Exponential Notation


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November 2009

Exponential Notation

by Pastor Don Elmore

“I don’t understand math” says many a student in school.  And for most of them — it is true.  Especially when we come to exponential notation.  It is the difference between a person being financially independent or living from paycheck to paycheck. 

In the Hoskins Report that just  came out (No. 422), Mr. Hoskins gave two examples that shows that he understands how Esau has deceived and has put Jacob into slavery:  “Traditionally, usury bankers lend money to states they control and sit back and let the investment grow year after year.  One thousand dollars borrowed at 7 1/2% in 100 years grows to a debt of $1,383,077.31.”  Then Mr. Hoskins tells how farmers, in 1985, bought more land at a rate of 20%.  “One thousand dollars borrowed at 20% requires repayment of almost $83 billion dollars in 100 years.”   Most of the farmers went bankrupt and their farms became corporations.

 Our GOD says that you will be blessed if you are a lender of money and cursed if you are a borrower; especially if it is loaned at usury.  God gave us the laws to dispense of debt...after six years….instead we have chosen to have a system that gives us perpetual debt with usury!  Think about it. 

$1 at 20% monthly interest earns over $147,756,000.00 in 100 years.  Credit card companies charge over 20% interest--no wonder they own all the large buildings in the big cities.