The Illuminati's Biggest Secret

This is the story that the advanced Freemasons, Illuminates’, are supposedly told. You must decide if it is true, for there is no proof of its authority that has been found, as yet. This was copied from a person who said that this is the story that he was told—and the 13 bloodlines are true, as well as other parts of this story. It is given so you can compare Satan’s word with the Word of God; God works with His elect people by covenants; and are compared to sheep. We are coming to the decision of what God’s elect are to choose: to serve our LORD GOD or to serve the false gods of our enemies.

This is the story that the illuminati hear after they reach 32 degrees of Freemasonry.

It is the beginning of the earth. The earth was a very different place. People had been around for less than 200 years. Humans were primitive, evolving from a great ape. They were what you might call cave men. All humans were black and brown in color. Most covered almost completely with hair and their brains were much different than they are today.

A large tribe lived in what we now call Germany. They were nomadic people who traveled to find food. A hunter was out in a meadow one day and a great white buffalo appeared on the horizon.

When he told the elders they saw it as an omen and they decided to follow the white buffalo in search of a better land. So the whole tribe followed faithfully on a long journey. They followed the buffalo for many years until one day the buffalo stopped. It could not go any farther for it had led them to the sea.

The tribe elders were furious and yelled at the buffalo. “We trusted you and you lead us here? Now what are we to do?”

And suddenly there was a great flash of light and the buffalo transformed into a beautiful angel. She told them to build boats and go forth into the sea. She tells them that they are going to find two islands. She says to only go to the small island and not to ever go to the big island. Astonished by this, they listened and built boats.

With no land in sight they pushed off into the water. A few days later they reached the smaller island. And it was a wonderful island full of fruits and inhabited by many animals. They settled in and started a city.

Little did they know that the inhabitants of the other, larger, island were constantly watching them? They became infatuated with the daughters of these men and wanted to take them as wives, but were forbidden to leave their island too. The people of the small island would often see strange lights traveling to and from the other island. One day a group of curious women from the tribe decided that they were going to take the boats over to the other island. They didn’t tell the men, and departed at night.

What they found was more wonderful than they could ever imagine. They had found Atlantis. Yes, Atlantis was real and this is all part of the story which explains the illuminati’s origins. Knowing that they were coming, they were greeted by the inhabitants of the island.

They were not like anyone they had ever seen. They were tall, had white skin and had large, slanted blue eyes. They were from another world. They took them on a tour of the great city and spent the day impressing them with their knowledge and technology. They showed them music and showed them their art. Some even showed off their weapons. When the night came they had their way with the women. And most conceived on the first night; thirteen babies were born from this.

Soon the women returned to the smaller island telling their tales to the men. The men also go to the island and they befriend the Atlantians. But this made God mad. The cave men did not really know better, but the Atlantians were warned. News was sent that the island would be destroyed as punishment!

The cave men were taught many things but in exchange the women would be used to make hybrid humans. Through genetic engineering three different types of babies were born. They were called star children. They were beautiful white skinned beings with slightly slanted eyes and different color hair on their heads. This is the missing link that transformed humanity. This is the “light” including the original 13 babies there were now four different types of star children. Each division had a specific purpose and specific strengths. Thus, we have four divisions of men.

  1. The Green Thumbs: They would be in charge maintaining nature’s balance and ensuring growth on the planet. Greens can grow anything; they are masters of understanding biology and nature. They receive green eyes.
  2. The Architects: They were in charge of designing and the building. They instinctively knew geometry and algebra and could build anything they desired. This is the origin of the masons. They have brown eyes much like earlier humans.
  3. The Teachers and Healers: They were known to the Atlantians as the “illuminati” because they were said to have great knowledge of people and emotions. They were wise and can learn anything quickly. They can feel others vibrations. They are caring and compassionate. They are supposed to teach people about God and to heal people in times of pain. They were given blue eyes.
  4. The Decision Makers and Rulers: These were the original 13 babies; thus the 13 bloodlines. They were given the power to influence and to deceive. They were told that they were chosen by god to rule the people. They were also told to keep their bloodlines pure. Their eyes can change colors between all three other colors or a mixture of them.

These bloodlines have controlled the world since the first Egyptian Pharaohs all the way until now! All were trained and ready by the time the end was near. The Atlantians returned to their planet (via space ships) and made all the humans leave including the star children. And these were the four types of white men sent out into the world. Then Atlantis was swallowed up by the sea. Just as God promised after years of cross-breeding we all have traits from all of these divisions. That is except for the Fourth Division. They have pretty much preserved their bloodline through marrying only members of their own bloodline.

These men left in large groups; each group taking with it at least one Decision Maker. They were later responsible for building the Sphinx; as well as thousands of temples, pyramids and churches.

The Sphinx was created in a fertile jungle area. It was thought that any human that would stumble across it would feel that it was made by God himself. This is where they hid a library of ancient knowledge. This is where they hid a library of ancient knowledge; everything from spells, to history, to how to call and speak to the aliens. All these secrets were hidden away under the Sphinx for a long time. Until one day it was discovered, and everything was removed. Now it is all locked away in a safe, but hidden place, owned by the illuminati.

These Atlantian people had a brilliant plan. It started in areas now know as Egypt, China and Iraq and spread all over the world. They traveled into an area and asked to speak to the leaders of the tribes. They told the leaders of the tribes that they had been sent by the gods to help them. They would perform a ceremony that would bring alien ships close to the ground. The people would be amazed by this sight.

But keep in mind this was before the pyramids were constructed. They would tell them that they needed to build temples to honor the gods and that they had chosen a leader to watch over the people until they returned. Then their Decision Maker would transform in appearance into a god-like being. And that was the trick.

This is how they gained control over large populations. They placed their person [Decision Maker] as the Ruler, King, or Pharaoh. And then funneled all of the peoples’ wealth into large building projects; thus giving all the money, gold, and gems to the builders and to themselves. By controlling the wealth they controlled the mind of all the people. By creating Pagan religions they controlled the hearts of the people.

There have been hundreds of pyramids discovered in China and all over the world. Almost all of these early pyramids were built with help of UFO’s and alien technology. See, before we had planes and jets, UFO’s ruled the sky. Ancient people just assumed they were angels, gods or spirits. Seeing UFO’s was common back then. Just look at ancient art.

The builders would move on to new lands and then start the same trick over and over again. Always leaving a trusted person in charge; who would follow the orders of the Decision Makers. This is the true origin of all Masonic groups and secret societies.

Like I told you before there are 13 bloodlines which come from the original 13 hybrid babies. These 13 families have controlled the world since the beginning of mankind. They believe that they are to watch over mankind until the aliens return. They believe that people are nothing more than cattle …And they are the cowboys; ordained by God to control us.

They not only used the average man. They also used the builders, the green-thumbs, and the teachers and healers as well. They used them to accumulate the majority of the world’s wealth. Although the names have changed many times to hide their true identity, these are the current family names:

  1. Astor family
  2. Bundy family
  3. Collins family
  4. DuPont family
  5. Freeman family
  6. Kennedy family
  7. Li family
  8. Onassis family
  9. Reynolds family
  10. Rothschild family
  11. Rockefeller family
  12. Russell family
  13. Van Duyn family

And these are big families!

But why would they want to keep this story and their knowledge from the average man?

Because in order to maintain the control over the people, they must keep their true history a secret. They merely manipulated early men into allowing them to accumulate a lot of wealth. Money is power; thus making them the Decision Makers/Leaders because of their wealth and social power.