As I See It

As I See It: Delayed Collapse Means More Time to Prepare

By Pastor Everett Ramsey

The recent change of the guard at the Capitol of the International Federal Government was not nearly as big and complete as we needed in order to put a halt to the Obama demolition of Christian Liberty and Christians in the United States.  The totalitarian regime stomps on.

If you have Cable, Dish or Direct TV, I encourage you to be sure and listen to Ventura’s “Conspiracy Theory” programs that are airing every Friday night at 10 PM.   Last week it was on the Concentration and death Camps in the United States.  Upcoming programs will cover the Federal Reserve, The Bilderbergers, the 9/11 Terror Hoax and a host of other subjects that have been banned from the regular media, even Fox.

While we need not become depressed, despondent or discouraged, we need to be real and understand that America is not on a road back from the Abyss of destruction to past days of glory.

America has exceeded the tolerance of a patient and loving God just as our forefathers did in Palestine 2700 years ago. 

God has removed His covenant hand of total protection.  He has removed His hand of unfettered blessing.  He has removed His hand of sustaining supremacy for this country.

He has now lowered the hedge and the enemy is beginning to come in to ravage and spoil us.  He has allowed the alien and the wicked to eat out our labor and our increase from our labor.  He is now allowing the alien to be over us and we will pay to the very last ounce of money, pain and sorrow.

How fast will it happen?  Very fast!

There is no doubt that Obama is God’s curse on His people.  Because we are a bloody people with abortion and the blood of murders whom we will not execute but rather feed and coddle in our prison system.

Because we are a people who love bribes and injustice, we now have a judicial system, the heart of God’s government, who live on bribes, and dish out injustice.

These judicial mongrels and perverts are bent on killing the unborn, raising the sodomite above the righteous and establishing the gods of the heathen in the land once possessed by the People of God.

Will it end?  Yes, when God’s people are brought by the Spirit to life and knowledge of the Holy One, the God of the Bible, Jesus Christ, Yahweh and the Spirit. 

I call as the prophets of old to heed the warning, use the time and prepare yourself for the day of great destruction and trial.