Deception in Our Seminaries

By Ed Sommerville

Back in the twenties, the great Christian Industrialist, Henry Ford, after writing his four-volume book, The International Jew, said at that time there wasn’t a Christian seminary in the country that had not been penetrated by the Zionists.  I am sure that what you’re about to read is not an isolated case as these erroneous and new doctrines are taught in all the fundamental and Evangelical churches today.

The following information was given to me by my son Dan who is a professor at Wheaton College.  This was told to me about fifteen years ago and I have been able to remember it as it was told to me at that time.

Dan, while attending a church at Wheaton met a man that told him about what happened to him and two of his friends that attended Dallas at the same time.  They all graduated and did not go into the ministry or Christian work.  They all had separate careers and I think one of them became a dentist. 

While they attended Dallas Theological Seminary they all sat under a professor, Dr. John Walvoord (BA, DD, AM, ThB, ThM, Thd, LittD) promotor of the pre-trib Rapture teaching, author of over 30 books, 1910-2002, who headed the studies on eschatology and prophesy.  Even after moving to different cities, they kept in touch with each other while studying the Bible and comparing notes and found out by themselves that what they had been told in Dallas was in conflict with the Scriptures. 

As time went on it bothered them so much that they decided to go to Dallas and confront their former professor who was at that time, President of Dallas Seminary.  They then called him and he agreed to set a time and meet with them.  They all flew into Dallas the day before to take the time to go over all their notes, ideas and the presentation.

The meeting started out well with them going over the years spent there.  They then go into the reason they were there and they all had a chance to present their case.  He said he listened very intently for almost two hours without interrupting them.  They were very apprehensive to say the least waiting for him to reply.  They were all dumbfounded and blindsided when he leaned back in his plush chair and with a smile on his face said, “So now you know.” 

Jeremiah 23:22:  “But if they had stood in my council, and had caused My people to hear MY words, then they should have turned them from their evil way, and from the evil of their doings.”