Covenant Heritage Series

by Lawrence Blanchard

The Covenant Heritage Series is comprised of seven books designed to help you understand what the Bible says and to consider what it means by what it says. Each book builds on the previous book to provide a comprehensive, but easy to follow, historical approach to the Bible. In addition, they address important questions and implications about the present condition and future reality of the United States of America and all the nations of western civilization.

Taken together, these books follow the unfolding plan and purpose of God for a covenant family from Genesis to Revelation. They seek to help restore the lost and relatively unknown heritage and divinely-ordained purpose of these covenant people.

The Covenant Heritage Series will make you think. It will challenge you to re-examine your own beliefs as to what the Bible says. It will, in many cases, run counter to the status quo and popular majority view. We hope it causes you to read more carefully and study more deeply. And we pray that God’s Spirit of Truth penetrate into your mind and heart and begin to transform your life like never before!

This series is not theologically cold and sterile, but relevant to presenting real biblical solutions to the underlying reasons that have resulted in ever-increasing chaos in all civilized nations. Most people recognize there is something wrong.

Pastors struggle to be relevant and to help the churches they minister to. Many don’t know exactly what is going on that makes our lives so increasingly difficult.

We hope to bring some light on the reasons for our dark future. We maintain that the first problem to be addressed is a foundationally errant biblical theology. Our conclusion is that, fundamentally, pastors, churches and nations reflect their theological belief system. These books are written to help clarify the gross misunderstanding and carefully explain what we believe is a more accurate understanding of God’s word.

We commend them to you!

Here is a brief synopsis of each book in order:

Book One – Discover the Story of Your Biblical Heritage: Laying the Foundation (an overview of the progressive revelation of God showing that the Bible is written about, and for, one man’s family from the Old Testament to the New Testament).
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Book Two – Identifying Biblical Israel Today: The Evidence (traces the migrations, heraldry, and languages from biblical Israel to the present day and presenting the best available information as to who the Jews are today).
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Book Three: The Foundation and Fulfillment of The Old and New Covenant Scriptures: The Unity of the Bible (goes deeper into Scripture beyond Book One to show its unity and consistency).
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Book Four: God’s Covenant Creation: Adam’s Race and Mandate (a study of the meaning of Genesis 1-11 in the context of the rest of the Bible and an introduction as to God’s purpose for creating Adam and who he was).
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Book Five: The Greatest Deception of Our Time: Exposing the Doctrine of Diversity and Multiculturalism (helping God’s covenant people to understand the unbiblical and destructive doctrine of diversity and multiculturalism and how that has grossly and deceptively affected our understanding of the Bible and consequently, our world perspective).
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Book Six: The Biblical Story of Prophecy: (how our understanding of prophecy affects how we think today and how we respond to the issues of our day).
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Book Seven: The Biblical Principles to Manifest the Kingdom of God Now: (a review of what has gone wrong and biblical principles on how to realize the rule and reign of God in our lives, our families, our churches and nations).
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