Investigating the War of 1861

by Jim Jester

Christians are people of truth. As I grew up in America, attending grade school and college, I thought I was being taught the truth. As I grew older I found out that not everything I was told was 100% accurate, whether it came from teachers, friends, books, newspapers, or electronic media. I soon realized that there is another side to the story that we are not always told. The Civil War was one of those issues that really got my curiosity stirred – so soon after winning (allegedly) the American Revolution, here we were cruelly fighting brother against brother? Why, this is absurd!

So I set out to search for the other side of the story. I skimmed through about 7 books from the immense collection in the local library. I also bought 3 books which were from a pro-Southern position so I could gather the truth about what really happened in that war. Why? Because we deserve the truth. Additionally, I wanted to give Christians enough facts to help them re-educate the brainwashed masses and point them to the ultimate remedy for our national problems, the Bible.

In the article, I cover all the major issues of the time: slavery, emancipation, money, federalism, empire, secession, justice, and the morality of the war. I did not feel this would be complete without a little about some of the battles in the conflict, especially Robert E. Lee’s secret plan for Gettysburg. In the research I also note how the government has expanded its power and how the root of our problems go all the way back to the Constitution itself. This was disheartening and something I did not expect to discover.

Part 1:  Slavery Turns Radical; Towards War; Emancipation; Filthy Lucre; Federalism

Part 2:  Empire; Secessionism; A Just War?; Aftermath

Part 3:  Strategy; Lee's Secret Plan; Doomsday; Tightening the Federal Noose; Conclusion