Captain of My Soul


by Thomas A. Dooley

Now my Savior asks of me
to- fish with Him not- in the sea.
"Forgive me Lord, for doubting Thee, 
Now I know just what you want of me. 

Send me forth to cast Thy net,
by Thy fervent wish more- souls to catch"
He rules the land and sky and sea,
and I heard Him say "Come follow me."

Jesus, keep me- in Your hand
Lead me back to the Promised Land.
Be the Captain- of my soul,
always faithful in control.

Guide this boat thru a treachrous night,
in the midst of light'ning- now so fright 'ning.
Calm the waters of the sea, 
And- bring us safely home to Thee. 

Should the ocean fill this bow,
I- feel Your presence- here and now,
"Oh ye of little faith" are we,
Lord- raise Thy hand and calm the sea.


Lord be ever at my helm,
Let me know You're close should- fear o're-whelm
In darkest storms of time-
When- fear and wind and waves combine.

Steer this vessel with Your hand,
Lead me back again to the Promised Land,
Oh Captain, Captain of my soul,
You- are the One Who's in control.

Copyright © 1996 Thomas A. Dooley