speech is very revealing.  Some of the major points that reveal what they believe and teach are:

    1. In 1775 while under British rule, no jew could hold office or even vote.  This was true for over 1700 years--no jew could hold office or vote in any country in which they lived.  They rejoiced when the Constitution was ratified for they were finally free.
    2. In 1782, James Madison borrowed hard cash from Haym Salomon, a Jew,  and as a result he kept his office as congressman and he repaid the jews by making it possible for them to become American citizens via the Constitution of which he played a major role in the writing of it.  Sounds like bribery. George Washington and Robert Morris also borrowed large sums of money from Haym Salomon.
    3. Jews are liberals. They are illuminating the world.  They are hyprocrites, liars and murderers--just like their father.
    4. Jewish laymen and rabbis preach the gospel of the Fatherhood of God and the Brotherhood of Man.  Wait a minute, I thought that was the main tenet of belief of the Freemasons--Oh, the Freemasons get their doctrine from the Jewish Kabbalah.
    5. They also teach that there is one god and one humanity.  One humanity--all races come from the same origin--Adam.  The leaders of the interracial sexual relations movement and evolution are jews.
    6. They do not look for the return of a personal Messiah, but wait for the coming of a new age--Oh, a new world order in which will be a great time in which to live.  No mention of the redeemer of Israel--Jesus Christ.
    7. They accept the findings of science and the equality of women--Oh, the leaders of the feminists movement were jews.
    8. Since 1775, they made the decision to join the American Revolution and thus gained their greatest freedom in all of their history--the right to hold political office and the right to vote.  In 2010, they represent 1/3 of the members of the Supreme Court and are many members of the House of Representatives, Senators, governors, mayors, State Representatives and Senators, and the majority of czars for the President.
    9. The present a fabulous world without any redeemer, savior or sacrifice needed for the sins of His people. It couldn't be a more different and antichrist agenda. 

These two very different worlds are fast approaching--which one you desire doesn't really matter for the Bible tells us which one will prevail.