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Yes, let's send financial aid to Haiti... seeing how important it is for their civilization to survive.... what would the world do without this bastion of culture and irreplaceable contributor to the nations of the world (uh... what has Haiti ever produced but disease and witchcraft...?)  Of course, it probably isn't even taught anymore that Haiti was once a safe and prosperous French Colony (as all the nations of Christendom once were, and their colonies, until we started surrendering)... that is, until the French weakened their laws and the locals saw their chance--and rose up and brutally, savagely killed every single white man, woman and child.  Somali, Rhodesia, South Africa, etc., the list can go on and on (including our very nations themselves, the U.S., Canada, Britain, Australia, France, Germany, Denmark, etc.)--when we alone ruled, there was civilization, prosperity, morality, law and order; when we allowed non-European foreigners to immigrate to our lands, then foolishly gave them a vote, our nations have been rendered moral cesspools unfit for man or beast. 

If foreigners want to live in our borders... fine, but shut up and obey the law, stop trying to change our nations into your pathetic failed nations from which you fled.  If you don't want us ruling your nations as our colonies, fine--but don't call us when disaster strikes, when your people start killing each other, when you start starving to death or dying of disease.  Freedom comes with responsibility.  If you can't handle the latter don't ask for the former.  You can't have the best of both worlds.  You can't have an insurance policy without paying the premiums (not that I believe in insurance policies, for I don't, but it is an easy analogy most should be able to understand).  The Bible says you reap what you sow.  That should be an even clearer analogy for people to understand.  If you plant thistles, don't be surprised when blueberries do not come up.  If you plant poison ivy, don't be mad that you don't have bananas.  If people want to stop reaping corruption and death, stop planting it.  If they don't want to stop planting it, then only a fool--and someone who hates God and Righteousness--will continue to help such people out of the problems they themselves have embraced.  If such nations repent, call to us, and say, "We don't know how to run a nation, please, come and make us your colony again"--then of course, we could do so under the strictest of terms: We are the boss.  You do what we say.  As long as those two terms are met everything will be fine. 

However, even if that was to happen, we could not help them--for we have destroyed our own nations by allowing all such peoples to flee their lands and corrupt our nations into theirs.  I have written for 20 years that the U.S. and our sister nations are "Third world nations with pockets of civilization here and there."  This becomes more true every day, tragically, sadly.  Our nations are bankrupt because we have turned from and violated God's Laws and Principles, the very ones upon which our nations were founded. 

Our nations are corrupt, crime ridden, immoral, and filled with disease, ignorance, illiteracy, perversion, and poverty.  In truth, we can help no one.  We cannot even help ourselves.  All our political leaders are godless, immoral traitors.  What would anyone think of a father who gives all his money to neighbors while his own wife and children are starving, suffering from malnutrition, disease, neglect...?  What would anyone think of a father who is off doing chores to help ungrateful neighbors, while his own house is falling apart, the doors and windows cannot be secured, and his family is robbed, beaten, and raped while he is off helping neighbors...?  What would anyone think if a father loaned money (which he did not have) to neighbors, while his own house and cars were mortgaged to the hilt and about to repossessed, putting his wife and children out on the street...?  We reap what we sow.  Any time we want to stop reaping corruption and death all we have to do is repent. 

Repentance requires us to stop planting seeds of death--and to obey God and to begin the laborious job of digging and uprooting all the vile plants in our garden... and then start planting the wholesome seeds we should have planted all along (and continue to uproot every weed as it shows itself, for with many plants, once introduced into the garden, they will always be there and compete with the good seed... that is the nature of life).  Those unwilling to do what is right deserve to suffer and should not complain that their garden is overrun with thistles and thorns and poison ivy, and they should embrace death for it will surely come and they have chosen it.... having turned from God's Ways and made a Covenant with death.  RAB

PORT-AU-PRINCE - Haitian mobs fearing a cholera epidemic have killed at least 12 people in recent days whom they accused of trying to spread the disease, including through witchcraft, police said Thursday.

"A dozen people accused of importing cholera to a region that so far has been spared were killed with machetes and stones and their corpses were burned in the streets," a police inspector told AFP.

"These people are accused of witchcraft related to cholera," said local prosecutor Kesner Numa, adding that local communities in the Grand Anse area in Haiti's southwest were refusing to cooperate with investigations of the killings, which began one week ago.

The death toll from the cholera epidemic has risen to 1,817 since the first outbreak in mid-October, but only five have been reported in Grand Anse, according to health ministry figures.