Interracial Marriage

by Pastor Don Elmore

In today's Cincinnati Enquirer (3/20/2011) on Page A9, there is an article entitled:  "Image of interracial marriage shifting in Deep South." 

Let's look at the first paragraph: "HATTIESBURG, Miss. -- For generations here in the deepest South, there had been a great taboo:  publicly crossing the color line for love.  LESS THAN 45 YEARS AGO, marriage between blacks and white was ILLEGAL, and it has been frowned upon for much of the time since."

Did you understand what was written?  Less than 45 years ago is was illegal in Mississippi for interracial marriage to occur!  That would make it about 1966 when the taboo was lifted.  So, from 1789 till 1966--177 years, and from 1620 till l966, 346 years; interracial marriage was not allowed in the state of Mississippi.  That happened in my life time.

Many of the other states lifted that ban from a few years earlier till a few decades earlier.  The marriage license was the means to permit what was previously illegal to do. 

I remember when federal troops stood outside of a high school in Arkansas--that eliminated the segregation of schools in America.  There were many who proclaimed that this action would lead to interracial dating and marriages.  God tells his people to be separate; not to be integrated.

Notice what the last paragraph says; it was said by a professor at the University of Mississippi who is black, married a white woman, and the father of a 2-year-old biracial daughter:  "Day in, day out, there is certainly not the hostilty there was years ago, and I think you see that in that there are more interracial relationships, and people don't fear those realationships.  They don't have to hide those relationships anymore." 

The sin against our GOD is out in the open....Was America correct for most of its history or is it only right in the last 45 years?  There are NOW all different races in a lot of different Israelite countries--this is a major sin also.  How angry must our GOD be?

Sonia Cherail Peebles and Michael Peebles, married with two sons, met as students at the University of Southern Mississippi.  Which race are their children?  This could not have happened legally in Mississippi until 45 years ago.

Nicole Bengiveno/The New York Times