Commentary of the New Testament

By Pastor Everett Ramsey

Matthew 11:14  And if ye will receive it, this is Elias, which was for to come.”

Matthew 17:10  “And His disciples asked him, saying, Why then say the scribes that Elias must first come?”

Matthew 17:11  “And Jesus answered and said unto them, Elias truly shall first come, and restore all things.”

Matthew 17:12  “But I say unto you, That Elias is come already, and they knew him not, but have done unto him whatsoever they listed.  Likewise shall also the Son of man suffer of them.”

John the Baptist was Elias in a figurative way.  I think this lends a lot of insight on how we are to interpret prophecy.  We must not be too literal.

Please keep in mind as you read these accounts that they all deal with the covenant people.  They do not deal with the world population at large.  It is important that you realize that the New Testament is a continuation of the Old.  This is not a new God with a new people or a new plan of salvation.  This is the fulfillment of Old Testament prophecy concerning God’s dealing with Adam and Israel.  Unless you can prove that all races came from Adam, then you cannot include all races in what is being applied to Israel and Adam.   Since sin is an infraction against God’s law (1 John 3:4), those who are not under the law (Galatians 4:5) cannot sin because you cannot be held accountable for breaking a law that does not apply to you.

God’s dealing with His covenant people is like a husband dealing with his wife.  A man and woman get married; it's always a covenant.  Soon children are born.  The husband’s relationship to the children will never be the same as it is with the wife. Even if the wife breaks the covenant between them, the husband does not then go and include his children or other women in this covenant marriage.  The same is true with God.  God was married to Israel.  Israel broke the covenant.  God divorced Israel.  But God did not go get a new wife (a new covenant people).  

Yet this is what most Christians are taught and believe.  They believe that the Jews are God’s only Covenant people; that since the Jews rejected Jesus, the Gentiles then became the new covenant people for a while until the Jews are brought back to a covenant relationship.  This is absurd!  If God changed His plan to redeem all of Israel, then He failed and He does not qualify to be God.

What God really did was to take on Israel/Adam flesh so He could die and resurrect from the grave, become a new person as Christ and re-marry his first wife.  She is not called Israel today; she is called “church or Christian”.   But this new wife is not of non-covenant mixed blood.  She is mixed with the remainder of Adam’s seed in order to fulfill the promises to Abraham. She is a multitude of Adamic/Israel white nations who were scattered by world empires and who migrated to Europe and America and other places on the globe.  These are the people who have spirits.  They hear the Word, believe, have God dwelling in them and have dominionized the world for the good of all the population of the world. 

No non-Adamic nation in the history of the world has ever sustained the Word of God or Christian laws and principals.  Every nation Christianized by modern day missionaries has reverted to darkness when the Adamic/Israelites have been forced by the wicked to leave. 

God created Adam for dominion of the earth; not floating in the sky in a fictionalized heaven.  God also created those who are of the cursed heritage to oppose His covenant people that they might be tested and tried.  The whole story of Adam, his descendants, their fall and their redemption is a story of confrontation of the non-covenant population led by the wicked and cursed descendants of Cain and Eau against God’s covenant people.  One thing the wicked will not tolerate is “exclusiveness”.

The leaders of the opposition have consistently been those who have descended from people who were in the lineage for covenant blessing and inheritance, but were cast out. 

The first was Cain.  He was in the garden and knew God.  He HATED God.  He rejected God and God cursed him and expelled him from Adam and his descendants.  He lost the potential for blessing and has led the battle for destruction of God’s covenant people ever since.

The second person is Esau.  Esau married into the Cain lineage when he married the inhabitants of Canaan.   He  lost his right to the covenant.  He, too now has been opposing and trying to destroy the covenant people.  The one thing that the Cainites and Edomites of today will not tolerate is exclusiveness. ,

For Christians to say, “The only way to God is is through Jesus Christ”  is a hate statement of anti-Semitism.  Cainites and Edomites hate God, hate Christians and hate the gospel.  But that is no different than it was in the days of Paul.  They tried to kill Paul and they were the power behind Roman persecution of the Christians.  This is more than just unbelief my friends.  This is genetically motivated hate.


The virgin birth of Christ in key and core to the whole redemption process of Adam/Israel.  The picture of redemption and atonement were embedded in the rituals of the Tabernacle and Temple worship and sacrifices.  There had to be a lamb without blemish, slain and the blood sprinkled on the mercy seat and altar.  If Jesus Christ were not conceived of a perfect seed, he would be an imperfect lamb and thus an imperfect sacrifice. 

It takes the power of the Spirit to allow us to have genuine belief that Mary was impregnated by the Holy Spirit and not be an adulterous sexual relationship.  The writers of the seed of Cain and Esau do not have this Spirit and faith, therefore their media streams of articles and media that continually question, challenge and deny this conception.  They continually spin the verbiage of their father from the garden denying what God has said and  trying to say what God has not said.

Mary was shocked at the announcement by the angel.  She knew very well that it took a man to initiate pregnancy.  She knew also that to be pregnant before marriage was the death penalty and much humiliation.  She blurted out to the angel that what he was saying was not possible since she had never known or had sex with a man.  The angel very explicitly explained that God Himself would come upon her and plant His seed in her womb.  The angel informed Mary of her cousin Elizabeth who was also miraculously pregnant. 

Jesus was to have the throne of His father (ancestor) David.  He was to reign over the House of Jacob forever.  His Kingdom would be forever.  Jesus Christ is not to make a kingdom (form of government) out of all people of the earth.  He will make this kingdom out of Jacob Israel, all 13 tribes, not just one or two or three called Judah, mistakenly called Jews by most today. 

The importance of the The Magnificat of Mary is once again to see that Mary understood the nature of what was happening.  She says that “God hath helped His servant, Israel, as He promised our father Abraham and His seed forever.”