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Covenant Heritage Book CoverThe Covenant Heritage Series is comprised of seven books designed to help you understand what the Bible says and to consider what it means by what it says. Each book builds on the previous book to provide a comprehensive, but easy to follow, historical approach to the Bible.  A HIGHLY recommended series of books for your library.  Also available from this author is The Bible Mastery Boot Camp, a revolutionary, step-by-step systematic training course of study that can help you put together the many pieces of the Bible puzzle. It can help you make sense of all the key people, the covenants, and events of the Bible in a consistent, unified picture.  This is a hands-on, boots-on-the-ground training course in four Modules that opens up a fresh new understanding of what the Bible actually says and means. After you have completed the Bible Mastery Boot Camp, you may never read and study the Bible in the same way again. You will grow in your mastery of it.